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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Means Fun Part 12: From Here to Maternity - The Joys and Sorrows of Summer Lovin'

 Our 12 part, 3 month long 

 Summer Means Fun series 

 concludes with a final frantic 

 flurry of songs dealing with 

 summertime love affairs! 

Last time in Part 11 the Beach Boys were licking their wounds over a cheating gal named "Wendy." Jan and Dean found themselves in the same boat (surf board?) in a teenage lament entitled "You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy."

"You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy" is my favorite Jan and Dean song, a lavish, multi-track opus that hit me like a tidal wave in the spring and summer of 1965. The picture sleeve that came with the 45rpm record is one of the most distinctive and collectible of the rock 'n roll era.

As a lifelong fan of horror and the grotesque, I got a kick out of this pic sleeve which shows the dynamic duo posing with frightful friends in a Hollywood wax museum.

"You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy" 
- Jan and Dean (July 1965, highest chart 
position #27) 

Playing identical cousins on her hit television sitcom, prodigious actress Patty Duke was literally beside herself! Like many other child stars on TV and in the movies Patty soon branched out into
a recording career. Patty's most successful single was her first one which finishing in the top 10 during the summer of 1965.

The theme of Patty's hit record is a common complaint among teenage girls that have boyfriends who are the strong, silent type.

 If it's a game I don't want to play it...

 and if it's goodbye why can't you just say it? 

 Whatever ya do, bucko... 

 don't just stand there! 

"Don't Just Stand There" - Patty Duke 
(August 1965, highest chart position #8) 

In June of 1965 the Beach Boys found a cure for their "Wendy" woes. Help came in the form of a girl named Rhonda and the song shot to #1 in the land.

"Help Me, Rhonda" - Beach Boys 
(June 1965, highest chart position #1) 

What's the best way to get over a girl? Get another girl! After all, the one who broke your heart is not the only starfish in the sea. That's the reasoning put forth in a groovy song co-written by Paul Simon along with Bruce Woodley of The Seekers. In July of 1966 "Red Rubber Ball" became a smash hit for the Cyrkle, barely missing the #1 spot on the Billboard chart.

"Red Rubber Ball" - Cyrkle 
(July 1966, highest chart position #2) 

Few acts have duplicated the Beach Boys sound as well as Bruce and Terry. Bruce Johnston joined the Beach Boys after recording under a number of pseudonyms, including The Rip Chords with partner Terry Melcher. Melcher, a fine singer and record producer, was also famous as actress Doris Day's only child. Doris outlived her son. Terry died in 2004 at age 62 after a long battle with melanoma. Listen to the authentic West Coast sound created by Bruce and Terry on their evocative recording "Look Who's Laughing Now."

"Look Who's Laughing Now" 
- Bruce and Terry (1964, uncharted) 

With a nod to my new friend Bouncin' Barb I'd like to wrap up my 12-part Summer Means Fun series with a pair of songs that bring back fond memories of vacations in Myrtle Beach.

I always waited until after Labor Day to head South of the Border to the Grand Strand of South Carolina where I spent the last two weeks of summer. The chill in the air that was already making jackets necessary back in Pennsylvania was nowhere to be found in balmy, palmy Myrtle Beach at that time of the year. Mid September felt like mid July all over again!

I already confessed my passion for Gino Giants. I developed a similar craving for foot long hot dogs served at a snack shop in Myrtle Beach. The place had a jukebox and this late career disco hit by Archie Bell played every day while I munched on my foot long dogs. (Yes, plural - I ate at least two foot longs for lunch every day, sometimes three.  Body surfing works up quite an appetite!)

"I Could Dance All Night" - Archie Bell 
and the Drells (August 1975, highest 
chart position #25 R&B) 

Summer love can be fleeting. It can ignite spontaneously in the rarefied atmosphere of a vacation getaway. Promises of forever are sometimes made but quickly broken once routine life resumes in the fall. All that remains of the whirlwind romance are bittersweet memories to treasure for a lifetime.

No song conveys that message better than "Beach Baby," the second of my Myrtle Beach memory makers, a mid-70s late summer classic by the Tony Burrows-led studio group called First Class.

Although Tony Burrows isn't one of the more familiar names
in pop music history, his voice is heard on several well known bubblegum classics.

Burrows is credited as having sung lead on more hit singles for more groups than any other artist. In addition to fronting First Class, Burrows provided lead vocals for several other prefab studio creations including Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man and other one-hit-wonder acts.

Listen now as Tony Burrows and First Class perform "Beach Baby," the #1 song on my Best of Myrtle Beach play list.

"Beach Baby" - First Class (September 1974, 
highest chart position #3) 

"Beach Baby" is wistfully nostalgic and at the same time buoyant and exhilarating. With its catchy melody and exquisite Beach Boy-inspired harmonies, "Beach Baby" is
five minutes of bubblegum bliss, the ideal metaphor for an extended period of fun in the sun. But as the song’s lyrics concede:

Long hot days, cool sea haze, jukebox plays,
but now it's fading away.

 Remember Dell rats... 

 summer never has to end... 

 not if you don't want it to! 

 Stay involved. 

 Stay in the game. 

 Stay fit. 

 Stay youthful. 

 Never grow up... 

 never grow old! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. A fine start to my monday morning Shady. Sadly though the only one that I really remembered and could relate to was the Beach Boys in the middle. I am constantly amazed at how many I seem to have missed along the way but glad that you are allowing me to enjoy them now. Have a great week.

  2. Odie - It always fascinates me to find out which songs you remember and which ones you missed the first time around. Songs that I take for granted might not have even played on your local radio station. Records and artists that were a major part of your life might be completely unknown to me even to this day. It's fun to learn, isn't it? Thanks for listening and have a great day up your way, Odie!

  3. Great lineup of songs this morning! Seeing Patty Duke reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my teenage daughters. She was thinking that Disney phenoms like Selina Gomez and Miley Ray Cyrus were the first to pioneer being actresses with hit shows and singers with hit singles. I told her about folks like Patty Duke and others who escape my memory now who did it long before.

    Summer 2011 will soon be over, but those songs will be around forever.

  4. Hi, Shelly! Right you are. It was almost automatic for child actors and actresses to try their hand at a singing career. One week from today you will meet (remember) one of them. I won't be a spoiler but others included Ricky Nelson from Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Shelley Fabares and Paul Petersen from The Donna Reed Show, and Johnny Crawford (of The Rifleman). Thank you very much for stopping by and listening, Shelly, and have a wonderful week!

  5. I didn't know I knew redd rubber ball until I played it!!! haven't heard it since I was a child.

    Beach baby always makes me smile :)

    The Patty duke song I thought was very Lesley Gore like.

    going to play them all again now :) my toes are tapping

    I've been having fun picking music for my daughters wedding, but from the 40's ,lots of swing :) and Dean Martin LOL

  6. IWBY - You can't go wrong with Dean Martin. I love just about everything that he recorded. My first exposure to Dean was a 45 that my parents bought: "Memories Are Made of This"/"Change of Heart." Both sides are great! Patty Duke did not have the vocal quality of Lesley Gore but this hit record of hers was a big memory maker for me. "Beach Baby" is 5 minutes of beachy bliss. Thank you so much for visiting, IWBY, and congratulations on your daughter's wedding!

  7. I must say -- I think the only song I DIDN'T know, or hadn't heard before was the Patty Duke song. So - surprisingly, I knew more than I thought I would! Well done! :)

  8. Kristina - It is a surprise that someone your age would know so many of these old songs. I can't help wondering if you ever watched The Patty Duke Show on TV Land. Thank you very much for coming over, reading and listening, Kristina, and have a safe and happy week ahead in Colorado!

  9. sounds like the summer was just as full of ups and downs then as it is now!
    here's hoping the weather holds out a bit longer so our summer doesn't have to end just yet!

    Emma x

  10. Hi, Emma! The "psychodramas and the traumas" as the Association described them have been a part of growing up since long before my time and a common theme of pop music. In the 50s and early 60s teen angst was handled delicately and taken lightly with a wink, a nod and a good deal of whimsy. In the mid and late 60s singer/songwriters like Janis Ian started telling it like it is in songs like "Society's Child" and "At Seventeen" and nobody was laughing. Popular music became much more serious and introspective from then on. I hope you are feeling better today, dear Emma, and thank you very much for visiting!

  11. You already know I have soft spot for the Beach Boys but now I am adding to that list and including Bruce and Terry. Wow! I love their sound. I feel an itunes shopping spree coming on.

  12. Amber Blue Bird - You have radar for the good stuff and you have proven it time and again on your own site. I was unfamiliar with these Bruce and Terry recordings until I did research for this summer series. You and I discovered them at the same time. Thanks for dropping by, Amber, and have a terrific week up there in the great white north!

  13. funnily enough Del,the "memories are made of this" will be playing when they cut the cake.

    you are right about Lesley Gore!!! for sure. Pattys song reminded me of "you don't own me"

    you're welcome, I don't get over here often enough !!!

  14. IWBY - That's quite a coincidence because there are many great Dean Martin songs to choose from. Do me a favor. Just for laughs click the link below and listen to this Dean Martin sound-alike song that I uploaded on YouTube a couple of years ago. Singer Barry Young does Dean Martin better than Dean Martin does Dean Martin. See if you agree!

    Here's the link:

    Let me know what you think, my friend!

  15. If I heard it without knowing,i would defiantly assumed it was Dean !!
    but the real Dean, just has something in the timbre of his deep notes this guy doesn't :)

  16. IWBY- You can also check YouTube for the A side of that Barry Young single entitled "One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)." It was a top 20 hit in the fall of 1965. Thanks again for your visits to my blog and for playing along, my friend. Please come back soon!

  17. OH rats, I'm late to class! I remember them all but as I've mentioned (probably more than anyone cares to hear) The Beach Boys were my favorite summer heroes...and villains. Oh Dang I had to say that?

    I can't believe you are ending the summer hits, Tom! I am so going to miss them. What delights do you have in store for the Fall??? I really looking forward to another spin on the turntable of Shady Dell Delights!


  18. Sush - Since you were late for class you gotta stay after school (and Be True to it). Your clever comments are indicative of your musical knowledge, Darlin'. What delicious Delli Delights are in store for you this fall? God Only Knows. I promise you this: I Can Hear Music and you will, too. Do You Wanna Dance? Wouldn't it Be Nice? Don't Worry Baby, I'm In My Room right now racking my brain so Please Let Me Wonder. When I Get Around to it I'll post 409 more songs so you can Dance Dance Dance and have Fun Fun Fun, Wild Honey. When will this madness stop? When I Grow Up to Be a Man, and that won't happen any time soon. Thanks for your kind comments, kiddo!

  19. It's bittersweet as the curtain closes on your "Summer Means Fun" series, Shady, but we know we can expect more great tunes from you in this new upcoming season. It was amusing to see squeaky clean Jan and Dean posing with the ghastly characters! I was happy to see Patty Duke being remembered. To this day when I see the setting sun resembling a "Red Rubber Ball", I can't help but think of that song. Myrtle Beach, one of my favorite places with many fond memories of annual vacations there. Happy to be goin' there in five weeks! Favorites of this post are "Help Me Rhonda", "I Could Dance All Night" (Remember Tighten Up?) and "Beach Baby". Thanks so much, Shady, for all the hard work allowing some of us to relive our wonderful teenage summers!

  20. Cindy - I remember you mentioning "Red Rubber Ball" earlier this summer when I posted the Cyrkle's other hit "Turn Down Day." You're going to Myrtle Beach in five weeks? That's the same time of year I used to go. I hope you'll have great weather while you're there and no Irenes to contend with. Be sure to stop at that hot dog diner, have yourself a foot long, and tell them Shady sent you. I'm sure they'll remember me after 35 years! (LOL) Thanks for stopping in, dear friend Cindy, and have a wonderful Tuesday!

  21. Hi Tom. It took awhile for me to get here, but I'm sure glad I made it. What a great line of songs! It was nice seeing Patty Duke; I loved her show when I was young. Such a sad song. I had forgotten all about "Red Rubber Ball", what a cute song. All of them were wonderful. "Beach Baby" brings a great big smile to my face.

  22. Belle - If a few of these songs brought a big smile to your face then it's mission accomplished! I enjoyed Patty Duke's performance in Valley of the Dolls. Whenever I listen to the full length five minute version of "Beach Baby" I get a chill at the 3/4 mark when they play the melody from "Popsicles and Icicles" by the Murmaids because it harks back to the assassination of President Kennedy. "Popsicles," a song that represents the sweet innocence of our childhood during the Eisenhower 50s, started climbing the record chart on November 23rd, 1963, one day after the terrible event that symbolized the end of innocence in America. Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear friend Belle!

  23. Well TOm, I'm even later to class than Sush, so I guess I get's 04.14 here in Paris. I can't sleep, so decided to pay a visit to the good old Shady Dell! Can't believe that your summer sounds are over already my friend. Great songs to finish with. The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean are such great summer sounds and always take me back to the 60's whenever I hear their records.sadly , I hadn't heard of patty Duke, or at least I don't remember her! Summer lovIng has such a great ring to it. I remember the highs and lows very well. Thanks again dear Tom.

  24. Thisisme - Goodness gracious, dear friend! You're still awake at 4:14am local time? Well that's alright, I'm open 24-7 and you're welcome to drop in any time. Yes, my summer series has ended even before your English summer got started. I'm honored that you paid me a visit at this hour of the day and I hope you get some sleep and have a delightful visit with your daughter in Paris. Take care, dear Thisisme!


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