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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, November 11, 2011

The D-Team: Episode 15

In 1972 a crack Dell Rat unit

 was sent to prison by the 

 Unific Court of Love for a 

 crime they didn't commit... 


 These men promptly escaped 

 from a maximum security 

 stockade to the York, PA 

 underground. Today, still 

 wanted by the government, 

 they survive as soldiers 

 of soul and revivers of 

 rock ‘n roll.

 If you have a problem 
 (with hip hop divas and gangsta rap)... 

 if no one else can help 

 and if you can find them 

 maybe you can hire... 


 I pity 

 the fool  







Richard Zehringer aka Rick Derringer was only 17 in 1965 when his Indiana rock group the McCoys recorded "Hang on Sloopy," a cover of "My Girl Sloopy," a 1964 recording by the R&B group the Vibrations. The song was allegedly inspired by Ohio jazz singer Dorothy Sloop who used Sloopy as a stage name. While the Vibrations original cracked the top 30, the McCoys cover rocketed to #1, became their first and best known hit, and was declared the official rock song of the state of Ohio and Ohio State University.

"Hang on Sloopy" - McCoys (October 1965, highest chart 
position #1) 

With "Hang on Sloopy" the McCoys got lots of bang for the buck and they earned lots of bucks for Bang, their record label. The guys followed-up with another cover, "Fever," originally recorded in 1956 by R&B artist Little Willie John and covered and turned into a top 10 hit two years later by Peggy Lee. The McCoys version also broke into the top 10 and was a memory maker during the Christmas - New Year holiday season.

"Fever" - McCoys (December 1965/January 1966, highest 
chart position #7) 

"Fever" was hot, but there was a cool killer bee riding on its back. "Sorrow" was penned by the Brill Building producing - songwriting - recording team of Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer who waxed records of their own as the Strangeloves. "Sorrow" has a Dylan, Beau Brummels, folk-rock thing goin' on and this side of the 45 became the one I spun two to one, son!

"Sorrow" - McCoys (December 1965/January 1966, 
uncharted B side of "Fever") 


The McCoys recording of "Sorrow" attracted attention in the UK. In the spring of 1966 the Merseys, a Liverpool duo that formed when the English band the Merseybeats broke up, released a cover version that cracked the top 5 on the UK pop singles chart.

"Sorrow" - Merseys (April 1966, highest chart position 
#4 UK) 


The following decade a version of "Sorrow" again became a hit in the UK, this time recorded by English rock superstar David Bowie.

"Sorrow" - David Bowie (November 1973, highest chart 
position #3 UK, from album Pin Ups 



By the dawn of the 70s the McCoys were history and Rick Derringer, his brother Randy, and another former McCoy's member Randy Jo Hobbs were part of Johnny Winter's band Johnny Winter And. Derringer wrote "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" for Winter and the band recorded it. Three years later Rick recorded the song for his debut solo album All American Boy and released it as a single. "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" became Rick's best charting single and a 70s rock classic. Here's Rick performing "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" in a live appearance with the Edgar Winter Group in 1973.

"Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" - Rick Derringer (March 1974, 
highest chart position #23 Hot 100, #15 Cash Box) 


Earlier this year Percy Sledge showed up on the song lists submitted by my friend Odie Langley and original Dell Rat Jerre Slaybaugh. In today's post I'd like to play three more gems by the southern soul man. 1966 was a breakthrough year for Percy. He followed his number one international hit "When a Man Loves a Woman" (from Odie's list) and his top 20 hit "Warm and Tender Love" (from Jerre's) with "It Tears Me Up," another top 20 record that charted through the Christmas holidays and into the new year.

"It Tears Me Up" (December 1966, highest chart 
position #20) 

1967 was a transitional year in music. Simple, straightforward pop and soul love songs were going out of style and being replaced by funk, garage, folk rock, sunshine pop, psych and hard rock. Percy Sledge never achieved another top 10 hit and only one of his 1967 singles, "Love Me Tender," reached the top 40. The fine ballad "Out Of Left Field" halted at #59.

"Out of Left Field" (May 1967, highest chart position #59) 

"Cover Me," another fine southern style B&B ballad by Percy Sledge, was his last release of 1967. It charted during the holiday season and early 1968 and just missed the top 40.

"Cover Me" - Percy Sledge (January 1968, highest chart 
position #42) 

 Only two things you done 

 need to know, fool... 

Ain't Hannibal or nobody else 

 gonna get me up in no 

 AIR - O - PLANE!!! ..... 

 and the D-Team plays 

 the best music! 


Percy Sledge recorded his string of soul hits for Atlantic Records. His label mate during that time was recording artist Barbara Lewis who had a voice like butta and her own string of successful singles. Barbara is best known for her top 5 smash "Hello Stranger" which was later covered and turned into a monster Dell hit by the Capitols. Barbara is also known for "Baby, I'm Yours" and "Make Me Your Baby," two other exquisite mid tempo records that fell just short of the top 10. My Pick to Click, however, is Barbara's minor hit "Make Me Belong To You," a recording with exquisite vocals, dynamic arrangement and an irresistible go-go beat.

"Make Me Belong to You" - Barbara Lewis (August 1966, 
highest chart position #28) 


Guitarist Duane Eddy cranked out a string of instrumental hits all with the same distinctive twangy sound. My favorite Duane Eddy tune is the theme to Because They're Young.

The 1960 movie starred Bandstand's Dick Clark playing school teacher to some of the most recognizable young actors and singers of the day including Tuesday Weld, Roberta Shore, Doug McClure and James Darren. "Because They're Young" became the biggest hit of Duane Eddy's career. The record spent 15 weeks on the U.S. Billboard chart and went to #4. In the UK the record performed even better, reaching #2. That same year readers of the UK's New Musical Express voted Duane the World's Number One Musical Personality replacing Elvis Presley!

"Because They're Young" - Duane Eddy (July 1960, 
highest chart position #4) 

 Don't miss the next thrill-packed episode 
 of The D-Team, coming soon! 

 I love it 


 a plan 



Have a Shady day!


  1. What a great lineup today, Shady. I knew some of these songs already, and am pleased to know of the others. I really enjoy Make Me Belong to You by Barbara Lewis. I hadn't heard of it before today, but she is truly a major talent. I'm kind of surprised that song didn't go higher.

    Percy Sledge has always had such a soulful voive- I think I could listen to him sing anything.

    I always look forward to your posts because I know I will come away from then knowing more than I did going in.

    Thank you, friend Shady!

  2. Shelly - Thank you, dear friend! We all have our favorite songs but to me it's exciting to discover new ones that I can instantly add to my favorites list. It happens quite often as I do research for these posts and I am enjoying the opportunity to learn right along with you. Thank you very much for coming by so early, dear friend Shelly, and have a safe and happy weekend!

  3. Hi my dear friend Tom. Hey, I knew several of these songs and artists today! How about that?! Although I have been interested to read Odie's comments on your various posts, and although he was in America at the time, there were lots that he hadn't heard of either, which is quite interesting. Anyway, I love that song Sorrow. Think I like the David Bowie version best. I loved all the records that Duane Eddy brought out. His guitar playing was pretty special. When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge is still played on the radio all the time over here in England. Some great choices in there today, and I loved all the A Team photos. That was a great show, wasn't it?! Hope you have a relaxing weekend dear friend.

  4. Hi, Thisisme! I dare say you are far too young to remember David Bowie, my friend! :) I predicted that you'd remember the Merseybeats and the Merseys who went top 5 in England with "Sorrow." Duane Eddy's twangy guitar was a familiar sound during of late 50s and early 60s. Remember his other hits "Rebel-'Rouser," "Forty Miles of Bad Road" and "Dance With the Guitar Man"? I'm so glad you enjoyed this batch and I very much appreciate your visit and comments, dear friend!

  5. I like "A-team", especially due to its sense of humour. The movie sequel wasn't bad either:-). Have a shady day, friend:-)

  6. Wanlianna - I didn't see the movie version of the A-Team but I enjoyed the TV series. Ten years before he joined the A-Team in the role of "Face," Dirk Benedict starred in one of my favorite horror movies, Sssssss, in which he was slowly transformed into a snake. Thank you very much for coming to sssssssee me, dear friend Wanilianna, and have a Shady weekend!

  7. Good Morning! A fun show today-The McCoys, yes! Hang on Sloopy was a favorite, and 'Fever"-such a great, sultry, and chill binding song. I still hear The McCoys version on my favorite oldies station! Percy Sledge was also a favorite, 'When A Man Loves A Woman' is timeless, for sure. The Winter brothers did good stuff-got to see Johnny Winter in 1970 in KC. And Barbara Lewis was the best, you know, some of the artists of her day were unsung. Greetings to the D-Team! They did a good job. Have a rockin' weekend!

  8. Hey, Susan! Believe it or not the most popular McCoys record at the Shady Dell was "Come On Let's Go," the cover of the Ritchie Valens song. I'm beginning to think you attended many rock concerts back in the day. Good for you! I saw the Beach Boys perform in Lancaster, PA in 1966, James Brown at the York Fair in '68, Sister Sledge and Peaches and Herb in '79. In a professional capacity during my television career I worked with Freddy Cannon, the Chiffons, the Coasters, the Earls and Jay and the Americans. I filmed interviews with The Thompson Twins and Kiss in 1986 after which I watched them them perform at their respective concert venues. I also saw a concert performance of David Clayton Thomas, former lead singer of Blood Sweat and Tears, and met him afterward. It's so nice of you to come by today, dear friend. I hope you have a delightful weekend and join me for my next post on Tuesday!

  9. I never knew Sorrow was a cover song! The things you teach me! It's such an amazing song and I suppose being the David Bowie fan that I am I like his version the best. I love when a song can sound completely different when someone makes it their own.

    Hope you're well friend!

    Emma x

  10. Hi, Emma! Same to you, dear friend! It's so true that various renditions of the same song can sound completely different. In this case I think it's safe to say that all three versions of "Sorrow" are nicely done. Bowie made such a big splash with Ziggy Stardust and all the rest of his early work. You would have loved the golden age of glam when Sir Elton was just coming up and Bowie gave us his 1969 "Ground control to Major Tom" Space Oddity right around the time an American astronaut was walking on the moon. Thank you very much for swinging over, dear Emma, and have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Great songs! I always liked 'Hang on Sloopy' but had never heard 'Sorrow' before. It was fun hearing three versions. They were all good I thought, but I liked the Merseys the best. It was faster and I liked that.

    I've always liked Percy Sledge too. Cover Me was wonderful. Barbara Lewis' voice was so beautiful. I absolutely loved 'Make Me Belong to You'. Wow, I would have bought that as a teen. Thanks, sweet friend Tom. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  12. Belle - Isn't it fun watching those old Hullabaloo and Shindig clips? If only they could somehow be remastered to clear up the picture and sound quality. Same thing with Dick Clark's Where the Action Is. It's hard for me even to imagine what it would have been like if we had big screen plasma HD television sets in the mid 60s on which to watch those programs. Sometimes it seems like the universe is out of sync. Now that we finally have state of the art picture and sound there's very little on the boob tube worth watching! Thank you very much for visiting, reading, listening and commenting, dear friend Belle, and have a great weekend!

  13. Shady, you have listed some great old songs that I love, Love, LOVE ... "Sloopy Hang On" and "Fever". It was such fun to watch the "Fever" video, it makes me smile to see that dancing. Struck by how young the McCoys appeared in the video, my goodness, they were young! I am now a fan of "Sorrow", I was not able to choose a favorite version of the three, they all were excellent in their own special way. "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" has always been a popular old tune, one that has been played often in clubs, as I have been told, not that I was ever there. ;~D Barbara Lewis was not familiar to me. Percy Sledge is always good to listen to, thanks go to Odie. :-) It brought back memories watching Duane Eddy playing "Because They're Young". I would like to see the movie! It seems like yesterday I was seeing and hearing Duane Eddy play "Rebel Rouser" on Marty Stuart's show. Actually it was 3/09. I read that Duane Eddy is alive, well and twittering these days. Great as always, Shady, I'll see you here next Tuesday if not before.

    «:::THANK YOU:::»
    «::: THANK YOU:::»

  14. Cindy - Wow! With sweet comments like those I wish you'd come back every five minutes! (LOL) Many years ago I saw the movie Because They're Young. Tuesday Weld was a hot new starlet when the movie was released. You might remember Roberta Shore from her roles in several Walt Disney productions involving the Mousketeers. She played Annette Funicello's mean girl rival in the Annette series and was also in the movie The Shaggy Dog. Singer/actor James Darren, who made a cameo appearance in BTY, had hits the following year with "Goodbye Cruel World" and "Her Royal Majesty." Doug McClure was in The Virginian and Checkmate. Teen idol Bobby Rydell also appeared in BTY uncredited singing "Swingin' School." If you watch Because They're Young today it will be jarring to see a very young Dick Clark and a little sad to compare it to the way he looks and sounds these days following his stroke. Thank you again for coming, dear Cindy, and enjoy your weekend!

  15. Hi, Shady!

    Interesting contrast, this blog. The three versions of "Sorrow" were good. Never heard the first two, but knew Bowie's. Each succeeding version was better than the one before. I think I like this Barbara Lewis song better than her more heavily played songs. "Because They're Young" has always been my favorite Duane Eddy song. I remember seeing that movie at the drive-ins, along with "The Hanging Tree", "Hound Dog Man", "Jailhouse Rock", "Flaming Star" and others. Those early movies were great. Had "Johnny Winter And" and "Johnny Winter And Live" in college--both get-down rockin'-out albums. Always glad to hear Percy Sledge, knowing "When A Man Loves A Woman" was just one of his good songs. Keep the music alive, Shady!

    Have a good weekend, buddy!

  16. Hi, Ron! Percy Sledge made many great recordings and a few more of them will be featured in an upcoming post. Every time somebody mentions the movie Jailhouse Rock I get a chill because of the tragic death of Elvis Presley's pretty co-star Judy Tyler. Just days after filming concluded, Judy and her husband were both killed in a 4th of July auto crash while vacationing in Wyoming. I had come to know Judy years earlier because she played Princess Summerfall Winterspring on The Howdy Doody Show. Thanks for reporting in, Ron, and we'll be seeing you in your next feature later this month! Have a great weekend!

  17. What would Blog Land be without you, Tom? You are honestly one of the kindest, nicest men alive. Have you ever considered being cloned? I think womankind would be truly blessed were you to spread yourself around the globe :)

    OK, now that I've stroked your ego (only joking!) I wish to thank you ever so much for your absolutely delightful and thoughtful comments on my blog posts. Yours are among those that give me the greatest pleasure and my heart skips a beat when I spot your name in amongst them all ;) Thisisme has already insinuated I'm muscling in on her territory :)

    I'm just taking a mid-morning break from my many chores and came specially to visit you. I hope there's good coffee in the pot? I could enjoy a mug right now while I listen to today's line-up of songs. I'm even able to say I know several of them and tops on my list is 'When a Man Loves a Woman'. I will have that tune going round in my head for quite a while :)

    This brings you my best wishes for a wonderful start to your week!

  18. Desiree - My poor dear you've been patiently sitting here in my breakfast nook for more than two hours waiting for a cup of coffee whilst I've been snoozing away! From now on I promise to rise at 3am so that I can greet you in real time! There's no need for you to mud wrestle Thisisme for my bloggy love. I assure you there's plenty to go around. In all sincerity I can't thank you enough for stopping by, dear friend. Your comment is an example of a commitment that one blogger makes to another, a commitment to show up and write a little something in support of what they're doing, not necessarily because you are keenly interested in the content of their blog, but because you are touched by the content of their character. You're the best, Desiree. Thank you again, kind friend, for making time for me today. I hope your week is a safe and happy one!

  19. I always wondered where they came up with the name Sloopy. Its such a strange name. You learn something new everyday :) I love the Fever video. Man I wish I was alive during that era. Those moves are beyond sweet.

    I also wanted to let you know that your last comment left me with a grin ear to ear. Even though we have never met and maybe will never meet, we still have a true blue friendship that I am very grateful for. Hope your week is starting off right. Thanks again for everything.

  20. Amber Blue Bird - You were indeed born too late. You belong in the 60s go-go dancing high on a pedestal above the masses. Thank you for allowing me to transport you back to those ancient times by means of my blog. You're only as good as your last comment and this one of yours warms me thru and thru, dear Amber. I can't tell you how much it means to me that we have made a bloggy love connection. Thank you very much for coming and have a super-duper day up your way!

  21. Tom,

    I really enjoyed the Rick Derringer segment of your post. One ''local'' factoid about this is the bass player in both of the videos (McCoys and Edgar Winter Group). He is none other than Danny Hartman, from Harrisburg, PA, who I met many years ago when he played for the moderately successful band called '' The Legends''. I don't know where he is or what he does today, but he was right there along Derringer's side for many of the efforts of Rick, Edgar (and his brother, Johnny).


  22. Hi, Bill! It's great to hear from you! (Bill is my cousin, everybody! He's a well respected musician who has been playing in Central PA bands for decades, worked with the Mag Men, and is now with the Stingrays.) Thanks for adding to the discussion, Bill, and for offering these tidbits about the local tie-in to the McCoys and Edgar Winter Group. Please tell your Stingrays band mates to stay tuned for Parts 3, 4 and 5 of Dueling Doo-Wops coming soon! Thanks a lot for reading the blog and for your helpful comments, Bill!

  23. I have a huge problem with blogging in the fall. It seems my time to visit all my friends diminishes with the diminishing sunshine. It has taken me much longer than I wanted to be able to spend time with this posting. When I was able to sit down with a cup of tea and the volume on high, it was worth the delayed gratification!
    Like Diane I think I preferred the David Bowie version of Sorrow, but they all had appeal in their different sounds.
    Percy Sledge, I'm a fan forever, what can I say. And I did not know Dick Clark was in a movie, but I'm wondering now how many he probably appeared in considering his major roll in music of our era?

    I listend to each and every tune and it was well worth the delayed satisfaction...!
    Thanks for another lovely stroll in the wonderful world of Music, you bring joy and an education with each post!


  24. David Bowie is a wonderful chameleon back in the days...enjoy looking at all his make up & costumes changes! Great new week to you dear Shady!

  25. Hugs right back, Sush! There's something to be said for delayed gratification :) Well, I looked it up in my Funk and Wagnalls and it seems that Dick Clark was in no fewer than 19 different movies and TV shows as an actor. After Because They're Young he was one of The Young Doctors. He also guest starred on the doctor TV series Ben Casey and played a newscaster in a favorite movie of mine Wild in the Streets (1968). Thank you very much for coming to visit, Sush. Your friendship and your comments always mean a great deal to me! Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

    Lenore Nevermore - You women all seem to love David Bowie. Hmmmmm. What's HE got that I haven't got? Talent, fame, money? :( Beauty? :) Thank you very much for joining the party today, dear friend Lenore, and have a great week!


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