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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pimp My Dell, Part 6: Presenting Our Lady of the Shady, 100 Years Young!


 Renovations have been completed 

 at the Shady Dell and the 100 year old 

 house looks brand spanking new! 

Wait a minute. I hear murmurs and rumblings in the crowd. Some of you have been following SDM&M for a long time and remember me telling you last year that the Shady Dell house was 87 years old. Guess what? New information has been uncovered since then to suggest that the Dell was actually built in 1912 or 1913 rather than in 1924 as was originally thought! I'll have more details on this exciting development
in a new series starting soon!

Knowing that M'Lady Shady is very close to the century mark makes today's unveiling all the more exciting!

At this time I am delighted to welcome back my dear friend Toni Deroche, current owner
of the Shady Dell.

 Toni Deroche 

 * Dell owner 

 * Violet Hill 
 Bureau Chief 

 * Senior 
 New Dellie 

Toni, who doubles as our intrepid SDMM reporter, Violet Hill Bureau Chief and Senior New Dellie Correspondent, has just returned from the front lines where she snapped copious pictures of the completed work. Toni is ready to take us inside for an exclusive sneak peek at the brand new Dell. Toni, the original Dell rats are simply not going to believe their eyes when they behold the amazing transformation
of their beloved Lady D!

 That's right, Shady! 
 Even I can't believe 
 how different the 
 Dell looks now 
 compared with the 
 way it looked a few 
 years ago when we 
 bought it. 

 Evidence of the Dell's metamorphosis over the last two 
 years can be seen before we even enter the house. 

 The latest exterior shots show the Dell sporting a new roof, 
 new paint job, bright, clean, pressure washed bricks and 
 three reconstructed porches. 

 The 3+ acre property was graded and tons of unwanted 
 trees, bushes and ivy vines were removed. 

 If you'll follow me I can't wait to show you all the 
 surprises that await you on the inside! 

 Ladies and gentlemen, step right this way and meet 
 the brand new Shady Dell! 

 The first room I'd like you to see is the new breakfast nook. 
 As many of you recall this front room was once lined with 
 diner style restaurant booths. It was here that Dell rats of 
 the 50s and 60s sat and munched on burgers and fries, 
 drank Cokes and shakes, savored CMP's and listened to 
 Helen's doo-wop jukebox. The modern breakfast nook 
 boasts one the original lights left at the Dell, the red one 
 above the table. I should also mention that the original 
 curtains were also left in place. Thank goodness they 
 cleaned up nicely! 

 Let's move a little closer to the table because it looks like 
 the daily newspaper has arrived. 

 Well, what do you know? This is not just any newspaper. 
 It's a special insert devoted to the Dell in its heyday! 

 This collectible edition contains rare pictures of Dell rats 
 dancing in the barn, the photos that were first published 
 right here on Shady's blog! 

 As we take one more look at the beautiful breakfast nook 
 I would like to mention that new drywall was installed on 
 walls and ceilings throughout the house along with fresh 
 coats of paint. 

 Much of the house was painted as you see above, a 
 warm butter yellow with off white trim. Incidentally, 
 all of the furniture and accessories on display as we 
 tour the Dell are included with the sale of the house! 

 Now if you'll
 come with me through the doorway on 
 the left we'll explore a wing of the house that was 
 off limits to Dell rats of old. 

 This front room on the other side of the house was once 
 part of John and Helen Ettline's large living room. We 
 decided to add a wall and divide it into two smaller rooms. 
 This room could now be used as a small living room, den 
 or office. 

 The other section of the Ettlines' old living room has now 
 become a dining room. 

Until now there was no dining room on the Dell's main floor. 

 We remedied that by creating this charming space where 
 natural light streams in through bay windows overlooking 
 the courtyard. 

 Near the center of the picture above you will see a 
 passageway leading to a room on the other side of 
 the house. If you look closely you will also see 
 something hanging on the wall. Curious? That room 
 is our next destination so let's make our way over. 

 Click to enlarge and you'll see a collage of memories 
 which includes rare pictures of the Dell past and present 
 along with clippings from newspaper articles written 
 about the legendary hangout in recent years. 

 The collage, created in honor of original Dell rats, hangs 
  in the great room which once contained the snack bar. 

 It's hard to believe 
 we're looking at 
 the same space 
 where Helen 
 worked behind 
 the counter all 
 those years 
 whipping up 
 treats to feed 
 the hungry horde. 

 As you can see below we selected an eye pleasing shade 
 of green paint for the new great room. We used this same 
 color in the master bedroom on the second floor. 

 We also added a new ceiling fan and recessed lighting. 
 The large closet on the right is the spot where the Dell's 
 pinball machine was located. We added the closet to a 
 wall that housed many old fuse boxes. 

 They say home is where you hang your hat. 

 The new Dell is a place where you can also hang your 
 Baracuta and your Jack Purcells, two essentials of the 
 official Dell rat uniform. 

 As we prepare to leave the great room I'd like to add that 
 the entire first floor of the house received new hardwood 
 flooring. The house has newly installed 2-zone heating and 
 A/C, new plumbing and insulation and new electric wiring. 

 Our next stop, the Dell's modern kitchen straight ahead! 

BEFORE (left)
AFTER (below)

 Pictures taken from 
 the same spot two 
 years apart reveal 
 dramatic changes 
 made to this and 
 adjacent rooms. 

 Before the renovation started a residential kitchen did not 
 even exist on the first floor. We had to start from scratch. 

 We chose to locate 
 the kitchen in the 
 old billiard room 
 because it has the 
 longest, most usable 
 wall - uninterrupted 
 by windows and doors. 

 The Dell's modern kitchen includes all new stainless steel 
 appliances, island with granite counter top and glass/stone 
 tile backsplash. 

 The light fixture is sterling silver with a patina that gives 
 it an antique look. It is one of only two new lights. 
 Most of the ceiling lights and chandeliers are real 
 antiques from the 1920's thru 40's. 

 Here's another picture of the great room taken from the 
 kitchen. Behind the great room at the rear of the house 
 are a new laundry room and freshly tiled half bath. 

 Now that we've seen the Dell's main floor, let's go upstairs! 

 The second floor features 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. 
 We are standing in the master bedroom which was created 
 by combining an existing bedroom with another one that 
 the Ettlines turned into a dining room. We removed a wall 
 that divided the rooms to create one large master suite 
 complete with sitting room. As you can see it is painted 
 the same soothing shade of green that was used in the 
 great room downstairs. 

 Panning to the left we get a nice view of the sitting room 
 which features another set of bay windows. These panes 
 are among the 38 new windows installed at the Dell. 

 I'd also like to point out that new carpeting was installed 
 throughtout the second and third floors. 

 As a result of the 
 renovation the Dell 
 now has three new 
 tiled bathrooms. 
 The largest and 
 most luxurious 
 is the L-shaped 
 master bath 
 which flows thru 
 the master suite 
 in the space 
 once occupied 
 by the second 
 floor kitchen. 

 Another view of the spacious master bath shows that it 
 contains a large soaking tub and shower. 

 The master bathroom also includes a large walk in closet. 
 Behind the bathroom is another large closet with carpeted 
 floor, a great place to store extra linens, towels, etc. 

 The master bath has double sink with granite surrounds. 
 At the entrance on the left there's room enough to keep 
 a vanity/makeup table and stool. That's what I would do! 

 This cozy spot is the other second floor bathroom. 
 It was the only bath on this floor until we created the 
 master suite. We dressed it up with new fixtures, tile, 
 and custom "Dell" towels. 

 Now let's proceed to the Dell's awesome third floor! 

 As we reach the top of the stairs and arrive on the third 
 floor the first thing we see is a large walk-in closet that 
 has its own window. It offers only a slight hint of what 
 you'll encounter here. About face!.....Forward march! 

 You can tell in an instant that this is no ordinary attic. 
 No cramped quarters here. The Dell's third floor is 
 cavernous and features a cathedral ceiling. No need 
 to endure 100 degree summer heat or freezing winter 
 cold.  The entire floor has been remodeled and is fully 
 heated and air conditioned.  The third floor of the Dell 
 offers real, honest to goodness, bonus living space! 

 New dry wall was installed up here along with new paint 
 and new carpeting. Window seats extend down both sides 
 of the wide open chamber. 

 Windows allow sunshine in during the day. At night you 
 can turn on recessed lights which dot the vaulted ceiling. 
 Gobs of available square footage will have your mind 
 reeling with ideas for how to use this sky parlor. 

 A huge 4th bedroom perhaps? An office? A playroom? 
 A man cave? The possibilities are endless, limited only 
 by your imagination. My heavens, John Ettline could 
 have held dances up here! 

 The clean, bright, brand new and improved Shady Dell 
 is for sale by owner. With 4,000+ square feet of living 
 space, emanating character and charm and loaded with 
 amenities, the Shady Dell combines the best of the old 
 and the new! 




 Strike that. Come on down up to our open house this 
 spring, exact dates to be announced right here on 
 Shady Dell Music & Memories! In the meantime, 
 if you'd like to learn more, please contact me at 

Toni, on behalf of Dell rats
everywhere I want to thank
you and your family for all
the time you have spent and
all the work you have done to
preserve, restore, renovate,
beautify and photograph the
old and the new Shady Dell!

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Have a Shady day!