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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't Rat Me Out Because I Love Pop Songs by Child Stars & Kids of Celebs, Pt. 2

 For the last time, Eddie... 

 I'm not lending you the money to 

 buy mom a corsage for the dance! 

 Take it easy, Sam! I was just asking. 

 I can always get it from Lumpy. 

 Hi, I'm Wally along with the Beav. 
 Welcome to Part 2 of our series
 Don't Rat Me Out, a salute to pop 

 records made by child stars and kids 
 of celebs.  Let's hear some more! 



In the 1950s he played Mickey in the kids' TV series Circus Boy. In the 60s, Bob Rafelson, Bert Schneider and Don Kirshner went ape and made a Monkee out of him! Micky Dolenz was the drummer, one of the lead singers, and the zaniest member of the group. Micky had the lead vocal on "She," a song written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart that became the lead track on the Monkees phenomenally successful second album More of the Monkees which spent 18 weeks at #1 and went quintuple platinum!

 "She" - Monkees with lead vocal by Micky Dolenz 
 (track from January 1967 album More of the Monkees


Child actress Patty Duke was beside herself as identical cousins on The Patty Duke Show. In the summer of 1965 Patty did the Lesley Gore thing and gave us the memorable hit, "Don't Just Stand There." A few months later Patty was back on the chart with her follow-up single, "Funny Little Butterflies."

 "Funny Little Butterflies" Patty Duke (October 1965, highest 
 chart position #77) 

A refreshing arrangement and a pleasing melody make this track from the album Patty a winner.

 "One Kiss Away" - Patty Duke (track from the 1966 album 


In his 1959 film acting debut Eddie Hodges gave us a classic movie moment when he sang "High Hopes" with Frank Sinatra in A Hole in the Head.

Like several other child actors Eddie Hodges put together a short, moderately successful recording career. A few months before Paul Petersen hit the charts with the similar sounding "She Can't Find Her Keys," Eddie Hodges scored his biggest hit with "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door."

 "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" - Eddie Hodges 
 (August 1961, highest chart position #12) 

They're made of sugar and spice and all things nice. According to Eddie Hodges they're also made to love.
Of course he's talking about "Girls, Girls, Girls."

 "(Girls, Girls, Girls) Made to Love" - Eddie Hodges 
 (August 1962, highest chart position #14) 

Eddie Hodges also released a killer cover of a hit by R&B rocker Gary U.S. Bonds. For our good friend Sush and her Tigers and Saints, here's "New Orleans."

 "New Orleans" - Eddie Hodges (August 1965, highest 
 chart position #44) 



Frank Sinatra's a tough act to follow, but daughter Nancy proved herself worthy of the challenge by recording a string of hits. Nancy's celebrity landed her this gig in another ad
for Royal Crown Cola.

 RC Cola TV Commercial starring Nancy Sinatra 

Some of Nancy Sinatra's best work was the result of her collaboration with Lee Hazlewood. In the summer of 1967 Nancy and Lee portrayed a restless married couple engaged in spirited vocal sparring in "Jackson."

 "Jackson" - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (August 1967, 
 highest chart position #14) 

 Well, there you have it, Beav. 
 Boy meets girl...boy marries girl... 
 boy messes up...girl reads him the 
 riot act. Next thing you know, 
 they're splitsville. Here comes the 
 good part - they probably end up 
 missing each other so much that 
 they get back together and start 
 all over again. No wonder they call 
 it the game of love! 

 can a guy tell if 
 a girl likes him 
 for him...or if she 
 just likes him cuz 
 he got lots of money 
 and can buy her 
 stuff and junk? 

 You can pretty much tell 
 when the money runs out. 

 how do 
 ya keep 
 that from 

 You gotta be 
 one of those 
 rich tycoons 
 like Rockefeller 
 or a movie star 
 or a test pilot 
 or somethin'.   
 Those guys  
 always have 

 plenty of dough
 and they keep 

 it in a Swiss  
 bank account. 

 Yeah... wull, I guess that’s why 
 I like dogs more than girls... 

 cuz dogs don’t care if your broke... 
 they still wanna lick your face. 

 You little


Have a Shady day!


  1. Great post, Shady! I had forgotten all about Eddie Hodges' hits. Love and remember them all. I noticed 'I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door' was out in 1961. I was 11 but I well remember that fun song. I didn't know he also sang 'New Orleans'. It was great seeing him sing it. Terrific song. I always loved Patty Duke when I was a kid. I watched her program each week. That Monkees song was one of their best. It is hard to believe they didn't keep going like the Stones and Beatles. They were so good. Thanks for all the fun.

  2. Really interesting- as always! The one that surprised me was Patty Duke. I'm well familiar with her acting, but I had no idea she was a singer, and a good one, at that.

    I also did not know Eddie Hodges, and it was a treat to get to know him.

    I remember watching the Monkees tv show when I was really young, like maybe 4 or 5. My sister and I would watch it together when it came on. It's funny the things that stick in your mind!

    Thank you, my friend, for your always outstanding work in putting these together for our information and entertainment. What a musical resource you are!

  3. Hi dear Tom. I've managed to get here very slowly, using my phone. Couldn't miss what our friend Shady had in store for us today. Coming from England, I'm going to be bottom of the class again, because I only know of Micky Dolenz (and Nancy of course!). I can remember watching Circus Boy. Although I only heard of Patty Duke from your last post, I have enjoyed listening to her songs. Have a good weekend in Florida and no doubt you will be cranking up the air conditioning again!! :)

  4. Hi, Belle! I like the Eddie Hodges version of "New Orleans" better than the R&B original. I wonder if our friend Sush from New Orleans will agree. I experienced two Patty Duke sightings during the past week. I watched her movie Valley of the Dolls and I also saw her in a public service announcement for social services online. I also watched a Monkees documentary that told all about the friction between the band and Don Kirshner. It's no wonder the Monkees didn't last. Dear Belle, I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Please get some rest and have a nice weekend, my wonderful friend!

  5. Hi, Shelly! I think it's fair to say that Patty Duke wasn't as great a vocalist as Lesley Gore but she made some listenable recordings with the help of studio overdubbing. Patty's record sales were boosted by the popularity of her hit TV sitcom. I often watched the Monkees with Helen and John Ettline up at the Dell when it was a first run series. The old black and white TV that we watched it on sat atop a refrigerator behind the counter in the snack bar. You've been following my blog for quite some time now and have no doubt seen pictures of the Dell snack bar. I want you to stay tuned because in the very near future I will be posting pictures of the brand new, completely renovated Shady Dell! The snack bar is gone and the place looks nothing like before, a stunning transformation! Thank you very much for being here today, dear Shelly and have a wonderful weekend!

    Thisisme - Hallo, dear friend! I'm a bit surprised that you remember Micky Dolenz in Circus Boy, a series that aired from 1956 to 1958. I watched that show every week and loved the chemistry between Micky and veteran character actor Noah Beery, Jr. We're getting some sprinkles and cooler temperatures here in Florida which are both welcome developments although I'm sure the operators of the Florida State Fair would disagree. Thank you for finding a way to join the party, dear friend Thisisme, and have a delightful weekend!

  6. I really only knew Nancy from These Boots were Made For Walking so it was nice to hear some other tunes from her. I am gonna check out more of her collection tonight and see what other gems I can unearth. On a different topic, how could anyone in their right mind leave you!? Some people just dont understand what they've got. Chin up Shady!

  7. I wish I knew those artists (except N. Sinatra of course, who is known worldwide)...

  8. Amber - Hello, dearie! Welcome back to the roost! Nancy Sinatra was more prolific than many people think. She started hitting the chart in October of '65 with "So Long Babe" which was followed by her hot solo streak that included "Boots," "How Does That Grab You Darlin'," "Sugar Town," "Love Eyes," "You Only Live Twice," "Lightning's Girl" and a couple of others. Singing a duet with her father Nancy had a #1 smash with "Somethin' Stupid" and with Lee H. "Summer Wine," "Jackson," "Lady Bird" and "Some Velvet Morning." You are very sweet for expressing concern about me and while I admit that I am probably more leavable than loveable I was merely doing my usual thing on your blog and lacing my comment with humor. However this gives me an opportunity to equate my remarks to the bittersweet nature of blogging, the gains and the losses we all experience along the way. Sometimes a dear friend withdraws from you for whatever reason and you feel abandoned and hurt. That has happened to me on more than one occasion including recent weeks. In nearly four years of blogging I have seen at least a dozen great friends come and go and many others endure any number of personal crises and tragedies, illnesses, break-ups and make-ups. "Many a tear has to fall but it's all in the game," sang Tommy Edwards. I am so glad that I still have your friendship, dear Amber. Thank you very much for coming by and enjoy your weekend!

    Wanilianna - Hello dear friend! Nancy S. seems to be the most recognizable artist in this bunch although it's hard for me to believe you never heard of Micky's Monkees. They were a cultural phenomenon in America almost as much as the Beatles. I hope you and your lab have a wonderful night in Poland and a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

  9. I keep leaving comments and they don't show up! Don't know what's going on! Anyway if you get this one hope you're having a great week friend!

    Emma x

  10. Golly Shady...I loved this post. Patty Duke was one of my favorite shows. I still can't believe she grew up and married John Aston. I just couldn't picture the two of them together. She was so cute. Thanks for putting up Jackson too. I haven't heard that in forever. I had their album (Nancy and Lee) and just thought she was the cats meow.

  11. Emma - Really? I was wondering where my Irish friend got to. I'm so sorry you're having difficulty. Several bloggers I know are having technical problems of one kind or another. I already changed my comments setting in an effort to correct the situation but apparently it doesn't work for everybody. It's very reassuring to know that you've been visiting and trying to get your messages through because I'd hate to lose a friend like you. Thank you very much for coming by, dear friend Emma, and have a great weekend!

    Bouncin' Barb - Hello, dear friend! I still can't get over Patty's award winning performance in the role of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker and her over the top antics in Valley of the Dolls. Quite a difference from Patty and Cathy Lane. I loved Nancy Sinatra's duets with Lee. I wasn't much of a country music lover but the crossover appeal of that duo won me over. Thanks so much for your visit and comments, dear Barb, and have a terrific weekend!

  12. OK good buddy, after the home run last time I got stumped on this one. Don't remember much in the way of Patty Duke as a singer or Eddie Hodges but Nancy Sinatra saved the day for me. I enjoyed it all but didn't remember most of it. Thanks for bringing us up to speed on artist I knew little of. Have a great weekend.

  13. Hey, Odie! It's always interesting to find out which artists and tunes you remember and which ones you don't. I'm glad you liked the one by Nancy and Lee. As I watched that "Jackson" video it reminded me of Sonny and Cher. I hope you had some fun and learned something new. Give Rocky and Soffie some bacon flavored Beggin' Strips for me and have a wonderful weekend, good buddy!

  14. WOW! Before I forget anything else I might want to say...I gotta say that Eddie Hodges ROCKS!!! I liked I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door, but OMG! The New Orleans video was, how you say, "HOT"! I know the song, but did he originally record it, or did someone else? It belongs to Eddie alright! Made me sit up straight! The video was really cool, and the go go dancers were good.

    I always admired Patty Duke...she was good in Valley of The Dolls. But, I dont hear or see much of her these days. She was kind of a good girl, who, still could be kinda bad! Kept you coming back for more of her.

    And, Nancy Sinatra was very good. She and Lee Hazlewood's recordings were very good.

    So, I've enjoyed Wally and the boys with their exciting lineup, including the Monkees. Tell them hello for me Shady, and you have a cool weekend. Temps are dropping in Fort Worth tonite!♫

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed your interesting, witty commentary and teenager banter, Tom. Once again, I can tell a lot of thought and creativity was involved in producing this post. I know Sush is going to be so 'chuffed' when she gets to "New Orleans". I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead and that Toto is comfortably at your side and not in any pain.

  16. Susan - It's getting cooler here in Florida, too, and that's just fine with me. We're also getting some much needed rainfall. Not only that, the blog just turned cooler by virtue of your presence and your comments. I agree with you 100% that the Eddie Hodges rendition of "New Orleans" rocks. R&B singer Gary U.S. Bonds originally had a #6 charting hit with the song in the last weeks of 1960. Eddie Hodges' 1965 remake didn't even make the top 40 but it's an excellent record and I owned it. You are so much fun, Susan, and I always appreciate your visits. Have a great weekend, dear friend!

  17. Desiree - Thank you, dear friend, for remembering my ailing Toto. She's doing alright at the moment. We're both up far too late, after 1am local time, and here you are already making your way through a new day. You are a dear for offering sweet, supportive comments even when the material is foreign to you. I hope that my Leave it to Beaver banter gave you a chuckle. Thank you very much for coming to see me, dear friend Desiree. Have a lovely weekend playing with Heathcliff and the other members of your doggie clan.

  18. I love that you posted dialogue with Wally and The Beav. It feels like home somehow. So clean and hilarious. Wally was a darn handsome kid, wasn't he? :)

  19. Hi, Crystal! You're right. Tony Dow was a good looking young man. No wonder he landed the role of Wallace Cleaver, the quintessential all American boy next door... popular, athletic, clean cut, honest and hard working. I remember the excitement years later when Tony was cast on the soap opera General Hospital. In 1983 Beaver, Wally, their mom and Eddie Haskell all returned to series TV in The New Leave it to Beaver. Hugh Beaumont, who played dad Ward Cleaver, died a year before the new series began. Leave it to Beaver taught kids that lying, cheating and rule breaking all have consequences. Few shows were able to do it in such an entertaining and heart warming way. Thank you very much for coming over to see me, Crystal, and have a terrific weekend, my friend!

  20. I love Leave it to Beaver! And these songs. By the way, did the Monkees make a guest appearance on Gilligan's Island?

  21. Hi, Ashton! I looked it up in my Funk and Wagnalls and found the December 1965 episode of Gilligan's Island to which you were referring. It wasn't the Monkees, nor was it a spoof of the Monkees because the Monkees TV series and record releases were still almost a year in the future. The episode entitled "Don't Bug the Mosquitos" which featured an American mop-top band, was an homage to the Beatles. I hope you found my Beaver two-parter entertaining, dear friend Ashton, and I wish you a very happy weekend!

  22. Such great posts about these beloved characters! Happy "V" Day and hugs for Toto.

  23. Anonymous - Hello and thank you very much for the kind comments, whoever you are. I have an idea who you are and if I'm correct then it is very reassuring to know that you're still following and trying to get your messages through. I am having computer problems of my own today and it's very frustrating. Thank you again, kind friend, and please come back a.s.a.p.

  24. Nice post, Tom. I was pleased to see mention of one of my favorite shows from childhood, "Circus Boy". Most people never saw it or heard of it. I was very surprised to discover it aired in the U.K. and was enjoyed by thisisme, too. Attagirl, thisisme! You have great taste. Micky divided his time after the Monkees between here and working in Great Britain.

    I enjoyed Eddie Hodges "I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door", which I had won from a radio station. It had the same song on both sides. I never heard Eddie's cover of "New Orleans" until you first presented it, Tom, but I believe it's just as good as Gary Bonds, although I'm more accustomed to the earlier recording.

    I liked Patty Duke (both of them) and, like Noah Beery, Jr. in "Circus Boy", her father in the series was played by a series veteran, who previously had played Professor Pomfritt in "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis". Noah was great as Rockford's dad, too. Although her acting was excellent in "Valley of the Dolls", Sharon Tate stole my heart.
    Barb was correct in her assessment of Patty's marriage to John Astin. They divorced after thirteen years together. Sean Astin was adopted by John (fathered by Patty's first husband) and Mackenzie was their only progeny together. Both are remarried.

    "The Monkees" was also a favorite show of mine, and regarding 'Micky's Monkee'---all I have to say is "lum-de-lum-de-lie-eye".

    Have a great weekend, Tom!

  25. Hi, Ron! I'm glad you appreciated my play on words when I wrote "Micky's Monkee." You're right about veteran actor William Schallert who played Patty Lane's dad. He racked up primary roles and guest appearances in dozens and dozens of movies and TV series dating back to 1947 including Leave it to Beaver, The Donna Reed Show and The Rifleman just to mention shows featured in this two-part series. I saw Valley of the Dolls a few weeks ago for about the 10th time and it hard to watch the scenes with Sharon Tate knowing the terrible fate that was in store for her at the hands of Manson's minions. Thanks so much for your visit and comments, Ron, and I'll be seeing you in the next installment of Dueling Doo-Wops later this month!

  26. Wonderful post Shady!
    Enjoy N Sinatra!!
    Great weekend to you~*

  27. Lenore Nevermore - Hello, my globetrotting friend! Everybody seems to love Nancy. This wasn't the first time I posted her videos and it won't be the last. I hope you're not too jet lagged from your long flight and I wish you a very happy week ahead in Asia, dear Lenore!

  28. I used to watch re-runs of the Monkees when I was ickle! I used to love it and what can I say about Miss Nancy's ad for Cola apart from it really is mad..;) Hope it's not too hot for you over there at the moment dear Shady. No, not jealous at all. Hugs to you from all of us :)

  29. G-T - Hello, dear friend! I can't imagine you ever being ickle. (LOL) Yes, the reruns of shows like The Monkees, I Love Lucy, Patty Duke, Donna Reed and Leave it to Beaver go on forever thanks to retro cable TV channels but I saw them all when they were brand new. I'm sure your mum will tell you that in those days we had coal burning television sets. Mum told me your river is frozen! I hope your cold snap doesn't go on too much longer. It's pleasantly cool here in Florida which is a welcome change. Thank you very much for coming over, dear Emma, and have a fab week ahead!

  30. Surprisingly I did remember that Patty Duke recorded some music. I used to love her show... And don't even get me started on Paul Peterson. I had a serious 8 year old crush on him. And then that crush got transferred to Mickey Dolenz a few years later. Yep, all of those great shows from Patty Duke, Leave It To Beaver, Donna Reed, (remember December Bride?) - they were all staples of little Karen's day. Sadly, I do not remember Eddy Hodges. Don't know how he got by me, but there was always The Rifleman.

  31. Karen - Hello and welcome back, my dear O.C. friend! I'm shocked that you remember so many of these old programs. Yes, I certainly do remember watching December Bride starring Spring Byington and the late Harry Morgan. As a kid I watched hours of black & white TV every day and thought it was the greatest thing ever invented. I don't think there are many modern children who would be willing to watch something in B&W even if it was remastered. The pace of movies and TV shows was also vastly slower decades ago. I was watching one of the early episodes of Columbo the other night and it moved along at a snail's pace by today's standards. Yet I found that slower pace very relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you very much for reading my Beaver 2-parter, Karen, and stay tuned for more fun on Wednesday!

  32. Well I'm late to class again Dr Tom! I was so busy dancing to Eddie Hodges song I forgot the time...
    Of course that rendition was verrrrrry popular way back when. Lots of fun a geaux geaux was going on at parties all over N'awlins when that song was played! I'm just tickled purple green and gold you played that song for this post.

    I have to admit that what first got my attention was the Patty Duke title 'Funny Little Butterflies'. When I first looked at the caption over the video I thought it read, 'Funny Little Butt'...just didn't seem like a Patty Duke choice! I am sure I had a 45 or two of Patty's in my collection. I know my older sisters gave me a hard time for having them...

    I loved all these choices in todays post. I wonder what it says about my childhood and tv time that I knew all of them? Thanks for some really good memories today Tom. I've got to start showing up for class on time. Hmm, next week is Mardi Gras so I might have to wait for the end of Fat Tuesday to be able to be on time.
    Thanks again for the New Orleans tune....

  33. Hello, dear Sush! I'm glad you made it over to hear Eddie Hodges' version of "N'awlins." Few of the other readers seem to remember it. I'm glad you did. Obviously you hold a black belt in vintage TV if you're familiar with all of these shows, artists and songs. Good going! I'm so glad you came by for a heaping helping of music and memories, Sush. Have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend, and c'mon back now, hear?

  34. Happy Valentine's Day Tom! This week's post was full of fun. My brothers and I were addicted to Monkee's Reruns on our summer break. I can remember feeling really irritated at my mother for making noise in the kitchen, clanging around pots and pans while we were trying to keep up with the storyline and hear the music. I'm surprised that she didn't sit down and enjoy it with us. I'm also looking forward to seeing pictures of the new Dell. How exciting! I hope your day is full of love, affection and really, really good chocolate.

  35. Hi, Jenny! Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear friend! I remember The Monkees television series as the first one to drastically speed up the pace of the spoken dialogue and editing. In those ways the show resembled today's videos and especially cartoons, commercials for breakfast cereals and other types of programming targeting kids. The new Dell pictures are coming soon! I'm so glad you're interested. I've been getting a sneak peak for the last few months and I simply can't believe I'm looking at the same old house that was once overrun by rats (Dell rats). Thank you very much for coming to see me, dear Jenny, and I wish you a very special V-day!

  36. Once again your comment has left me with a huge smile. You are the best! (ps you will always have my friendship, that you can be sure of)

  37. Amber - Thank you, dear friend. I recognize your talent and I am thrilled to have your friendship. Happy V-Day!


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