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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Means Fun Part 10: Drive-In and Peel Out!

Pontiac Chieftain ‘50 at The Circle Diner by Graham Reynolds 

Gino's 15 Cent
Hamburgers on 
E.Market St. in 
York was a nice 
place to visit, 
but the coolest 
guys in the 
hottest cars 
didn't wanna 
"live" there. 
All they wanted 
to do was show 
off their rides 
(and their squeezes).

Most of the high performance cars made a leisurely pass through Gino's parking lot, continued down the slope to the exit, and turned right on Market.

If it was going to happen that was when and where. As soon as his guided missile was aimed down the straightaway, the pilot hopped on it, peeled out, and laid a patch!

"Hey Little Cobra" - Rip Chords 
(February 1964, highest chart position #4) 

Engines roared and tires squealed and smoked...

as one car after another rocketed down eastbound Market...

each driver trying to get rubber in all four, shut 'em down...

and make a trophy run - the low E/T down the asphalt aisle!

"Three Window Coupe" - Rip Chords 
(June 1964, highest chart position #28) 

Helpful hint to all drivers: Your funny car needs to have its
drag chute deployed well before you get to Mt. Zion Road.

That's where you will be required to negotiate a left turn and blast off toward your next destination...Avalong's.

A drag racer and words of reassurance from his girfriend formed the basis of "Don't Worry Baby," the hit B side of the Beach Boys' monster smash "I Get Around." Both sides ruled the summer of 1964 in York, PA and across the U.S.A.

"Don't Worry Baby" - Beach Boys 
(July 1964, highest chart position #24) 

Time for another tune by Jan and Dean, this one an epic surf rock instrumental called "Quasimoto."

"Quasimoto" aka "B Gas Rickshaw, 
Alternate Version." - Jan and Dean 
(from 1964 album Dead Man's Curve/ 
The New Girl in School) 

Now we're back at Gino's where many of the same cars that exited the parking lot and burned up that quarter mile ten minutes earlier would return from riding the loop to wow the crowd again.

Those that didn't bail and head back into downtown York completed the east side circuit by taking Industrial Highway to Memory Lane and turning left back onto Market.

Oh, I almost forgot. You could also eat at Gino's! On a typical evening I would consume two Giants, large fries, onion rings, a chocolate shake and an apple pie - all that only a couple of hours after eating dinner!

Unsolved mystery: How were we able to wolf down that much junk food night after night and never gain an ounce?

While you're thinking of an answer, let's enjoy this seldom heard fab flip from August 1963. Here once again are Pittsburgh's perfect pair, Marcy Jo and Eddie Rambeau!

"The Car Hop and the Hard Top"  
- Marcy Jo and Eddie Rambeau 
(August 1963, uncharted B side 
of "Lover's Medley") 

On their album All Summer Long, the Beach Boys sang about a different kind of drive-in, the kind you go to when you're hungry for love.

"Drive-In" - Beach Boys (from July 1964 
album All Summer Long

In the summer of 1967 the syndicated music variety television program Upbeat presented Palm Beach Party II, filmed on location in Palm Beach, Florida. An Oklahoma band called the Five Americans performed a poolside lip sync of their hit record "Western Union" while the Upbeat go go girls cavorted around them in bikinis. According to Wiki, music trivia meister Casey Kasem determined that "Western Union" holds the record for having the most repetitive word or phrase in a Hot 100 top 10 hit, in this case two 40-fold and one 50-plus-fold repetition of the word "dit" Yes folks, plenty of dits and ditz in Palm Springs that day as you'll discover when you watch the video. What does all this have to do with muscle cars and drive-ins? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"Western Union" - Five Americans 
(May 1967, highest chart position #5) 

That wraps-up my salute to warm weather 
wheels, but stay tuned.  There's much more 


coming up in Parts 11 and 12! 

Next time, we'll examine the rules of dating etiquette as they pertain to summer flings! I advise you to take notes because there'll be a pop quiz.

Have a Shady day!


  1. My goodness- that's quite a lot of dits and ditz! Good old Casey Kasem- he's done terrific work for such a long time.

    As far as Gino's hamburgers- I've always said the birthday present I want is to have the metabolism of a teenaged boy. You can eat anything and your body just seems to burn it off!

    Love the Jan and Dean songs and of course the Beach Boys, as well the ones I didn't know before today. Another great, informative, and enjoyable post. Thank you, my friend!

  2. Shelly - I wish I still had my teenage metabolism. At college it was much the same. I'd eat dinner and a couple of hours later I was so ravenous that I'd be ordering large pizzas or a couple of foot long subs delivered to my dorm room and gobble them right up. I'm glad you enjoyed that Five Americans video. I never heard of that Upbeat program until I found this YouTube clip. Apparently the show was very similar to Dick Clark's Where the Action Is. Thank you very much for your sweet comments, Shelly, and have a great week!

  3. I could certainly use that metabolism too since anything I eat with bread or sugar causes my waist to grown immediately. You got me reved up with those selections this morning good buddy, have a great one.

  4. Odie - I hear ya! Maybe if we listen to enough of these old tunes we can jump start our metabolisms and eat all we want again!...or not! (LOL) Thanks for reporting in, good buddy, and have a great week hitting the books!

  5. This is was a great post Shady. Bruce and I are very much into muscle cars and that Camaro, Challenger and Charger top the picks there. Did Gino's become a chain? I grew up in Central Jersey and we had a Gino's as well. Just wondered. Great songs too! My brothers were all older so I grew up on 50's and 60's music as well as good old 70's rock and roll. Nothing like it is there?

  6. Barb - Wiki tells us that Gino's started in Baltimore and remained a Mid-Atlantic regional restaurant chain that had 359 company owned locations. Gino's was bought out by Marriott in the early 80s and converted to Roy Rogers. I also have a brother who is ten years older. When I was a young boy he turned me on to Elvis, Buddy Holly and other rockers. I was 14 when the Beatles hit. I respect the other guy's stuff and try to appreciate it but I honestly wouldn't trade places with people of any other generation. Thanks for coming over, dear Barb, and have a super week!

  7. Oh Shady always bring a smile to my face. Ditz for sure and lots of Ditzy people digging that Dat tas in the Western Union song. I wonder how many young people today even have a concept of what Western Union does? I remember getting telegraphs from relatives far flung...very very thrilling!

    I am working on a cheat sheet for the pop quiz...thanks for the warning!


  8. Sush - I'm impressed with you, gal! You're already preparing for my pop quiz on dating etiquette and summer flings. Planning any all night cram sessions? (LOL) You're right about the dated reference to Western Union telegrams. Remember Candygrams? Let's not forget that the Five Americans followed up "Western Union" with another song about expedited communication, "Zip Code," a USPS system which was still a novelty in the mid 60s. Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear Sush, and have a wonderful week, my friend!

  9. As much as I love I get Around, Don't Worry Baby is my all time favourite Beach Boys song! It's just such a feel good song!

    Emma x

  10. Emma - I agree with you about "Don't Worry Baby." It's a pretty recording and has a maturity and complexity that hints at things to come from Brian Wilson and his group. Thank you very much for jumping across the pond, dear Emma, and good evening to you in Dublin!

  11. You know I love me some Beach Boys. Dont Worry Baby is a classic and no matter how many times I play it I can never get tired of it. Oh and how did you eat all that food and not gain a pound, tell me now, I must know the secret!

  12. Amber Blue Bird - You were born too late, dear friend! I'll have you know that back in my day there was no such thing as a fat/calorie content label on foods (you ate mass quantities and stayed skinny), no cigarette warning labels (doctors and athletes smoked them and recommended them for strength and vigor), and "love" was free, carefree, and unprotected. Today all of those things are hazardous to your health. Thanks for the fly by, Amber, and have a groovy week!

  13. Shady, you had Gino's, in my neck of the woods we had The South Pole. You had me laughing with your tales of "peeling out" and "burning rubber" but I laughed the hardest at the expression of "laid a patch". I had not heard that one before. Seeing a guy squealing his tired never interested me at all. I went for the guys in the Nash
    Ramblers, the ones with class! ;~0 Such great songs and favorites---Hey Little Cobra, Three Window Coupe and Don't Worry Baby. Remember how movie goers at the drive in movies would drive off with the speaker still attached to the window? One of life's greatest mysteries, how could we eat all that food and not gain an ounce! Loved this post, Shady, a big thank you!

  14. Cindy - Never heard of The South Pole in Tennessee, Cindy. Bet they made great sno-cones! If a beautiful young lady like you preferred the geeky, intellectual type of guy who drove a nerdmobile then there's hope for men everywhere! I'm happy to report that I fit that description to a certain degree. I drove a Rambler. The only class I can boast of having, however, was Fizz-Ed. :) Yes, I remember people ripping the speakers out when they left drive-in movies. I also remember people sitting on tree branches just outside the theater grounds watching movies for free. Same thing at the stock car races. Lots of tree sitters watching the action from outside the perimeter. Good times, Cindy. Good times. Thanks for checking in and checking it out, dear friend!

  15. Shady: Those where the days of having a hollow leg. Going to Gino's, Alberto's, Pappa Dino's, Mack's, Bud's, A&W, Dairy Queen. Those were the days. Now looking at food makes you gain weight. Since you are talking about cars, you don't have any old US 30 dragaway commercials up your sleeve do you? "Saturday, Saturday Night"

  16. Hey, Brian! Glad to see you again, good buddy! Don't get me started about all the fast food places in old York. In the 50s there was Tommy's Ice Cream on Queen St. hill in the Randolph Park area. At the top of the hill was Carlo's Pizza. The best pizza in town was at Jim and Nena's. Rutter's dairy had those huge banana splits, milk shakes and pretzel rods. Late nights you could head in town to the Ramona. I hung out at Bud's quite often, Avalong's (as Jerre mentioned recently) and also visited Mack's and Spurg's in Spry from time to time. Always hungry...always eating...always skinny. Yes, I certainly remember those U.S. 30 Drag-O-Way commercials. "Saturday!!!!!! Saturday at York U.S. 30's the NHRA Summernationals!!! See Big Daddy Don Garlits in his nitro burning, tire smoking, wheel standing, fuel injected..." Yessir, those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end. Thanks again for coming by, Brian, and hurry on back, y'hear?

  17. I LOVE this post! I always want to go into authentic 50's diners because the food is always so wonderfully greasy and delicious... It would have been a total dream though to go in a nice ride with my high school boyfriend with the letterman jacket though in the 1950's ;)

    Thank you for all of the beautiful and encouraging comments as of late Mr. Anderson! You never cease to make me incredibly better and very blessed indeed.

  18. Hi, Lauren! I can just picture you in American Graffiti in the role of Laurie (the name's even similar), the character played by Cindy Williams. You would have fit right in to that era. You certainly look the part day after day on your blog. Congratulations on all the recognition that you are getting and your rapidly growing roster of followers. You must be doing something right, dear friend! Thank you so much for your visit, Lauren!

  19. Hi there Tom. Hope you're having a good week over there. That Gino's sounds like a great place to hang out. We had nothing like that here, I'm afraid. All we had was a Wimpy Bar!! :( Love all the Beachboys songs. Yes, I agree with some of the others, I wish I had the metabolism of a teenager again. LOL! Wasn't it heartwarming to read Belle's post earlier today. I just wanted to say what a lovely comment you left for her my friend. Take care.

  20. Thisisme - I certainly remember the character Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons but I wasn't aware that an English hamburger chain was named after him! I read a little about Wimpy Bar (now known simply as Wimpy) and I'd love to taste one of their Benders. Yes, it was heartwarming to read Belle's post and to know that children and dogs broke the tension and made her laugh. My heart goes out to her. Thanks for visiting and hugs to you, my dear friend!


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