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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Danger - Killer Girl Group Dead Ahead! Motown's Marvelettes

 Remember how the Animals and 

 the Stones eclipsed the Beatles 

 in terms of Dell popularity?  

During the mid 60s when John, Paul, George and Ringo were
still singing pop love songs, Dell rats began to identify to a greater degree with the earthy, unpretentious, street wise, blue collar working class sensibilities of artists like Eric Burdon and Mick Jagger. When it came to Motown girl groups the rodentia intelligentsia had equally discriminating tastes.

Outside the gravitational pull of the Shady Dell, superstar Diana Ross and her Supremes left most of the competition standing in the shadows of Baby Love; but inside the walls and hallowed halls of the Dell it was a different story. Dellers felt a stronger connection to less heralded but arguably more soulful acts like the Marvelettes, Martha & the Vandellas, the Velvelettes, the Pips, the Elgins and Kim Weston and danced more enthusiastically to their records.

The Marvelettes were major contributors to the Shady Dell soundtrack during much of the 60s. Their single "Don't Mess with Bill" began a 12-week ride on the Billboard chart on the first day of January, 1966. The song eventually broke into the top 10 and became one of the group's biggest hits.

"Don't Mess With Bill" - Marvelettes (February 1966, highest 
chart position #7) 

“Don’t Mess With Bill” was one of the most memorable jukebox gems during my early months at the Dell. At #54
it ranks high on my Dell's Greatest Hits survey.

With its female p.o.v. "Bill" caught on quickly with Dell girls. Two, sometimes three Dellettes at a time would venture out on the floor, dance together and sing along.

It was a common sight at the Dell: pairs or trios of dancing girls. In fact, there were only a few guys at the Dell that I remember as being smooth, confident dancers. The rest of
us lugs were faking it as seen below in Figure B-S.

 Figure B-S:  
 Directionally challenged Dell dancer 
 busts bomb diggity moves to "Karate." 

 Shoot your 

 right hand out 

 and bring it 

 back again... 

 Kick your 

 left leg out 

 and let your 

 knees bend... 

In my case even the idea of faking it was so intimidating
that I spent most of my time hanging out on the sidelines, especially during my first few weeks of Delldom, before I
got my mojo workin'. I guess you could say that I was more Mickey Mouse than Dell rat. I was your basic wallflower, the shy violet of Violet Hill, falling back to a defensive position and watching other people dance..... just wishin' and hopin' 
and thinkin' and prayin', plannin' and dreamin' that somehow,
maybe by magic...the action would come to me!

There I stood every night with my back against the wall - insecure - but trying to cover by posing, posturing and pretending to be cool. I watched and waited. Occasionally, just to change things up a bit, I waited and watched.

 Are you kiddin'?  I mean, people 

 started hangin' their coats on me 

 for cryin' out loud! 

 I didn't get any respect, I tell ya... 


To top it the end of the night...I had the distinct privilege of waving bye-bye as the dashing, debonair, dancing dude made an exit stage left with a girl on his arm...sometimes two girls!


 great strategy, Del. 

 Good luck with that! 

Okay, enough of this foolishness... let's
have some fun!
Join me right now for
a Marvelettes block party. I guarantee it'll make you feel at least 80 years younger.
All of the heavy lifting has been done for you. I cherry picked the best Marvelettes clips, so what are you waiting for? Don't delay. Click away!

A year after "Bill" climbed the charts, the Marvelettes bagged themselves another hit with "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game."

"The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" - Marvelettes 
(March 1967, highest chart position #13) 

It was great to be young in 1967.
It was even better to be in love.

Here's another marvelous Marvelettes record that landed on my Shady Dell Top 200, "When You're Young and in Love."

"When You're Young and in Love" - Marvelettes (June 1967, 
highest chart position #23) 

Direct from Caesar's Palace and the world famous
Shady Dell - the College Years...'s the hook-happy "My Baby Must Be a Magician."

"My Baby Must Be a Magician" - Marvelettes (February 1968, 
highest chart position #17) 

The next clip flashes back to the glory days of Motown.

It's Shady Del Knight's Pick to Click, "I'll Keep Holding On."

"I'll Keep Holding On" - Marvelettes (July 1965, highest 
chart position #34) 

But wait, we have a tie! I realize this is highly irregular,
but I can't help myself - I'm naming a second Pick to Click!

It's "Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead," the follow-up release to "...Holding On."

"Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead" - Marvelettes 
(September 1965, highest chart position #61) 

With several remastered CD anthologies released in recent years, loads of buzz and many of their vids on YouTube including some cool remixes, the Marvelettes have, at long last, emerged from the shadows.

 The Marvelettes have secured 

 their rightful place in the history 

 books as one of the greatest girl 

 groups of Motown, my town, 

 your town or any other town! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Good Morning Dear Friend,
    How lovely to wake up to such memorable sounds of my youth! In Jr High I used to dance (with the girls) in the morning before the bell rang for the start of class to many of your Marvelettes tunes. Whenever I hear the song 'Don't Mess With Bill' it reminds me of a classmate that was head over heals in love with a fella named Bill. Whenever that tune came on the schools' jukebox she'd be out there a wailing!

    Thanks for such happy tunes on my return to all things Shady Dell!

  2. Now, I have to tell you I was eating an apple while reading this and when I came to the picture of the dancing, wind-up rat, I just out spewed it onto the screen from laughing! You might have to post a warning that unexpected and uninhibited laughing may occur!

    I've seen a show on TV about a woman named Sweetie Pie and how she runs some restaurants she owns. She used to be an Ikette, singing with Ike Turner. I wonder how many of these very talented women who sang that 50's and 60's era actually came out of their experiences in singing financially sound. This lady had some very hard times before she started the restaurant. Reading about the Marvelettes really made me wonder what came of them who are so talented but who may not have gotten what they deserved financially, or have had good advice about what to do with it.

    I really enjoyed listening to them and appreciate once again you taking the time and effort to do this for us. Have a wonderful day my friend!

  3. This was the couple of years after i graduated from high school and was in business college so either I wasn't listening to too much music or some of their stuff didn't make it this far south. After Don't Mess With Bill which I remember and like, even the instrumental parts, I did not remember or get into the rest as much as I did the first one. That's just Odie but it was fun learning all about them.
    In my teen years if you wanted a definition of shy there would be a picture of me in the dictionary. If it hadn't been for my buddy Alton Harper getting me my first blind date no telling when I would have had my first one. Those were the years. Have a great rest of the week good buddy.

  4. Sush - Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging, dear friend. Your upbeat comments indicate that you're feeling a lot better and that makes my day.

    There was a also a jukebox in the lobby of my high school. Just like at your school the girls danced together every morning before classes and during the lunch break. Some of the guys played ping pong nearby while others, myself included, engaged in girl watching (ogling). Bill was a much more common name back in the 60s. (Every Tom, Dick and Harry was named Bill.) I'm sure there were many girls across the USA with a specific boy in mind whenever they sang along to that Marvelettes song.

    I'm so happy to hear from you again, dear friend. You're far too nice a person to be sidelined by illness. I wish you the best of health in the coming year. Have a great day, dear Sush!

    Shelly - Sorry I made you hurl on your computer screen, dear friend! (LOL) I hope somebody in your household knows the Heimlich Maneuver because this kind of tomfoolery is likely to continue throughout the year.

    On a much more serious note the lives of many of the principal music makers of the 50s and 60s were short and desperate. Horror stories abound. Record companies exploited their personnel and many of the people we think of as stars wound up destitute, drug addicted, murdered, you name it. Today's artists are much more savvy and protect their interests with contracts. From what I've read two of the four main Marvelettes performers have died, one at age 66 and one very early, age 36, from sickle-cell.

    Thank you very much for letting me know that I made your day better with my post, Shelly. Your comment is a gift that will keep on giving. Have a super day over your way!

  5. Odie - Your comment provides an important piece of the puzzle. It fascinates me to know that the Marvelettes were not as much a part of your youth as they were mine. Although York was a modest sized city it was hardwired to major music meccas like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. Music coming out of those capitals was a major influence on me and my friends.

    I was a shy teenager who made the mistake of using firewater to build courage. It proved to be a big mistake. I was told that I was much more likable when I wasn't drinking but I thought I needed it as a social lubricant. (The big lie.) Thank you very much, good buddy, for coming to see me today. Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday, Odie!

  6. Hi dear friend. Well, it's good to see the ladies getting a post all of their own to start of 2012!! I could identify with you being that wallflower, because I was the female version of you!! Hee Hee!! (Nothing much has changed really"!!). I loved listening to all the songs today, and really did like The Marvellettes. Another name that really brought back memories from a LONG time ago, was The Elgins.(Heaven Must Have Sent You). I do remember them. You would have been proud of me bopping around the kitchen just now, whilst listening to these tunes! Hope this finds you well dear Tom.

  7. Thisisme - This finds me very well, thank you, dear friend! I hope you're doing fine, too. We've all seen guys like the one I described in my story: handsome, well dressed, big bright smile, outgoing, an "A+" personality, lots of friends, and found it easy to make conversation with the ladies. On top of everything else he was a great dancer. (Very few of those traits described me.) No wonder guys like him danced with two girls at a time and left the place with a girl on each arm. I wish that I could have seen you bopping to my oldies today. May I suggest that you make a video and post it on your blog? :) Thank you very much for your visit, dear friend Thisisme, and happy Wordless Wednesday to you!

  8. I've never heard of the Marvelettes, I've always loved Martha and the Vandellas though! The Marvelettes rival The Supremes in their vocals, it's always the more rare gems that are best!

    Emma x

  9. Hi Tom,thanks for your comment I really appreciated it,and the fact you like my "new" dress as well :)
    Have a nice day

  10. Emma - Hello, my dear Irish friend! Dell rats loved to discover rare gems and elevate them to hit status. These included obscure, non-charting records by little known artists, minor hits, and forgotten flip sides of records (the "killer bee" phenomenon). Dell rats loved soulful, passionate singers, black or white, and for that reason gravitated to white vocalists like Dave Bupp and Buddy King, Eric Burdon, Mick Jagger, Mitch Ryder, the Righteous Brothers and the Rascals and to soulful black acts like the Marvelettes, Vandellas, Temptations, Four Tops, Contours, Fantastic Four, James Brown and Linda Jones. I hope you enjoyed your introduction to the Marvelettes, dear friend, and I bid you a good evening in Dublin town!

  11. Katia - I love your passion for the past, so much so that it inspired me to produce a special post saluting people like you. That article is coming soon and I hope you get a chance to see it. You look lovely in any type of apparel, Rapunzel, and I can't wait to see the dress you create from that century old wedding gown! Thank you very much for visiting me and commenting, dear Katia, and good evening to you in Rome!

  12. You know I have a soft spot for girl groups so this is right up my alley. How could anyone not love The Marvelettes, I mean "Please Mr. Postman"!! That song is a classic. I cant imagine you sitting on the sidelines at the Dell waiting and watching. Thats not the Shady I know! He would be dancing center stage with a lady on each arm. :)

  13. Amber - Oh, how sweet and kind and WRONG you are! (LOL) I'm going to be honest with you. There actually were a few occasions later on when I came out of my shell and danced with two girls at the same time, albeit not before consuming mass quantities to work up the nerve. You see, it took a few months for me to settle in at the Dell, become a familiar face in the crowd, make friends and get my mojo, but after that I did fairly well with the ladies. I might have danced with two girls at a time but, to be honest, I never left with two. I remember leaving with three or four but never with two. :) I'm glad you appreciate the Marvelettes as much as I do, dear friend. Thanks so much for stopping by, Amber, and stay warm up there in New England!

  14. I loved Eric Burden also, Shady. I'll never forget the first time I saw him sing on Ed Sullivan. He wasn't handsome, but I thought he was terrific. No one else sang like him.

    Loved the Marvelettes. I knew almost all the songs. They were popular where I grew up. 'When You're Young and In Love' and 'My Baby Must be A Magician' are my favorites. They were a great group.

    This was an exciting start to the New Year, Tom!

  15. Belle - If you liked Eric Burdon, then that seals the deal! You're in with the "in crowd." You, my lady, are a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool Dellette. (However, I need to knock off a few points because you also love cuddly Paul M.) Eric Burdon was funny because he often changed or forgot the lyrics to his hit songs but nobody seemed to care. Rough imperfection was part of his appeal. How about Melvin Franklin of the Temptations starting off "Magician"? It was a cool and effective hook for that Marvelettes record. I'm so glad you had a good time during your visit, Belle. Thank you very much for coming and have a great evening!

  16. There's a great sax solo in "Don't Mess With Bill" and the Marvelettes have a really smooth, almost gentle singing voices to match the easy rhythm. I like them! And I think my mom would be delighted, because Motown was her favorite. As music evolves into more complex structures with the advances in technology, I think sometimes the actual feeling evoked by melodies, harmonies and rhythm is lost. P.S. I really enjoyed our convo yesterday and have a hard time believing that you were ever a wallflower.

  17. Hi, Jenny! I love the use of a sax in music of the 50s and 60s. As I write this I'm playing the sax solo from "Bill" in my mind because I know it so well. I have devoted more than one post to the impact of advanced technology on our lives. When it comes recorded music from the boomer era like these songs by the Marvelettes, purists insist on listening to them in original mono on vinyl discs. The sound produced by vinyl is warm, friendly and organic. Digital remastering eliminates imperfections but leaves the music sounding thin, transparent, sterile and stripped of its soul. Ask your mom and she might tell you that hearing the familiar snap, crackle and pop produced by a well worn record from her youth is as comforting an experience as slipping into a favorite old pair of slippers. Thank you again for your kindness in promoting SDM&M on your site, Jenny. You and I have a lot in common and a lot to share and I'm looking forward to it. Have a great day, dear friend!

  18. I'm a fan of the marvelettes! I think every day should have a little sax in it too, giggle. xo

  19. Good one, Katie! Shady's sense of humor must be rubbing off on you, dear friend! (LOL) I agree. Add a little sax to your day and you'll whistle a happy tune. I'm glad you share my love of Motown's marvelous Marvelettes. Thanks for visiting, reading, listening and making me smile, dear Katie, and have a great weekend!

  20. I'd never heard of "Don't Mess with Bill" before but I love it!

  21. Megan - Hello and welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories! It's so nice of you to drop by. (Didn't I just see you over at Amber Blue Bird's nest?) I'm glad you enjoyed "Don't Mess With Bill." The record is a favorite of mine and was quite popular at my old teen hangout, the Dell in Central PA. I realize that most of the music I present here was recorded 100, maybe even 200 years before your time. Nevertheless, I think you might enjoy visiting, listening to some tunes and making some new friends. I promise to give you a warm welcome and personalized attention every time you do. Thank you again for coming over, Megan, and have a great weekend!

  22. Good Morning, Tom! What a special tribute to the Marvelettes. Love these old sounds and styles! I recall posting on here a while back my favorite line in "Don't Mess with Bill" is ♫ Leave my Billy alone ♫. Forget that pleading to another woman, I think I would give "William" a talkin' to! ;~} That dancing windup Dell Rat was hilarious! I was noticing how humanlike the "hands" and feet appeared. It is mind blowing that "most of the genes found in the rat can be seen in human code". No wonder this Dell Rat is enjoying his "bomb diggity moves".

    It was almost painful to read of your wall flower days, Tom. Painful because I was reliving some of my own days there. Ouch! You said something very important when you related how you was "wishin', hopin', thinkin', prayin'" that somehow, maybe by magic the action would come to you. How important in life that we have to make our own actions. Yes, painful but with it comes that growth. I enjoyed all the Marvelettes' songs. I was "banned" from listening on here to When You're Young in Love but heard a version by Googling. It's a beautiful love song. I'll Keep Holding On was a good dance song and my favorite was probably My Baby Must Be a Magician ... I remember it well. Oh, and Don't Mess With Bill!

    Last but not least, I was smiling (laughing) as I scrolled down and saw the photos of my beloved Rodney Dangerfield: I tell ya when I was a kid, all I knew was rejection. My yo-yo, it never came back!

    You have brought in the new year of 2012 with a fantatic post! Thank you, Tom, and many blessings in this new year that you may continue to keep alive the memories of The Dell.

  23. Hi, Cindy! Thank you very much for getting my Saturday started with a smile (along with a frustrated frown). I am referring to that "dead" video. Thank you for pointing it out. Obviously it played just fine a couple of days ago. Now it's blocked, banned, barred, outlawed, taboo and verboten in this country on copyright grounds! I hope the YouTube music police don't show up at my door and wrestle me to the ground for trying to commit this terrible infraction. (LOL) Remember that guy who used to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show spinning plates on those vertical rods? He started with one plate on one stick and went down the line adding more stick and plates. His goal was to keep all of the plates spinning at the same time and not let any fall and break. I feel like that plate spinner much of the time. If I take my eyes off my blog (in an effort to have a life) and don't check the embedded videos in a current post every minute of the day, YouTube, with it's ever changing list of rules and regulations, might remove one or more of them. I don't want to try to replace it and republish at this late date because it might lead to other problems. I certainly don't want to risk losing your wonderful comments and the comments of others.

    I knew that you would be the one to most appreciate what I did with Rodney Dangerfield in this post.

    I once had an imaginary friend.

    In my opinion Rodney Dangerfield was the hottest and funniest stand-up comic in the business from the late 60s though the 70s. It was must see TV whenever he appeared on The Tonight Show because his material was top notch and his timing impeccable. You always knew you were watching comedic brilliance when Johnny Carson rolled off his chair onto the floor and it always happened when Rodney delivered his rapid fire routine. You simply couldn't recover from one huge laugh before he was nailing you with another zinger.

    Thank you very much for listening and laughing with me today, dear friend Cindy. You're simply the best. Have a fabulous weekend!

  24. Hi Tom: My first appearance in 2012 and nothing has changed. I'm still in the position of not being able to comment intelligently even though this selection seemed to have everyone else tapping their toes. I'd never heard of the Marvelettes and do not recognize any of the featured songs, but they did have nice, harmonious voices.Further than that, I'd better keep quiet lest I reveal my ignorance even more. It intrigues me to see how many of us felt shy during our teens. I covered my shyness with a superior air of aloofness, but mostly just avoided situations that made me feel self conscious or uncomfortable. In many ways, I guess I grew up living a parallel existence to the rest of my peers, since I was not much interested in the typical pastimes of teenagers of my generation. I realize now that this probably explains my decidedly sketchy of knowledge of the pop music of the time. Despite my ignorance, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and the humor you inserted for our entertainment. I found it sad that you felt you needed to drink to fit in and can well believe that your natural charm would have served you far better had you allowed it to. See how easily you have all the ladies eating out of your hand now ;)
    I'm still on my blogging break, but just had to pop by to make sure no one else has claimed the dunce seat in your class.
    I hope you're having a relaxing weekend after the busy period you had while your house guests were visiting.

  25. Hi, Desiree! I hope you're still awake by the time I get this reply posted because I want you to know how much I appreciate hearing from you. I hope your year's off to a great start.

    I am well aware that your coming of age years were quite different from mine and that we share few memories. That's wonderful! It makes us a perfect match because there is a great deal that we can learn from each other.

    It pleases me to know that you read between the lines and understood that my comedic approach to this post was a device that I used to reveal my sometimes painful awkwardness and insecurity as a teenager. As I think I told you recently I remain a shy and reclusive individual today. The "natural charm" that you attribute to me actually belongs to Shady Del Knight. I am merely a behind the scenes writer who breathes life into this character called Shady. I put words in his mouth. He publicly expresses the things that I don't have the courage to say. Did you realize that Shady is not the real star of the show here on SDM&M? You are the star of the show, Desiree - you and other close friends who run with topics, create sidebars, share yourselves so freely and express yourselves so elegantly. You are the stars and the center ring is right here in the comments section! Look at the volumes that people are writing here! This is what blogging can and should be and I find it very exciting.

    Thank you very much for swinging by, Desiree. I hope to hear from you again soon, my dear sweet friend, and please hug Noodle for me!

  26. Well, you hit the jackpot with the Marvelettes! 'Please Mr. Postman' was my favorite, and I practice/warmup to it on my keyboard. Such simple chordwork for a dynamic song! I also like 'Don't Mess With Bill', and 'Beechwood 4-5789'. I believe they outdid the Supremes with a few of their hits-their work had "body"! I listened to the 'Hunter Gets Captured' song, but just didn't recognize it. In fact, I didn't realize the Marvelettes had done so much. You put out some really good information...they were great!

    You know, Shady, your 'high school' photo bears a striking resemblance to-is it 'The Thin Man'? Haha! I did go back in time and look at an older post where you actually did introduce yourself. Great Photo! You've been blogging for a few years now.

    So, until next time...really liked your post. Have a great weekend!

  27. Susan - I hope you scrolled down far enough on that old post. If not you probably think I bear a striking resemblance to Mad Magazine cover boy Alfred E. Newman! (LOL) As for the picture of Shady that greets you at the top of my front page, I wish I knew who the man is or was. The Thin Man was William Powell (later Peter Lawford.) I know he's not Lawford and to me he doesn't look much like Powell. He resembles Fred MacMurray but I know it's not him either although he appears to be of the same era as those men. It's so funny. If you log onto Google images and type Shady Del Knight in the search box it calls up my fictional Shady's picture first followed by my actual picture along with just about every image I ever used on the blog.

    I stumbled upon the comment you left about Alfalfa the other day after that post got bumped off the front page. I need to get into the habit of checking for new comments to recent posts because the blog is not moderated and I don't see comments to recent posts in my email. Thank you for that comment! I wrote you a little reply.

    Susan, would you believe both of your blogs are missing from my list again? This will not stand! Blogger cannot keep us apart. I won't let it and I know you won't either. Thank you very much for visiting and for your kind words, dear Susan, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  28. A P.S. to yesterday's comment and your response: Thank you for your response, Tom. Please banish the thought from your mind that anyone is going anywhere because of "dead" videos on your blog! I think this is the first time I have seen one on your blog. To be honest, I figured it was something to do with my computer. I am just now seeing your followers and my own ... after many months! Looking forward to more memories from the Dell! ;~D Have a restful and relaxing day at the shady rest. (Yikes, that sounds like a nursing home!) I better get outta here ...

  29. Cindy - A nursing home might be just what the doctor ordered, my dear! (LOL) I'm not really as annoyed as I might have seemed in my earlier reply. (Well, kinda.) I just need to remember that Blogger and YouTube are both free services and what you get is what you get. The good news is that my whining lured you back here for another supportive comment. It was very nice of you and you made my Sunday! A new post hits tomorrow morning here on SDM&M for a brief 2-day run followed by a more substantial post containing 10 or more embedded videos. Wish me luck (drum roll) as I attempt to keep them all playing at the same time! (LOL) Thank you very much for being a great friend, dear Cindy! Have a fine day!

  30. You went to the Shady Dell every nite? I bet you got noticed plenty...they just didn't have the nerve to speak up. Men are used to being rejected (I've been told), but women don't take it too kindly. Most of the guys in my class didn't we had to dance with each other, or try to work on the guys in the older classes to dance with us. And, I was the class 'plain jane'! So...join the club! But, what fun-at least we remember the time, whereas, most of my classmates don't!

    And, what the h... with your blog? Is it sabotage? I hope it gets worked out. How frustrating.

    By the way, I have another song. 'The Nitty Gritty', by Shirley Ellis. Hit #5 on Billboard 1963. Now, this one is SOUL!

    Oh, and you don't look like Alfred E. Newman! I did look. Have a great week Shady!

  31. Susan - Shame on you! I thought you and I were building a friendship based on trust. Now it seems I have caught you in your first lie. You were not a Plain Jane! I saw your modeling pictures and you looked like Susan Dey's prettier sister! :)

    Yes, it's challenging to operate a music blog and have to rely on YouTube. They are constantly blocking and removing videos. In some cases they don't allow uploading of the original version by the original artist. Sometimes all that's available is a lame cover or a weak rerecorded version. There are other tube services such as Dailymotion but they force you to sit through a commercial before the music begins. That kills the momentum and the mood. It certainly is frustrating to have one or more videos die when they're being featured in a front page story.

    I'm thrilled to know that you like Shirley Ellis as much as I do, Susan. You got started as a follower a little too late because I already posted about Shirley a year ago. You can find my tribute to Shirley at this address:

    Susan, you're a delight! Thank you for coming back to see me today. Come by any time. I really appreciate hearing from you. Have an excellent week ahead, dear friend!

  32. I love the Marvelettes I remember them when I was a kid now 62 take me way back so passionate about their music why haven't nobody made a movie about the girls bet you it would be the hit think about it makes it happen

    1. Hello, my friend! I'm happy to find someone who loves the underrated Marvelettes and would like to see a movie made about them. I would, too!

      Thank you very much for your comment!


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