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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Saturday, March 3, 2012

--- Now Playing at the Shady Dell --- Jukebox Giants of March 1967

 It's March Madness 1967 

 at the Shady Dell! 

Time to sample the hottest tunes playing this month on the Dell's jukebox. Killer klassics by local and regional recording acts figure prominently in the lineup so let's have a listen!

 Experience the look and sound of 
 young America! 


 New, Hot and Hitbound: 

 “Jimmy Mack” – Martha & the Vandellas 

 "Third Finger, Left Hand” – Martha & the Vandellas 

 “My Baby Likes to Boogaloo” – Emperors 

 “You Got Me Where You Want Me” - Emperors 

 “Funky Broadway” – Dyke & the Blazers 

 “With This Ring” – Platters 

 “I Got a Feeling” – Four Tops 

 “Bernadette” – Four Tops 

 “Sweet Soul Music” – Arthur Conley 

 “Let’s Go Steady” – Arthur Conley 

 “Dry Your Eyes” – Brenda & the Tabulations 

 “Beggin’” – Four Seasons 


 Old Dell Gold: 
 (Records from past weeks, months and years 
 that have maintained their popularity) 

“Sock it to Me-Baby” – Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels 
(February ’67) 

“Stormy Weather” – Magnificent Men (February ’67) 

“Ruby Tuesday” – Rolling Stones (February ’67) 

“Let’s Spend the Night Together” – Rolling Stones 
(February ’67) 

“I’ve Been Lonely Too Long” – Young Rascals (February ’67) 

“I Think We’re Alone Now” – Tommy James & the Shondells 
(February ’67) 

“Gimme Some Lovin’” – Spencer Davis Group (January ’67) 

"Gimme Some Lovin’” – Jordan Brothers (February ’67) 

“Penny Lane” – Beatles (February '67) 

“Strawberry Fields Forever” – Beatles (February ’67) 

“The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game” – Marvelettes 
(February ’67) 

“Love is Here and Now You’re Gone” – Supremes 
(February ’67) 

“Karate” – Emperors (December ’66) 

“I’ve Got to Have Her” – Emperors (December ‘66) 

Big changes are coming to the jukebox in the month of April.

Which of these songs will remain and which ones are
already circling the drain?

 You have 
 one month 
 to speculate 
 but remember, 
 ladies & 
 this is only 
 an exhibition, 
 this is not 
 a competition; 
 so please -- 
 no wagering! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. I think the ones I liked the best today out of your stellar lineup are The Vandellas, the ones I was most familiar with. I knew Dancing in the Street and Heatwave (who doesn't in America?), and I really enjoyed what I heard here. The others were very good, too, but it made me want to know what happened to Martha and the others.

    They have such an interesting story that seems all too typical of the early Motown singers, with not getting the royalties they initially deserved, early deaths, etc. I am glad to see who of them are still active, with Martha even being involved in politics.

    Thank you, friend Shady, for anoher hugely entertaining post!

  2. I had a great time like Shelly did and my favorite would have to be the Platters. I liked all the rest but some as usual I could not remember ever hearing of before. That's what Shady is around for to broaden our music knowledge and it is fun. Thanks for all you do for us musically challenged folks. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi, Shelly! That Vandellas' record was an excellent example of the "killer bee" phenomenon. Both sides were very popular on the Dell jukebox. Motown Records released many such "two-fer" 45s with an excellent recording on both sides. The problem I had with Motown was the inferior quality of their wax. Many of their CD compilations sounded even worse in my opinion. Ironically, the record companies that issued higher quality records didn't offer the kind of music I liked. The best of both worlds is available through CDs manufactured in England and other parts of Europe where Northern Soul enthusiasts are collecting the good stuff, properly remastering it, and releasing it on top quality CDs. When it comes to vintage soul music compilations, imports put most domestic products to shame. Thank you very much for playing the jukebox, dear Shelly, and have a great weekend!

    Hi, Odie! I love that Platters video. Luckily it's been available on YouTube several years now while other important clips have been removed for one reason or another. This lineup includes the regional (Harrisburg, PA) band The Emperors and reminds us that local and regional acts often surpassed the popularity of The Beatles on the Dell's barnbox. Thanks so much for having a listen, Odie, and have a super weekend!

  4. Hi Shady! It's hard to type while dancing, but I'm having a ball with Arthur Conley and Sweet Soul Music! Thank you for kicking off the weekend with a dance party!

  5. Hello there, Jenny! I don't see any typos so apparently you are able to dance and type at the same time! (I can't walk and chew gum.) That video of Arthur Conley's B side "Let's Go Steady" is one that I uploaded on my YouTube channel for the purpose of using it here on the blog. It surprises me to see how many plays it's getting over there. "Sweet Soul Music" is used in one of my favorite teenage musicals "The In Crowd" (1988) starring Donovan Leitch, son of 60s folk-rock legend Donovan. Thank you very much for coming to the party, dear Jenny, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  6. I've come prepared to wash the party dishes and watch everyone else having a happy time on the dance floor.
    You know I'm not a party animal and I definitely don't want to be a party pooper either. I brought my best smile with me, so I hope that's acceptable as I do like to visit The Shady Dell to visit you, Tom. I hope you're feeling better today and that Toto has had a good day, too.

  7. When I first started going out, we used to go to a sixties bar that always plays Jimmy Mack so this brings back really vivid memories for me! And of course, Ruby Tuesday is a very special song in our household too ;) So glad to have internet back, poor Mum's still struggling on her iPhone! Hope you're all doing swell over there dear Shady!

  8. Desiree - I clicked on your pic and got a close-up view of your lovely smile. It a welcome sight indeed, dear friend! I'm not about to make someone of your stature wash dishes. I'd much rather put your brain to use leading a discussion group of the intellectuals among us. There are sofa and chairs in the barn annex where you can engage in good conversation and still hear the music. How does that sound? I am delighted to see you, Desiree. I thank you very much for coming and wish you a fun filled Saturday night with your South African canine corps!

    Gawgus - Hello, dear friend! Thanks for sharing that info about hearing "Jimmy Mack" at a sixties bar. Back in the 80s Tampa Bay had several night spots specializing in 50s and 60s music. Trouble is they only played the best known hits. "Jimmy Mack" is not as common which leads me to believe that you frequented a place with a soul savvy DJ. I hope you and mum are both in good health and good spirits. Thank you very much for your visit, dear Emma!

  9. My favorite in this line-up is 'Sweet Soul Music'. What a fun song that is. loved Martha & the Vandellas. The video pictures were good and I realized how much I still like the clothes from the 60s, except for the hot-pants! I really enjoy the Four Tops and the video was good. Bernadette was a fav too. I've got to say I thought the 4 Seasons video was so cute and funny. I loved the cartoony way they did it. 'Beggin' is a great song.

    Thanks Shady, for all the fun this morning. It is a good way to wake up in the morning! Have a lovely Saturday.

  10. Hi, Belle! Yessum, the Motown sound is well represented here. I'm glad I was able to add some music to your day. As you might expect my favorites in this bunch are the minor hits, the non-hits, the non-charting records and the obscure B sides because those are the ones that Dell rats played most often; but they're all great and I never get tired of listening to them. I'm so pleased to see your smiling face among my visitors today, dear Belle. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend in west Canada!

  11. Oh Shady, you had me at The Four Tops and Bernadette! Of course anything by The Young Rascals is good and Jimmy Mack was a favorite too. Rolling Stones never lose their appeal either. Too much good music out there - I have probably hundreds of favorites!

  12. karen (small k) - Hello again, dear O.C. friend! I'm pleasantly surprised by your fondness for 60s rock and Motown sounds. They had to have been produced eons (countless centuries) before you were born. I also admire your attention to detail because the band that gave us "People Got to Be Free" was still called The Young Rascals when they made "I've Been Lonely Too Long." I recently bought three remastered CD's: The Young Rascals, Collections and Groovin' which are their first three albums nicely remastered. They do an excellent cover of the Beau Brummels hit "Just a Little," a renditon of Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," "Mustang Sally" (a huge Dell hit), "In the Midnight Hour" and many more soul and rock standards. karen (small k), I am always delighted by your visits. Thank you, dear friend, and have a safe and happy week ahead in SoCal!

  13. There's lots of gems in there Tom! The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Four tops and The Platters! March 67 seemed to be good month alright!

    Hope you're having a good weekend friend!

    Emma x

  14. Hi, Emma! How about those reinvented Platters? The group that made a comeback in 1966 and 1967 with hits for Musicor Records was actually a Platters "splinter" group with Sonny Turner on lead. Tony Williams had been the familiar voice of the Platters on their 50s hits for Mercury Records including "The Great Pretender," "Only You," "Harbor Lights" and "Twilight Time." I'ts such a pleasure to see you here, dear Emma. Thank you very much for coming and have a wonderful week ahead!

  15. Great variety today!:) I enjoyed listening to all that you listed today! Dancing in the Street and Heatwave are the two that I really knew! :)

  16. Hi, Kristina! It's easy to understand why you best remember those two earlier recordings by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas. They were the Motown girl group's biggest hits. "Dancing..." reached #2 and "Heat Wave" #4. "Jimmy Mack" wasn't far behind, reaching #10 on the pop singles chart. At the Dell, a record's performance on the national chart meant little or nothing. If it had the sound and the feel it got played. That's why "Third Finger," "I Got a Feeling," "Let's Go Steady" and I've Got to Have Her" became smash hits at the Dell while having little or no impact on Billboard. Thank you very much for visiting me today, dear Kristina, and have a prosperous week ahead in Colorado!

  17. I had forgotten all about the tune “Jimmy Mack"! Thanks for reminding me about this gem. I've already listened to it twice and am working on my third go around :) PS happy to know we are on the same political wavelength.

  18. Amber Girly Bird - Hello, dear friend! At last count I've listened to "Jimmy Mack" a gazillion times. Most of those occasions were concentrated around the spring of 1967 when the platter was red hot in the Shady. The killer bee side, too! Thank you very much for coming by, dear friend. I'm always delighted to find more reasons to like you!

  19. Hi dear Tom. Great to be over here at The Shady Dell again, listening to the groovy tunes! (Now there's a good old 60's word!). The good news is, that I have my internet connection back at last. It's so good to be back with everyone again. My favourites here have to be Bernadette by the Four Tops and The Platters. I still enjoy listening to them now. Doesn't our Desiree look pretty in her profile pic?! Anyway my friend, what's this that I have been reading about in a couple of our mutual friends' blogs? Are you feeling under the weather? I'm really sorry to hear that, and I do hope that you will be feeling much brighter again soon (and little Toto). Please look after yourself.

  20. Hello, dear Thisisme! Welcome back to Bloggerville. You've been missed. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to my platters today including my Platters platter. I agree that our friend Des looks very pretty in her new profile pic. It seems like my comment on Jenny's blog this morning has gone viral and everybody thinks I'm ill. I'm really not. I only meant to express that I am experiencing fatigue and need to slow down a bit just like Jenny is doing, just like Desiree has done and just like you have done. Blogging is like a treadmill. It's great exercise but you need to hop off occasionally or you'll wear yourself out. Your visit and smiling face brightened my day, dear friend Thisisme. Thank you very much for coming over!

  21. Dear Tom, I was so glad to hear that you are not ill after all. Just being sensible. I think Desiree, moi and yourself have the right attitude, otherwise we would be giving ourselves unwanted stress! Hugs to you.

  22. Hi Shady! Sorry to be so late...had the little grandson in residence this past week, and, he did some blogging of his own. Martha and the Vandellas 'Jimmy Mack' was a favorite of mine. I liked all of their songs, and their performances, in my opinion, topped the Supremes.

    And, 'Funky Broadway'. Haven't heard that song in ages...loved it! Ha! We had people all over the floor with that song, and, it was a guy favorite. Thanks for that one-I even remember the words. And 'Sweet Soul Music' also rattled the rafters. Having had the priviledge of being a 'soul survivor' of the 60's, (my sister taught me well), I was well versed in a lot of the soul dance tunes. The Four Tops 'Bernadette' was a powerful song...they were another underrated group.

    I know what you mean about being kind of tired. I still work full time, and sometimes just have to take a break. But blogging does bring down the stress. I don't follow a whole lot of blogs, but the ones I follow are the best! And, I've not even come close to running out of stories! I hope you continue to write and entertain, even tho I'm slow to get here sometimes! Yours is a fabulous blog Shady! See you and the guys soon.

  23. Hi, Thisisme! Just now seeing this tag of yours. Yessum, as with many other things moderation is the key. Responsible blogging prevents burnout and maintains a healthy balance. Thanks again for your return visits. They mean the world to me, dear friend!

    Susan - Hello, dear friend! I'm just discovering this comment and I really appreciate it. I agree that Martha and the Vandellas came across as more soulful and street savvy than the Supremes. I also agree that there are guy songs and girl songs and the gritty ditty by Dyke Christian & the Blazers is an example of a guy song. I know what you mean about the Four Tops, too. They racked up a long list of hits and had a great sound but for the most part remained standing in the shadows of other Motown groups. Thank you very much for sampling my soul stew, dear Susan, and I'll be seeing you soon over at your place!


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