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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My First Blog Giveaway: Win a Date With Shady Del Knight!

 That's right! 
 Dreams can and 
 do come true! 
 Be the first to 
 correctly answer 
 my BRAIN 
 and you'll win 
 a date with me, 
 Shady Del 
 Sound too good 
 to be true? 
 Read on! 


 You and Shady will be whisked away 

 by private jet for a three month long, 

 all expense paid trip around the world! 

 NEW YORK!     L.A.!     RIO! 

 LONDON!     PARIS!     ROME! 







 When we get back you and I will be guests 

 on the nationally syndicated TV program 

 Love Connection. We'll get to tell host 

 Chuck Woolery (and the whole world) 

 everything that happened on our date

 Think of it!  We'll even get to hear 

 Chuck say, "Back in two and two." 






 Here's my Brain Buster!  

 Is your brain up for the challenge? 

 What do the following oldies 

 but goodies have in common? 

 "Louie Louie" - Kingsmen (January 1964, 
 highest chart position #2) 

 "I Saw Her Again" - Mamas and the Papas 
 (August 1966, highest chart position #5) 

 "I'm Looking Through You" - Beatles 
 (track from December 1965 album 
 Rubber Soul

 "Do You Wanna Dance" - Beach Boys 
 (April 1965, highest chart position #12) 

 "Sky Pilot" - Eric Burdon and the Animals 
 (July 1968, highest chart position #14) 

 "Baby (You've Got What it Takes)" 
 - Brook Benton and Dinah Washington 
 (April 1960, highest chart position #5) 

 Okay, time's up.  What do those 

 popular recordings have in common?  

 Tell me tell me tell me the answer 

 You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer! 




 1-800-555- 4-SHADY 








If, by some stretch of the imagination, you do not wish to take part in the contest and go out with me :(  you can scroll down and read the correct answer below:


Each recording contains a blooper of some kind, a mistake,
a mispronounced lyric or a false start.

 "Louie Louie"  - false start, vocal - "Me," the first word in the verse that starts with "Me see Jamaica" is sung too soon and repeated.

 "I Saw Her Again" - false start, vocal  "I saw her....." is sung too soon and repeated.

 "I'm looking Through You" - The stereo U.S. version contains a guitar false start.

 "Do You Wanna Dance" - false start, vocal - Dennis Wilson started to sing "squeeze me, baby" one verse too soon when it should have been "kiss me, baby." It came out "skiss me, baby."

 "Sky Pilot" - mispronounced word - "He'll stay behind" is sung by Eric Burdon as "he stale behind" which gives it a whole new meaning. (LOL)

 "Baby (You've Got What it Takes)" - false start (vocal) This is probably the most glaring mistake ever left in a finished recording. Brook Benton jumped in and began singing Dinah Washington's part of the duet. As the story goes Dinah stormed out of the studio after the track was recorded and refused to complete a scheduled album of duets with Brook.



  1. Look at me my dear friend - I'm really on the ball today! As soon as I started reading your post, I realized it was an April Fools prank by our dear Shady. It was a good one though, and how I would love to be whisked away with you to all those wonderful places in the world. I'm sure we would have a real laugh!! Oh! The answer to your question is that each of the recordings mentioned contains a blooper of some kind. Can I claim my prize now?! Hee Hee! Happy April Fools Day to you too Tom. Have a good one!

  2. Loved it good buddy. You hit another one out of the park with this one. It is amazing how you can overlook an error until someone points it out to you. That last one was interesting as his mistake came back to bite him.
    You made my morning with this awesome April fool edition. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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  4. Awww, that was a good one! I didn't realize they would leave bloopers in songs. I'm glad they did, actually!

    This was a very fun April Fool's edition to read and listen to.

    I'm going to be on the lookout all day for the little pranks that are the trademarks of this day, but I'm glad the first one I ran into was this one because it is a fun one!

    Happy April Fools to all the rats of the Shady Dell!

  5. Hallo, dear Thisisme! My 1-800-555-4-SHADY hotline has been ringing off the hook. Thousands of contestants are calling in to answer my brain buster and claim their awesome prize, a dream date with Shady! Unfortunately I've received quite a few incorrect answers. One young lady guessed that the thing all those records have in common is "the hole in the middle." (I'm sorry, Sofia Vergara, that's the wrong answer and therefore you may NOT go on a date with Shady!) Dear Thisisme, I'm so glad you joined the fun even tho you smelled a Dell rat right from the start. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week, dear friend!

    Hi, Odie! I'm glad you decided to enjoy the post without entering the contest, although I'm sure that Rocky and Soffie would enjoy seeing the Seven Wonders of the World with us. That Brook/Dinah recording amazes me. I keep wondering why they didn't just stop tape and do it over. Dinah must have stormed out of the studio before they could even do that much. It certainly ranks as a "novelty record." Thank you very much for coming by, good buddy, and happy April Fools' Day!

    Hi, Shelly! I am also surprised by the number of mistakes left in recordings. Eric Burdon and others like him routinely changed lyrics and jumbled words around. In a way it makes the songs more fun to listen to. I agree that you should be on the lookout for pranks today because there will surely be a few. Thank you very much for your kind visit on a Sunday, dear Shelly, and I hope you have a terrific week ahead!

  6. DARN!!! And I was really trying to figure out what they all had in common. I like all of these songs, Shady, but never paid attention to flaws...took the words for gospel! haha!

    This was very good...probably the best April Fool I've ever seen! You're on a roll, lol!

    Do love Eric Burdon, tho! Have a great, foolish day, Mr. Knight!♫

  7. Hey, Susan! So glad to see you, dear friend! I owned all of these records in the 60s, played them often, became familiar with their flaws and decided to group them together in this April Fools post. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and I thank you for the kind comments. I am sorry you didn't guess the correct answer and win the grand prize, a trip around the world with Shady. However, I can offer you the next best thing. Meet me at Rattlesnake Gulch and I'll buy you a sarsaparilla! Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend Susan!

  8. All these recordings made it to 14 or over on the charts. Oh, and they all had mistakes on them. I've always wanted to go on a world tour. Thank you, Shady. I'll start packing.

    Had to comment even before listening because I'm going to have a bath now. I recognize all the songs but Sky Pilot. I'll be back later, good friend. Hugs and love to you this April Fool's Day.

  9. Hi, Belle! I'm so glad you made it over, my sweet friend! By golly, unless you cheated and scrolled down to look at the answer in advance, I'm thinking that I have found the winner of my giveaway! It's you, dear Belle! Be advised that Rattlesnake Gulch is the first destination on our whirlwind world tour so please dress accordingly. I can't wait to meet Chuck Woolery, can you? I'm surprised you never heard "Sky Pilot." It's a very long opus divided into a part 1 and part 2 for release on a single. It includes frightening sounds of battle and bagpipes and is quite an effective commentary on war. Thank you very much for thinking of me today, dear Belle. I am thinking of you as well. I hope the coming week will be a much better one for you. God bless!

  10. Shady, I now listened to all of them carefully to find the errors and got them all! That was fun. I always thought the Mamas and Papas sang that repeat on purpose - I always did like the way that was done. I do remember Sky Pilot after listening and it did have a stale behind! No, it was a good song. :) 'I'm Looking Through You' was a favorite of mine. Never noticed the mistake before. Dinah Washington had no sense of ha-ha. The mistake makes the record better I think. Loved their voices. Thank you that I won the contest! Rattlesnake Gulch sounds exciting. I love the desert so much. I'll wear what I wear around the house: pajamas.

  11. Diana - Hello, my new friend, and welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories! I appreciate your visit and kind comment. I took at look at your magnificent site and it's wall-to-wall nostalgia! Great stuff! Thank you very much for taking the time to look around the Shady Dell, dear Diana, and please hurry back. You are always welcome here!

    Belle - You brought up an important point. The bloopers, blunders, mistakes, errors and flaws in these records actually serve as "hooks" and make them more interesting and more fun. It's a metaphor, don't you agree? We tend to like people who are willing to show us that they're human and have flaws and foibles. People like that seem more real to us, more accessible and more fun. It kinda makes me sorry I'm so perfect! :) Get those trap-door pajamas packed, Belle, because I'm on my way North by Northwest to pick you up! Thanks again, sweet friend, for taking the time to be here. Good night and have a great week ahead!

  12. That was Fun-Thanks for the laugh.Denise

  13. Hi, Denise! I'm so glad my giveaway gave you a laugh and I really appreciate you being here. I love to entertain and I hope you'll make SDM&M a habit. Please come back soon, dear Denise!

  14. Is this contest open worldwide? Please, say yes…

  15. what a funny post!!!! I dind't realize at first you wrote it on april 1st, that's what we call "pesce d'aprile" !!!I'm glad I can start again reading your posts :)

  16. Lady in Black - Hello, my dear Polish friend! It is always a pleasure to say "yes" to an international model. Yes, the "contest" WAS open worldwide BUT a winner was declared yesterday when Belle became the first contestant to give me the correct answer. Better luck next time, dear Libby. Have a wonderful week and please come back soon!

    Hello, Katia! My goodness, it's been months since you visited and nearly as long since you posted on your own blog. I am very happy to see you again, dear friend! How are you? I'm glad that I was able to put a smile on your beautiful face with my annual April Fools' post. Please don't be a stranger. Come again soon, dear Katia, okay?

  17. Damn, I hate the time difference…

  18. Lady in Black - Time difference? Dear friend, I published this post just after midnight USA Pacific time which would have been mid morning in Poland. You had the entire day to read it, dial my hotline and win a dream date with Shady! I realize you are disappointed that you will not have the chance to visit every girl's dream destination, Rattlesnake Gulch. Dry your eyes, Libby. There's always next year! Thank you for your comment and follow-up, dear friend!

  19. I had no idea that so many songs had bloopers left in them! And I didn't even know that these particular ones had them. I've noticed the false start in "I Saw Her Again" but thought it was done purposely. It was pretty smooth! Anyway - great post! Love it when I learn something (although that is true of every post of yours!). Would love to win the date, but dang it - I just can't afford it! We'll just give each other a little cross country *wink*!

  20. special k - Hello, dear friend! I also assumed that the double take in "I Saw Her Again" was done on purpose but apparently not. According to what I read online the mixing engineer was "punching" vocals in over the backing track and accidentally inserted those four words too early. He repeated them at the correct spot. When producer Lou Adler listened to the mistake on playback he loved the resulting "hook" and ordered that it be left in on the finished master. That's artistry for you. That's why I always recognized the important role of the producer and loved being one. Sometimes imperfection is perfection. I'm so sorry you didn't win the dream date. I promise, someday-oneday, you and I will paint the town in Rattlesnake Gulch. Thanks so much for coming to visit, dear friend karen. I hope you're having a super week!

  21. What???? I go away for a bit and you are offering dates??? I'm thinking Mrs Shady is feeling relived you were only posting an April Fool's Day trick!

    Thanks for the kind comments on my A-Z Challenge. I didn't figure it in my sabbatical so I had to return sooner than planned. I've never claimed to be able to handle numbers in any shape or form.

    Looking forward to some new tunes!

  22. Hi there, Sush! I'm very glad to "C" you again, dear friend. I'm so sorry you arrived too late to win a dream date and go globetrotting with yours truly. I assure you that I would have arranged a side trip for us to Mardi Gras. As it is you'll have to wait and enter next year's contest in which I plan to give away locks of my hair. There are three of them. Hairs. Thank you very much for showing your sweet face, dear friend Sush. You're the bestest from A to Z!

  23. Hi, Tom! Fortunately I didn't know the right answer, so I couldn't win a date with you. I was familiar with "Louie Louie" and "I Saw Her Again", but not the others. That was a good April Fool. I had a copy of the Temptations "It's Growing" on 45 and there was a part where the master tape dragged. The Kingsmen just sounded more natural by have that false start, and the Mamas and Papas song was more interesting with that piece, which fit very well. Have a great week, buddy! I'm still looking for a woman with money (and love) too.


  24. Hi, Ron! Keep checking Craig's List, good buddy! (LOL) Are you sure it was the master tape dragging on that Temps' record? I owned many 45s that were warped and/or had the hole bored off center. When I played them they sounded distorted, a "wow" effect. It makes me laugh when I think of how we got our music in the 50s and 60s: worn, warped, scratched, distorted sounding 45s that went "snap, crackle and pop" when you played them; dense, muddy production on a lot of them; tiny, tinny transistor radios; rock singers mumbling the lyrics; and records with mistakes left in. Somehow, it all added up to a great time. Thanks so much for reporting in, good buddy, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  25. Well aren't you the cheeky prankster! Sadly I was not fooled by anyone this April 1st, which is a shame because I am so gullible! Nice trivia about all of the songs, I did not know that about any of them. I love it when a "mistake" is left in the song and becomes part of what makes it great!

    Hope you're having a good week Tom, we're having hail, sleet and snow in Ireland!

    Emma x

  26. Emma - Oh No! I was told by Thisisme that the fine weather in England had suddenly turned much colder. She didn't say anything about sleet and snow! Well, all things considered, Western Europe had an easy winter, correct? It's good to know that sleet and snow could not prevent you from getting your delightful message across the pond to me. I agree that flaws make recordings interesting. That holds true for people and many other things. Furniture with a distressed finish would be an example. As I wrote on another blog my brother-in-law dropped and broke an expensive urn that I had purchased, but when it was glued back together it actually had infinitely more character and appeal than before. Thank you very much for visiting, dear friend Emma, and good night to you in chilly Ireland!

  27. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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