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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dell Rat Ron's a Little Bit Soul and Shady's a Little Bit Rock 'N' Roll!


 Original Dell rat and soul 

 connoisseur Ron Shearer is 

 back as my guest blogger 

 and he's got a gunny sack 

 stuffed full of goodies! 

 These are the type of songs that 

 true Dell rats like the best and 

 respect the most: seldom heard 

 gems by underappreciated artists. 

 Ron, put the needle 

 in the groove and 

 play some platters! 



 Shady, as I'm sure you 
 know, Billy Butler wrote 
 one song for the Magnifi- 
 cent Men, "Babe I'm 
 Crazy 'Bout You."  Billy 
 was Jerry (the Ice Man) 
 Butler's younger brother. 
 Here is the best selling of 
 his songs with his group 
 the Chanters (originally 
 called the Enchanters).  
 The Del-Chords and 
 Mag Men probably sang 
 all of their songs. This 
 song was written by 
 Curtis Mayfield, lead for 
 the Impressions. 

"I Can't Work No Longer" - Billy Butler & the Chanters 
(July 1965, highest chart position #60) 


 This was one of my favorite Delchord songs, which was 
 written by Curtis Mayfield. I think that Major Lance did 
 just as good a job on his recording as the Delchords did 
 on their live covers of it. Is Major backed up by the 
 Impressions or by Billy Butler and the Enchanters? 
 A frequent discussion around Dave, Buddy, Ike, etc. 
 when Curtis Mayfield was involved in any recording. 
 Curtis Mayfield and Billy Butler were big influences on 
 the Magnificent Men. 

"It Ain't No Use" - Major Lance (July 1964, highest chart 
position #68) 

 Ron, you're on a 

 genuine soul roll 

 and puttin' down a 

 wailin' pound of 


 Now let me answer with some 


I'd like to play a couple of seldom heard nuggets by Ronnie Dove that were waxed early in his career before his string
of hits began on the Diamond label. Like Tommy Roe, Ronnie Dove started out recording in an authentic rockabilly style.
I enjoy this side of Ronnie just as much if not more than his country/pop recordings!



Ronnie played it smart, resisting the label and stereotype
of a teen idol. The Virginia born singer honed his craft in Baltimore nightclubs singing covers of Elvis Presley songs. Ronnie formed a vocal group called the Bell-Tones and continued playing Mid-Atlantic venues. Ronnie and the Bell-Tones made their first record in Baltimore in 1959. It only takes a few seconds to realize that "Lover Boy" was derived from the Elvis hit "Teddy Bear."

"Lover Boy" - Ronnie Dove and the Bell-Tones 
(1959, uncharted) 

Buddy Knox had the most famous rendition of this rockabilly standard but here's young Ronnie Dove and his group (now spelled Beltones) with their follow-up release, a fab version of "Party Doll."

"Party Doll" - Ronnie Dove and the Beltones 
(July 1961, uncharted) 

Now let's fast forward a few years and listen to a recording from Ronnie Dove's Diamond catalog. "Hello Pretty Girl" never climbed above the lower half of the Billboard Hot 100 but it's a great Ronnie record that deserves to be heard.

"Hello Pretty Girl" - Ronnie Dove (January 1965, highest 
chart position #54) 

Ron, back to you on the soul side! 


 Shady, my next featured soul artist is Mitty Collier, a 
 'Bama born songbird who flew to Chicago, became part 
 of that city's burgeoning soul scene and in later years gave 
 up secular recording, became a preacher, and recorded 
 gospel songs that included "I Had a Talk With God Last 
 Night." While listening to Theola Kilgore in one of your 
 posts earlier this year, I was reminded of Mitty Collier 
 who I originally heard late night on the Dick Biondi Show 
 on WLS in Chicago. "I'm Your Part Time Love" was 
 Mitty's first single and "I Had a Talk With My Man" was 
 her first crossover hit.  She followed it up with "No Faith, 
 No Love" and her biggest hit called "Sharing You."  Dell 
 Rat Ron had 'em all. 

"I Had a Talk With My Man" - Mitty Collier 
(November 1964, highest chart position #41) 


 Today's soul serenade concludes with an instrumental by 
 Jackie Hairston called "Hijack."  This single was released 
 by Atco immediately after Arthur Conley's "Sweet Soul 
 Music."  "Hijack" was produced by Otis Redding and 
 features Hairston's organ and a real funky beat.  One 
 of the clerks at Waxie Maxie's turned me onto "Hijack" 
 and the flip side, "Monkey On My Back," a vocal with 
 Jackie accompanying himself on organ (also produced 
 by Otis).  The A-side is by far hottest. 

"Hijack" - Jackie Hairston (April 1967, uncharted) 

Ron, let me take us home 

with two more toe-tappers. 


I loved The Lloyd Thaxton Show because it gave me my first look at some of my favorite artists as they staged lip sync performances of their latest recordings.  Younger readers might not realize that lip syncs were common in the 60s and that there was no shame or scandal associated with them like there tends to be today.

Lead singer Larry Henley and his Nashville based trio the Newbeats performed several of their hits and misses on Thaxton's Los Angeles based music, comedy and dance program.

The Newbeats turn up again and again on this blog because my respect for them has grown tremendously in recent years. Granted, some of their recordings missed the mark. Their lame cover versions of million sellers by super groups like the Beatles and the Supremes did not help the cause; but other covers and original songs are right in the groove. These Nashville cats made old school cool! Here's a great example - a non-charting single called "A Patent on Love."

"A Patent on Love" - Newbeats (November 1966, uncharted) 


I love Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon but I never heard his single "Patty Baby" until a few days ago. However, I was very familiar with the tune. How can that be? Freddy used the instrumental backing track to "Patty Baby" and sang a different set of lyrics to create a jingle for Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg, the popular DJ on Boston radio station WMEX.

 If you're feelin' low he'll make you smile 

 at 15-10 on your radio dial 

 Arnie Ginsburg on WIMM-EX radio! 

Cannon's jingle was inserted in the 1961 volume of Cruisin',
the album series that featured legendary DJ's performing seamless recreations of their original radio broadcasts of the 50s and 60s, in this case Arnie Ginsburg's Night Train show. It was an anachronism for the producers of Cruisin' to take a jingle made from a 1963 record and plug it into a 1961 radio show, but listening to the program was way too much fun to complain. Rock 'n' roll is here to stay!

"Patty Baby" - Freddy Cannon (June 1963, highest 
chart position #65) 

 Starting next month I'll be 

 saluting every great volume 

 of the Cruisin' series from 

 1955-1970.  I hope you'll 

 come along for the ride! 

 Thank you Dell Rat Ron  

 for making this another 

 fun filled record swap. 

 See you next time, buddy! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. I really do like Mitty Collier and Ronnie Dove on today's lineup, but they're all good. You guys should sell your services to a record label because you surely do know how to pick out talent. I'm going to see if I can find anything by these artists on I-tunes.

    Thank you again for such a fun and well researched lineup, and I hope the turkey went down well today for both of you!

  2. Hi, Shelly! Same to you, dear friend! I'm sure you'll find many great I-tune selections for Mitty and Ronnie. This comment of yours is a very high compliment because Ron and I take great pride in discovering and uncovering little known music treasures. It's a tradition among Dell rats to find the good stuff that few others know about. Thank you very much for visiting and for your kind words, Shelly, and once again happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friend!

  3. Hi, Shady!

    Congratulations, buddy! I believe I heard Freddy Cannon's "Patty Baby" many years ago, but hadn't remembered it, although it was somewhat familiar. Every other song I'd NEVER heard. "Hello Pretty Girl" was my favorite of the Ronnie Dove songs. All were good, and I think his cover of "Party Doll" rocks better than Mr. Knox's more gimmicky version. I liked the Newbeats song also. Freddy Cannon was my favorite rocker for years, with "Buzz-Buzz-A-Diddle-It", "Transistor Sister" and many, many others.
    Shelly, thank you very much for the compliment. It is truly a pleasure both introducing each other to songs that we hadn't heard before, reminding each other of songs we'd forgotten, and sharing them with other people who have never heard them or no longer hear them. It's no fun keeping a good thing to yourself. And I thank you for sharing your information with all of us as well. I hope everyone had a fine Thanksgiving today!

    Thanks, Shady! Nice job!

  4. Thanks, Ron! It's quite a feat to find records that even you don't know. I share your excitement about those early Ronnie Dove recordings and his seldom heard Diamond release "Hello Pretty Girl." It's a great record and should have charted much higher. Freddy Cannon's a favorite of mine as well and I particularly like "Transistor Sister" and "The Dedication Song" ("this song goes out to..."). How about that great Mitty Collier clip with all the cool animation and graphics? This was another fun collaboration, Ron, and there are many more in the pipeline. The next edition of Dueling Doo-Wops is slated for December 5th. Thanks for your help and your comments, Ron, and have a terrific weekend!

  5. I was just thinking about Freddie Cannon the other nite. 'Palisades Park' was my favorite from him. Still know all the words! And 'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans' was good. His work was really upbeat-if you couldn't dance to it, you still couldn't sit still to it! I also liked 'Bread and Butter', but never knew who performed it. I'll have to check into that trio. I have a couple of the 'cruisin' CDs, 1963 and 1965. And they're fun to listen to. One of my favorites which is on the 1963 CD is 'Harlem Shuffle'. Don't get to hear that one on the radio at all. A little bit soul, and a little bit rock n' roll for sure! The two go hand in hand. Good review, Ron! Thanks Shady!

  6. I truly regret that I've never heard anything about those artists...

  7. I agree with Shelly on this one dear Tom, because you really do know how to pick out some good ones for us. The only one I had heard of here is Freddy Cannon, and my favourite of his was also Palisades Park. Hope you;re not out in the crowds jostling for bargains on Black Friday! (I already know the answer to that one!!). Have a relaxing weekend my friend, and thank you for another really interesting selection of sounds for us.

  8. Susan - I urge you to explore the Newbeats' catalog because they followed "Bread and Butter" with many excellent recordings including "Everything's Alright," "Evil Eva," "Break Away," "Run Baby Run" and "A Patent on Love" featured here. I owned all of the original Cruisin' vinyl albums and foolishly parted with them years ago when I converted my collection to compact disc. I intended to collect the series on CD but found out, to my dismay, that it was no longer the same. Legal hassles required that the series be edited and several different songs were substituted for the original ones. Even in their new form the Cruisin' shows are great fun and capture the essence of top 40 radio. Cruisin' '63 and '65 were two of my favorites. I spent many happy hours with the WMCA Good Guys listening to "your leader, BMR" and to "Robert W in the Morgan" on KHJ Boss Angeles. Thank you very much for coming by, Susan. I hope you had a great T-giving and enjoy your weekend!

    Wanilianna - I've noticed that you seem to know more about 50s American music than you do about 60s music which seems odd to me. I am always glad to see you here (and there) and I hope you enjoyed listening and learning. Thank you very much for coming over today, Wanilianna, and have a wonderful weekend in Poland!

    Thisisme - Unlike you and Gawgus I do not have a black belt in shopping although Daisy has a pink belt. :) I therefore fully intend to avoid the Black Friday hustle and bustle at the mall. I do most of my shopping online which suits me just fine. Freddy Cannon's records remind us of how much fun rock 'n' roll used to be. Don't forget his theme from Where the Action Is, his "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans," and "Tallahassee Lassie" down here in F-L-A. Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear Thisisme, and please don't ever feel "silly" about being a great friend and showing that you care. :)

  9. Well, Gawgus certainly does have a black belt in Shopping!! I'm like you, I've done all my Christmas shopping on-line. Much more civilized! Oh yes, I remember those two now - Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (that was a great track), and Tallahassee Lassie. I'm looking after little Ruby Violet today, so she's keeping me on my toes!

  10. That Alka Seltzer commercial was awesome. Thats exactly what I need right now, that and a long nap! I'm sure glad I stopped by before I begun my hibernation. I knew this mix was going to be good after listening to I Can't Work No Longer and I was right! The Ronnie Dove tunes certainly sealed the deal and I cant get Loverboy out of my head. Fortunately I was able to find the song on Itunes so I can boogie down right after I get over this food coma :) Have a great Friday!

  11. Thisisme - Give Ruby Tuesday Violet a big hug and kiss for me, okay? (And snap some pictures of her.) Thanks again for stopping by, sweet friend, and thank you very much for your caring ways!

    Amber Blue Bird - That TV commercial was just as popular in its day as Progressive Flo's campaign is today. Snooze away, dear friend. Sleep off the two tons of turkey that you consumed yesterday. I'll miss you during your prolonged hibernation and I eagerly await your return to blogging around the time of the spring thaw. Have a safe and happy weekend, dear Amber!

  12. I must say that I find you rather witty. I enjoyed the comment you posted on Amber's site about the interview we did together.
    Thanks for reading and for being so nifty ^_^

  13. Hi, Rachel Marie! Thanks for visiting Mr. Shady's neighborhood. I find you rather witty, too, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview. I know that I'll be running into you over at Amber's place and I also hope that you'll join me here. I think you'll find most of my posts to be fun and entertaining as well as informative. It's so kind of you to swing by and say hello, dear Rachel Marie. Any friend of Amber's is a friend of mine and you are always welcome here. Have a great weekend!

  14. I was impressed by Mitty Collier's voice. She was wonderful. I watched the other video of her preaching and loved watching it. A great lady. I always like the Newbeats and I Can't Work No Longer was terrific.

    Thanks for the songs and the smiles they gave me today, Shady. I'm looking forward to more Cruisin' songs.

  15. Belle - Mitty Collier had a beautiful voice and, like Garnet Mimms, eventually left the world of secular music to become a preacher and sing gospel. I think you'll enjoy the Cruisin' series. West coast cities are well represented with volumes in Los (Boss) Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. I'm always glad to put a smile on your face whenever I can, dear Belle. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit, listen and comment and enjoy your weekend in B.C.

  16. Lip synching at a live concert? That would seem fraudulent today :) Shelly's comment reminded me of an observation of my own in regard to you and Ron. I'd thought the two of you would make a very good radio continuity or DJ duo. You are both so passionate and would soon garner a large following with your witty, intelligent chatter and music choices. I hope you and your family enjoyed a happy, fun-filled Thanksgiving and, from all I've read about the notorious Black Friday, I applaud your great sensibility in not becoming part of the mad throng. Online shopping certainly holds great appeal at this time of the year, in particular. I want to thank you very much once again for the marvellous comments you leave on my posts, Tom. It occurred to me a couple of days ago that your thoughtful and detailed comments not only show your attentiveness, but are also really gifts from you to each and everyone of your followers. I know I am one of a majority who truly treasure your visits and who enjoy reading the 'gift of words' you leave on other blogs we jointly follow.

  17. Desiree - After reading these extremely kind and generous words of yours my own words have temporarily abandoned me. I'm still awake and blogging at 1:00 am on the East Coast and your loving message will surely send me off to dreamland in a blissful state of mind. I don't know what I ever did to deserve a wonderful friend like you, Desiree, but I promise to do everything in my power to live up to your high praise. Thank you very much, kind friend, for getting up early and coming to visit. Have a safe and happy weekend in your beautiful part of the world!

  18. I think I need to get on here and defend myself! Black Belt indeed, I'm at least a 1st Dan thank you very much indeed..;)
    Hope you and your family enjoyed a very happy Thanksgiving together. Very jealous of all the Black Friday mayhem I missed :( Bon week-end dear friend! Hugs from me and Sir Alfred :)

  19. Gawgus - If anyone was born to shop it's you, dear friend. You are the grand master and I merely the student, the apprentice grasshopper. There is much for me to learn from you and little time: 28 days 15 hours and 46 minutes left till Christmas! You're a dear for stopping by, Emma. Please give Alfred hugs for me and have a terrific time in Paris this weekend!

  20. Any song that starts off with Ohh Ahh I know is going to be right up my alley! Then we go on to the rockabilly sound, Lover Boy that was reminiscent of Jerry Lee Lewis (imho). Party Doll was not anything like a Jerry Lee Lewis sound though it was quite entertaining.
    Mitty Collier was someone I was not familiar with but did love her sound. What an interesting life she led, to bad about losing her voice so young. Perhaps she found it the reason it led her to become a minister and a blessing in the long run?
    The Jackie Hairston instrumental was a tad funky but anything with Otis Reddings name on it has my vote!
    A Patent on Love didn't quite speak to me but I loved your closing tune, Patty Baby! Seems like an American Bandstand performance!
    Thanks Tom for a lovely musical treat...I am glad I waited until I had time to listen and really enjoy this posting! Thanksgiving was way to busy and time to fractured to be able to spend the time this treat needed to get my complete attention and enjoyment!



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