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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Hearts and Gentle People: Echoes of Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained

 Prepping (1940s) illustration by Irving Nurick 

 I was hatched born in November 1949. 

 A lot has changed since then. 




Picture this. A modern teenager discovers Shady Dell Music & Memories, samples my play list and discovers that he or she doesn't know any of the songs or people who recorded them. Typical, right? Maybe, but in this instance the reason is not what you think. You see, the teen isn't puzzled because my 60s music is too ancient. The young blog visitor is drawing a blank because it's too recent! This seemingly far fetched scenario did not unfold in some bizarro world in
a distant parallel universe. It is actually happening today... right here... right now... and I couldn't be more excited!

There's a movement afoot and music is only one aspect.  Generation Green  is recycling bottles, cans, clothing and other products, reducing their carbon footprint and taking back our world from those who would destroy it.

 Sunday Pictorial Review (Los Angeles Examiner, 1952) 
 illustration by Fritz Willis 

Modern Vintagers and Eco-Thrifters are Goodwill hunting, shopping smart, saving money and promoting an alternative retro-inspired lifestyle, not because they have to, because they want to. There's no lecturing, coaxing or arm twisting required. It is their calling and their credo: Go Vintage!

 Country Girl (1948) by Arnold Armitage 

In growing numbers today's teenagers and 20-somethings are renouncing the mean, misogynistic mass media madness and turning back the clock to a simpler time, embracing America's cultural heritage, the music, movies, art, literature, fashion, manners, attitudes and values of the past.

 Our Knowlege & Experience at Your Command (1952)
 by Knute "K.O." Munson 

These young people are discovering, resurrecting, adopting as their own and celebrating the Age of Innocence and True Romance that existed 50, 60, 70 and 80 years ago. They are identifying all that was good and right about the era, bringing it back alive, and making it popular all over again.

 Jill Needs Jack (1950) by Gil Elvgren 

In honor of these exceptional young people I present seven vintage recordings along with some of my favorite pin-up art and illustration. Each of these records reached #1 on the hit parade in 1950 during my first year of life. I don't remember half of these songs and you probably don't either. Why? Because we're too young. Get it?

 Untitled by Harry Eckman 

The exhilarating point that I'm trying to make is that some
of our children and grandchildren are already into this stuff - recorded material that was not only way before their time, hell, it was before our time, too. Listen to these seven songs. Discover what today's young people are discovering. Experience what they're experiencing. Feel what they are feeling. It's a great feeling to have!

 Up - In Central Park (1950) by Gil Elvgren 

#1 in January 1950

 "I Can Dream, Can't I" - Andrews Sisters 

 Barnyard by Walt Otto 

#1 in February 1950

 "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" 
 - Bing Crosby 

 Untitled (1946) by Jules Erbit 

#1 in March 1950

 "Music! Music! Music!" - Teresa Brewer 
 with Dixieland All Stars 

 The Girl with the Lemon Colored Hair (Cosmopolitan, 1943) 
 illustration by Walter Baumhofer 

#1 in May 1950

 "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've 
 Baked a Cake" - Eileen Barton 

 Wave of Delight (1950s) by Bill Medcalf 

#1 in July 1950

 "I Wanna Be Loved" - Andrews Sisters 

 Untitled illustration by Walt Otto 

#1 in August 1950

 "Mona Lisa" - Nat "King" Cole 

Queen's Rain (1962) by Gil Elvgren 

#1 in August 1950

 "All My Love (Bolero)" - Patti Page 

Are you still doubting Thomas?

Finding it hard to believe me when I tell you 
that there are young people out there today 
who are all about yesterday? Then it's time 
for you to meet one.

I'd like to introduce my new friend and follower Presley at Young Vintage Girl blog.
A Tennessee teen named after Elvis the King, Presley has found a home among the stars of the 30s, 40s and 50s. I suspect that
she knows more about the entertainers of the WWII era than most of us baby boomers. A sweet, polite person and fine singer, Presley captures the very essence
of living greats like Doris Day and channels the spirits of departed legends like Marilyn Monroe.

 "Anyone Can See I Love You" (performed by Marilyn Monroe 
 in the 1948 motion picture Ladies of the Chorus

Presley is a poised and professional singer, but what strikes me most about her is the spirit of a bygone era that shines through her eyes and is reflected in her demeanor. As you watch Presley you get a sense that she is an old soul, the reincarnation of kinder, gentler people of an earlier time.

 "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" (performed by Doris Day 
 in the 1953 musical motion picture of the same name. 

Not your typical teenager? 

God willing...perhaps she soon will be.

 "He's Home for a Little While" (#11 chart hit as performed 
 by Dinah Shore in 1945/also recorded in 1945 by Doris Day 
 accompanied by Les Brown's Band of Renown) 

Special Comment

I salute Presley and those like her. They represent a new wave of youth that
is spreading its influence through society, not as
a cancer but as a cure. Presley and her peers are
a revolutionary vanguard, deftly bypassing the sleaze and smut that permeates their modern world. They are the rebirth of a long lost generation of Americans that stood for decency and moral integrity. Presley is part of a generation unchained, refusing to follow the herd, thinking for themselves, making up their own minds and exercising their freedom of expression. It's time for all of us to learn what Presley and other outstanding young citizens of the world have already learned.

 You have a choice. 

 You always have a choice. 

 Girl at Mirror (1954) by Norman Rockwell 

Have a Shady day!


  1. What an excellent post, beautifully illustrated and scripted, and what a pleasure to meet Presley and to hear what she stands for and wishes to promote. A beautiful young lady with strikingly dark, passionate eyes apparently lit from a fire within her 'old' soul. There certainly are some outstandingly 'upstanding' young folk actively trying to make a difference and it's very heartwarming to know how deeply they care.
    I mention the following, knowing how much you care about animals. Right today, an 18 year old young man, named Kyle Bird (coincidentally, our neighbour's son ) is spending 48 hours in a cage/kennel at our local Animal Rescue Shelter, in order to raise funding and awareness of the plight of abused and abandoned animals. He is passionately committed to making a difference and serving as their voice, while many of his peers are solely focussed on serving their own self interests.

  2. I cannot believe I was your first caller, today :) I came to take a short break from gardening, as I have hurt my back. I do hope you and Toto are having a better day. My heart reaches out to both of you!

  3. Hi, Desiree! I'm sorry to learn that you hurt your back while tending your garden. Doctor Shady recommends ointment and a restful weekend. Please take care of yourself, dear friend! (Toto is doing better and I thank you for asking and caring.) I am thrilled to know that you see in Presley what I see. Her eyes are windows to the past, allowing us to glimpse the world as it used to be, a world where dear hearts and gentle people were the norm rather than the exception. I take my hat off to your young neighbor Kyle Bird. He is part of the new/old breed that I am saluting in today's post, self sacrificing instead of self serving. I hope that he raises awareness and funds for defenseless animals that need his help. Thank you very much for coming here in support of goodness and decency wherever it exists. The world needs more like Kyle, like Presley and like you, dear Desiree.

  4. I LOVE this post!!! I listen to the 40's station in my car from time to time, and I so enjoy the modd that music puts me in. Those Andrews Sisters- there's nothing like their harmonies before or since.

    Presley is such a talented girl, and it backs up the great hope I have in my heart for the young of our country. I do so hope that movement takes hold and really takes off. I have some students who have recently discovered 70's music and they think they've really gone retro with their love of it. This, though, is more than just going retro. It's adopting a whole mindset of what is good, wholesome, and healthy.

    Thank you, dear friend, for sharing this with us today!

  5. Shelly - You got it, sister! You understand exactly what I'm thinking. Presley and those like her represent hope for the future, hope that we can stop the madness, turn the rudder and steer the ship away from the rocks.

    I turn the world around
    Change the things that need changing
    Don't try to predict tomorrow
    'Cause tomorrow's out of sight.

    Oh, turn the world around
    Don't you limit your ranges
    Don't try to predict tomorrow
    'Cause tomorrow's out of sight.
    -Agnetha Faltskog

    Thank you very much for offering your testimony, dear friend Shelly. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love the Andrews Sisters! And Mona Lisa is one of my favorites. Nat had such a pure, soothing voice as did so many of the artists of that era. I think that feeling of beauty, peace, and grace are exactly what my generation and the younger ones are looking to bring back to this world today. You're right - vintage is the newest trend. I can't claim to be a teenager. I'm 37 (Yikes! did I just admit that? I did! :) but I've been into the retro thing since my twenties when I started frequenting thrift stores. I buy almost all of our clothing in thrift shops now. We're HUGE advocates for recycling and saving this dear planet here in our home. You should stop by my blog and read about how proud my son made me when we were strolling through the woods near our house this past Tuesday and you'll see what I mean. I also have a link on the sidebar of my blog for another blog called "Reduce Footprints" and they are doing great things to raise awareness among us all so we can learn new ways to take care of our beautiful Mother Earth.

    Presley sure has a beautiful voice! Thank you for introducing us to her. Maybe there is hope for this world, after all. I'm hoping my son will be a part of that hope too.

    It's always a pleasure visiting your place. :)


  7. Jenn June - Thank you for being here and pledging your support to young people like Presley. I appreciated your comments very much and I'll be over shortly to read about your son. I agree that retro is a very hot trend. I'm finding it throughout the blogosphere and elsewhere. It seems to be much more than a passing fad. It's a new choice, a new way of living, bringing back the best of the past and combining it with the best of today to make a better world. People like you and your son and Presley are part of the solution and I thank you!

  8. I remember some of todays selections because my mother played her 78s often. She even got me to appreciate the big band sounds and I still have many of her old records. Bing Crosby was one of her favorites. This post brought back pleasant memories of records and radio before we owned a TV.

  9. Hi, Jerre! People tend to forget how popular 78rpm records used to be. Every household seemed to have a stack of them but few people took care of them or stored them properly. Hot attics and damp basements are not the best places to keep records. There's at least one YouTube channel that plays 100 or more 78rpm pop and R&B recordings on an old phonograph - but the sound quality is pristine! I once owned a couple of those extra thick Vogue "picture records" that were manufactured in the 40s. There was a picture on each side, typically a city scene such as a well dressed couple strolling down the sidewalk together. In mint or near mint condition those discs were valued at $35-$100 last time I checked and that was 15 or 20 years ago. Thanks so much for coming by, Jerre. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me and Presley today!

  10. This post is wonderful, beautiful and wonderfully illustrated. Paisley is a delightful young lady! :)

  11. Hi Tom. Firstly, how lovely to see Desiree back here today, although I was sorry to hear that she had hurt her back. Secondly, I loved all the vintage posters today and I know a certain friend of ours (not mentioning any names Odie!!!) who will appreciate them even more if he pops by today. What a great post from you today, beautifully written. I agree with everything you said, and doesn't it lift one's spirits to know that so many of our youngsters (over here in England as well) are actually making the choice to behave as people did all that time ago. To respect others, to be more mannerly, and to help others as much as they can. In fact, to go back to a much more gentle way of life. It can only be good for us all my friend. As for Presley, what a beautiful voice. I have always loved By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, and I loved Presley's rendition. Thank goodness that she started to follow your blog, so that we could all get to hear her special voice. Would you believe that I knew ALL of the tunes that you played for us today, and I loved them all. I really did love that Era, even though I wasn't hatched (!) until 1947. I was obviously still brought up listening to the music of the 40's and 50's. I really enjoyed this post. Well done you!

  12. Kristina - Paisley has left the building but Presley is still here! (LOL) Well, I thank you, and I'm sure that Presley will thank you for your lovely comments. She is indeed a delightful young lady but then so are you, dear friend. I value your opinion and it means a lot to me that the style, the writing and the overall content of this post resonated with you. Thank you again, dear Kristina, and please be extra special nice to all of your fur babies this weekend!

    Thisisme - Hallo, dear friend! If I knew you were coming I'dve baked a cake! (LOL) I am shocked to learn that you remember each and every one of these songs from 1950! That amazes me. I grew up exposed to songs like these on my parents' records, the ones by Patti Page, Dinah Shore, Dean Martin, Julius LaRosa, Perry Como and Eddie Fisher. My older brother got me started on the rock 'n' roll and rockabilly track with Elvis, Buddy Holly and the like. It's all good. I truly enjoy these songs from 1950 and the ones that Presley has been posting by Doris Day, Gordon MacRae and other original artists along with her fabulous covers of them. Presley is a talented young woman with unique qualities. She is definitely part of the solution. I'm glad you recognize that in her as well. I was also happy to see Desiree here on the blog and in better spirits. Anybody seen Odie? (LOL) Thank you very much for your visit and your kind comments, dear friend Thisisme, and happy weekend to you!

  13. Hi Tom, I had fun over at Presley's site and will be following her and enjoying her music. She is a very talented young lady and like everyone has said she has eyes that get your attention. The art work you chose was amazing and beautiful. My favorite in the tunes you had for us was good old Nat King Cole. He had an amazing voice.

  14. Wonderful post, Shady! And thank you for introducing the lovely and talented Presley. Her looks remind me very much of Deanna Durbin who was one of my favorite movie stars and singers. Presley is very expressive as she sings and has a beautiful, innocent look. You did a great job Presley!! I love your voice.

    I was pulled back to my childhood, even though 1950 was the year I was born. My mother played records like these and also played the piano. She owned many sheets of music from the 40s and 50s. I also grew up watching the old variety shows and musicals so I knew some of these songs. I always loved the Andrews Sisters. They were just terrific.

    My granddaughter Cherish loves vintage clothing and music from all eras. It is wonderful to see the young people appreciate more than rock. I did when I was young too since I was exposed to many different styles of music, including classical.

    I have bought most, if not all, of Rod Stewart CDs of him singing songs from the old days. It was great to hear those I had loved and learn some new ones. One of my favorites is 'That Old Feeling'. You have whetted my appetite to listen to these today. Thank you, dear friend for your blog which always feels restful to me in the busyness of life.

  15. Odie - Hello, good buddy! I'm glad you agree that Presley is one very special young lady who deserves recognition, not just for her singing, but for choosing to conduct herself much the same as the young women of the early 20th century did, with dignity and grace. "Mona Lisa" is probably the best known classic on this play list. It's the one I remembered best, along with "Dear Hearts," Teresa Brewer's "Music Music Music" and the "Baked a Cake" song. Thanks so much for the thumbs up, Odie. Your visit and comments are greatly appreciated. Have a super weekend!

    Belle - Hello, dear friend! You mentioned a type of entertainment that was quite popular in the late 40s and early 50s that you don't see much of anymore and that was the TV music variety hour. Many stars, including Dinah Shore, were tapped to host such shows which often included comedy bits as well. I learned all the top tunes on the Hit Parade by watching those programs. Wait till Presley reads your Deanna Durbin comment! (LOL) Believe it or not I already told her a couple of weeks ago that she reminds me very much of Deanna, both in appearance and in demeanor. Watching Presley is like witnessing a seance in which the spirits of silver screen legends living and dead take over Presley's body and soul and perform for us. It's truly a magical experience! Thank you very much for showing up and lending your support to this fine young person, dear Belle, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  16. I am at a loss for words! Everything you said was to the utmost perfection! Thank you so much Tom for featuring me on your blog!! I also love how you started the post out, it made me laugh! The music videos were fantastic! Thank you once more and I'd like to thank everyone for what they have said! :)

  17. Presley - You're a hit, my dear friend, just like Elvis himself. The crowd loves you! I'm so glad you liked the way I staged your grand entrance in this post. I have already learned a lot from you including the origins of familiar old songs from earliest childhood. I assure you that our friendship is just as exciting for me as it is for you. You are an inspiration to people of all ages. Thank you for being who and what you are! Keep a song in your heart, dear Presley, and have a splendid weekend!

  18. Presley is so cute, and what a very nice, smooth voice. You can see the joy in her face as she sings. What a wonderful display of posters Shady! What a collection! 'Music, Music, Music' was a song I learned in childhood. It got sang a lot around our house, and in my chorus class at school. And I adore the Andrews Sisters, tho I didn't recognize the song you played. Nat King Cole and Patti Page were frequent visitors in our home. My parents were music lovers...thank goodness!

    I can appreciate the young picking up on the 40's and 50's music. I am finding that a lot of folks in their 20's and 30's are at least familiar with a lot of the 60's music, and can sing right along with it. My 32 year old son asked just tonite if I know who the Kinks are, haha! He and a friend watched them on Youtube the other nite and he liked them...imagine that! He was in the 'Nirvana', and 'MC Hammer' time. Now, his taste is changing. This was a fun post, full of great pictures... your optimism on the future styles and music choices for the upcoming generations is encouraging. And, while listening to 'Music, Music, Music', I did more reading on your initiation to the Dell. Getting punched in the face only 3 times was a charm for you, huh? I pick up a bit more of the story each time I stop by. Shady, my friend, have a great weekend!

  19. Dear Shady,
    What a spectacular post! I loved every image, word, note and comment. I especially appreciate that you've called attention to this phenomenon of young people who are remaking the past in their own way. The past is a labyrinth of discovery and wonder. The generation highlighted today experienced a golden age of innovation, style, morality, simplicity and beauty. There was also suffering and the great Depression, but hardship has a tendency to inspire greatness. I remember many of these songs because my Grandfather and my parents loved these songs. It was a gift to hear them again. So thank you! And what a lovely discovery to hear Preston. Have a wonderful week,
    Your Friend,

  20. Susan - Hello, dear friend! My mother loved Teresa Brewer and I had access to several of her 45s including "Tweedle Dee," "Let Me Go Lover," "A Tear Fell" and the one featured here "(Put Another Nickel in) Music! Music! Music!" Mom also bought "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" by Patti Page and I giggled every time I heard the puppy bark in the song.

    I agree with what you wrote about Presley. Joy is written on her face and gleams in her eyes as she sings. That joy is contagious and warms the hearts of those who watch and listen to her. In recent years I have encountered quite a few young people who are tuned in to post-Beatles 60s rock. It seems much more unusual to find teenagers who are embracing the innocent, romantic music of the pre-Beatles years. Interest in the music, movies and other aspects of culture dating back to the first half of the 20th century can be traced to the retro-inspired fashion trend that's growing hotter ever day. Thank you very much for your visit and wonderful comments, Susan! Have a great weekend!

    Jenny - Hello, dear friend! I have long been an observer of trends. I love to explore the why and how of phenomena. It is very exciting to witness what might be the roots of a cultural revolution, one that could restore some sanity and responsibility to a society that has lost its way. Some people view the Depression era and WWII years as the Dark Ages best forgotten, yet we should not throw out the baby with the bath water. Granted some things are better now than they were back then, but the trick is to identify that which was better in the past and bring it into the present. That's what young people like Presley are doing and I get a sense that most of their peers recognize what they're up to, tolerate it and respect it. I believe that in time more and more young people will be inspired to adopt the vintage mindset and all that it entails. Thank you very much for your fine comments, dear Jenny. Please hug Ozzie for me and have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I really loved this post and am now following your friend :)

    Did you know that birth marks are supposed to symbolize past lives? The more you have, the more times you've been reincarnated and the older your soul is. I have a handful, so I guess I'm an old soul, which fits because I like old music, more vintage styles (especially the 50s although they're hard to find) and sometimes I feel like my morals are way more defined than other people my age.

  22. Ashton - Hello, my old friend! I say old because you and I go way back as blog friends. (Plus, I do believe you're an old soul.) I know you pretty well by now and agree that you have a great deal of maturity and a strong moral compass. I also noticed that you started following Presley's blog and I'm sure she will be delighted by your visits and comments over there. If what you say is true, that birth marks symbolize past lives, then you might find it interesting to know that I have a birth mark in the shape of Attila the Hun on my butt! Thank you very much for coming over and commenting, dear Ashton, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  23. This was a fun post, and I actually was pretty familiar with more than a couple of the songs. My mother used to sing "Music Music Music" for us when we were little, and "If I Knew You Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake" - how could you not love that one?? (Remember Alan Alda singing it in "Same Time Next Year?") And the Andrews Sisters are always fun to listen to.
    Presley is really talented, and I encourage her to keep at it! It'll be interesting to see where her talent takes her in the next few years. Good luck to her!

  24. Hi, Karen! Thank you for joining me and listening to the 1950 hit parade and to the very special young performer Presley. I'm glad you agree that she has a gift. I'm also surprised and delighted to know that you are familiar with some of these old pop songs. I remember seeing and liking that Alan Alda - Ellen Burstyn movie Same Time Next Year, but I don't remember Alda singing "Baked a Cake" in it. I do remember that the plot was similar to that of the Robert De Niro - Meryl Streep movie Falling in Love which I also enjoyed very much. Karen, once again I thank you very kindly for making time for a visit. I very much appreciate your comments and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Please come back soon, dear friend!

  25. Hi, Tom!

    Wow, Presley sure has talent! I really enjoyed the sweet, simplicity of her voice. She certainly captured the style of that era, although I won't limit that style to a particular era after hearing her. I think she has a great career ahead if she pursues it, or if she simply does those songs for her enjoyment and that of her listeners, that's great too. I wish her all the best.

    Just in closing, a few years ago I caught a Patti Page special on PBS. This was not the Patti Page I remembered from "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" or "Left Right Out Of My Heart", but I would call her a jazz style, for lack of a better word. And her stylings could put Bette Midler to shame. Lastly, I read a month or two ago, that Doris Day put out a new CD. No, I haven't heard it, but I'll have to scan YouTube. Whatever happened to Easy Listening stations, now that you want to hear them?

    Peace, Buddy!

  26. Hi, Ron!

    The tribe has spoken! Presley needs to grab her torch and leave the island immediately - Hollywood's calling! I'm so glad you agree with me and all the other readers that this young lady's loaded with talent and charisma and could become a singing star. If you like easy listening you don't have to look far on YouTube to find a channel with songs by artists like Doris Day, Bing Crosby and Gordon MacRae. It's Presley's YouTube channel and she even posted some Elvis over there and some killer rockabilly by Billy Lee Riley. You can also hear a couple more of Presley's own sweet cover songs.

    Go directly to Presley's channel.
    Do not pass GO.
    Do not collect $200.

    Thanks so much for joining the Presley party, Ron, and I'll be seeing you in your next feature soon!

  27. So many things to say, where to begin?! I for one am so stoked to see this resurgence in vintage style, music, films, etc and I love that you love it too...(does make sense, I hope it does). I have such affection for music from by gone eras and I love coming to your blog and discovering new (to me) music. Oh and thanks for the introduction to the Young Girl Vintage blog. She has great style and she seems like a really sweet girl. Hope your weekend went well and have a great week!

  28. Amber - Oh wow, my dear! I'm surprised to see you here on a Sunday. It's so sweet of you to drop by! You are definitely one of the people who inspired me to write this article. You aren't locked in or locked down. You are committed to getting the big picture, not just a narrow view. On your excellent blog you present the best of the old and new. I love what you're all about, Amber. Thank you very much for breaking away on a weekend to experience these sounds and images with me. See you tomorrow, dear friend!

  29. I find it hard to believe that you're a reincarnation of Atilla the Hun...unless it's way on down the line ;)

  30. First I have to say I love the prepping photo! Our oldest granddaughter came to me last year and asked if I had any Beatles music. Of course I said a big yes! I also drug and old Beatles t shirt out of moth balls cleaned it up and gave it to her she was thrilled. I realize that's not quite the era you are speaking of in this great post. But I thought it was great she was so into it. Hugs!!

  31. Ashton - LOL! Wiki describes Attila as << Short of stature, with a broad chest and a large head; his eyes were small, his beard thin and sprinkled with grey; and he had a flat nose and tanned skin >> Yep, I'm the spitting image of my great great great great great great great great granddaddy! :) You left two comments on a single post? You're my new bestie!

    Katie - Hi there, dear friend! Make no mistake about it. I think it's great when young people take an interest in the boomer years. A few years ago I suddenly found myself hooked on films that were made decades before I was born. I watched hundreds of movies made between 1920 and 1950. You really get an education when you go back and experience the slower pace, the formality, the emphasis on manners and etiquette and other aspects of life during that period. The difference between then and now is jarring but that might be changing. The pendulum might soon start to swing back the other way thanks to young people who are turning away from today's trash and making it fashionable to be wholesome and polite. I'm elated by the trend! Thank you very much for your comments, Katie, and have a great week!

  32. What a fantastic post! I love it ( not surprising). I reguarly listen to The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole. I love them because they remind me of my Grandad who used to listen to them in his study hen we would visit on a Sunday. I inherited his huge and amazing record collection when he passed away. This post has made me so happy. :) Thanks Tom x


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