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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Means Fun, Part 4: When Boys of Summer Attack!





In 1963, western Pennsylvania recording artists Marcy Jo
and Eddie Rambeau teamed up to to record "Lover's Medley," a mash-up of two innocent summer snuggle songs,"The More I See You" and "When I Fall in Love." Now Eddie's here with his solo contribution to our sounds of summer collection.

"Concrete and Clay" is Eddie's def cover of a hit by the
UK band Unit 4 Plus 2. Featuring the clean, crisp production style that is most pleasing to my ears, Eddie Rambeau's "Concrete and Clay" played in moderate to heavy rotation on the Mighty 9-10, becoming a Central Pennsylvania regional favorite and the biggest hit of Eddie's career. The record is pure delight. I defy anybody to stay depressed while listening to it!

"Concrete and Clay" - Eddie Rambeau 
(May/June 1965, highest chart position #35) 


Although more famous for unleashing his thundering baritone in productions like Camelot, Robert Goulet crossed over to pop and recorded a feel good summer song that's chock-full of powerful imagery!

"Summer Sounds" was not a major hit. It climbed less than halfway up the Billboard ladder before tumbling back down
to obscurity. Nevertheless, this Goulet goodie was played often enough on WSBA during the month of June 1965 to make a lasting impression on me and earn a spot in the Shady's Law Hall of Fame!

"Summer Sounds" - Robert Goulet 
(June 1965, highest chart position #58) 

One of the most distinctive summer sounds is the one made by a car's windshield wipers during a shower. In 1966 Lou Christie suggested a link between the hypnotic sweep of the wipers and the steamy romance unfolding inside the vehicle, a love connection that prompted some radio stations to ban the record!

"Rhapsody in the Rain" - Lou Christie 
(May 1966, highest position #16) 

Country pop artist Ronnie Dove had a string of crossover hits to his credit by the time he released "Happy Summer Days" in 1966. Ronnie's songs were always well received in Central PA and got plenty of exposure on WSBA radio.

"Happy Summer Days" was no exception. The evocative memory maker climbed the Billboard ladder in June and July, reaching its zenith in the top 30.

"Happy Summer Days" - Ronnie Dove 
(June 1966, highest chart position #27) 

I had already finished picking songs for Summer Means Fun when I realized there were very few in the entire 12-part series that were released after 1966! What about songs released during the Summer of Love, 1967? What about songs from the summer of 1968 and 1969? No way! I mined music primarily from the early and mid 60s because songs related to summer fun were more innocent back then.  In the carefree world of Jan and Dean, challenging a wave on your surfboard was about as serious as it got!

"Ride the Wild Surf" - Jan and Dean 
(October 1964, highest chart position #16) 

By 1967 the tide had turned. Beach songs, surfing songs, hot rod songs and other sounds celebrating the California lifestyle (a lifestyle that kids everywhere wanted to adopt) were vanishing from the pop music charts, radio & TV, and the record stores.

A defining moment in pop music's abandonment of summer-themed songs, fun songs, and sweet, innocent love songs came in March of 1966. "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles, a hit song that month, signaled the beginning of the end. As the All Music Guide points out, "Nowhere Man" was the first Beatles song to move beyond romantic themes entirely.

"Nowhere Man" - Beatles 
(March 1966, highest chart position #3) 

In the spring of 1966 the success of songs like "Nowhere Man" indicated that silly love songs and good time rock ‘n roll were rapidly giving way to music for the thinking man. Like it or not, and I honestly didn't like it initially, heavyweights like the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel were ushering in an era of deep, serious, introspective music.

To every thing there is a season and the time and the purpose of Summer Means Fun is not's frivolity! So before we bust out cryin' let's quickly press the rewind button, turn turn turn back the clock, and invite Jerry Keller to welcome the summer solstice the right way...the good old fashioned way...the fun way!

"Here Comes Summer" - Jerry Keller 
(August 1959, highest chart position #14) 

Cowabunga, Moondoggie... 

there's lots more mindless retro pop  
coming up in the next installment of 

Summer Means Fun! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Shady- i love your posts because they expand my world so much. When I tried to think of a summer song, all I could come up with was Summer Lovin' from Grease. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Shelly! "Summer Lovin'" is certainly a great summer song and I thank you for reminding me of it. A couple more that I can think of off hand that aren't included in this series would be "Summertime" by Billy Stewart (1966) and "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry (1969). It makes me very happy to know that I am expanding your world. That's a wonderful compliment! There are eight more episodes of Summer Means Fun still to come so I hope you'll stay close and enjoy! Thank you very much for stopping by to see me, dear friend Shelly!

  3. Like Shelly, you expand my world as well Shady and this one was really special. I had all but forgotten just about all of these and enjoyed them so much especially one of my favorites by Ronnie Dove. This series is making my happy meter stay excited. Thanks.

  4. Odie - I'm glad to know that your happy meter is pegged! Obviously I am posting these songs because they are favorites of mine but also because many are seldom heard nuggets like the one by Robert Goulet. The fun has just begun. Part 5 of SMF is just around the corner so don't touch that dial, good buddy!

  5. I was smiling all through these songs, Shady. I love a song that makes me smile.
    The only one I don't remember was Robert Goulet's. We all liked him in our family and I remember seeing him on all the variety shows.

    Loved Concrete & Clay, and Rhapsody in the Rain reminded me of all the times I made out with boys in their cars. Quite an exciting time! Loved the video.
    Jan and Dean's video showed all the hot young actors of the day, I would bet that James Mitchum was Robert Mitchum's son.

    The Beatles! As soon as they started singing in their beautiful harmony I was transfixed again. John's clear, strong voice; Paul and George backing up and Ringo on the drums. They were just amazing. My daughters loved them and now my granddaughters. And all without help from me. I didn't listen to them as the kids were growing up. They just discovered the Beatles along with their teen friends. It actually surprised me.

    A long comment, Shady. But I know you don't mind.

  6. Belle - Yessum! James Mitchum is Robert Mitchum's oldest son and bears a strong resemblance. Yessum! In that J&D clip we got to see young Shelley "Donna Reed Show" Fabares, Barbara "I Dream of Jeannie" Eden just before her hit TV series began, and other hot young stars of the day. Yessum! I'm sure that making out with boys in cars made for some exciting times... especially for the boys! Yessum! Many young people are discovering the Beatles on their own and becoming fans w/o any arm twisting from their grandparents. For a good number of them the interest goes far beyond the Beatles to include all that was great about the 20th century from music to movies to pop culture to fashion to attitudes, values and lifestyle. In that respect the times they are a changing...for the better! Thank you very much for your wonderful comments, dear Belle!

  7. can we just talk about Robert Goulet for a minute. How crazy awesome is he?!? I will be honest and say that I had no clue who he was until Will Ferrel starting doing impersonations of him on SNL but I glad I finally learned who this dapper dude was. FYI my husband does the BEST Robert Goulet voice, cracks me up every time.

  8. It's funny because when replying back to comments on my blog, I always save yours for last. Probably because you leave me the most special and meaningful comments that absolutely blow my mind. Sometimes I can't imagine what I would do without your wonderful and kind support Mr. Anderson. I've forgotten how many times I've thanked you, but for me it's never enough. I could thank you over, and over, and over agin. People like you are the types of people who should run for president because you give the people what they need: hope. You've given me hope for countless things. Friends. A good future. Getting out of my narrow minded town. And so much more. Thank you Mr. Anderson, you are just wonderful...

  9. Amber Blue Bird - I'm glad to know that you're a Goulet groupie! "Summer Sounds" is my Pick to Click for this post, a forgotten gem that I'm proud to present. Are you saying that your husband sings like Bob Goulet? If so you should record him doing his imitation and post it on your blog. If he takes requests I'd love to hear "My Love Forgive Me (Amore, Scusami)." Thanks for coming over for a visit, ABB, and have a doozy of a day, dearie!

    Lauren - Hello, my dear friend! There are very few bloggers who open up to their readers as much as you do. Think of all the women your age that you have helped by exploring important issues that other bloggers avoid. I applaud your candor and your courage. If I am a hope giver then you must know that you are also one. It feels good, doesn't it? I am so proud of your accomplishments and so thrilled to be following your life journey. As always I thank you for your kind and generous words, Lauren!

  10. Hi Shady! That naughty Belle - making out with the boys in their cars! I obviously know of Robert Goulet, but remember him more as a musical star, rather than for hits of the 60's. I love that song Concrete & Clay, but having listened to your version, I confess that I prefer the Unit 4 Plus 2 version. Sorry!! Unfortunately, I had never heard of Ronnie Dove , but I loved all the Jan & Dean songs. I thought that Nowhere Man by The Beatles was very atmospheric. Great post as always my dear friend.

  11. Thisisme - I'm not surprised that you fancy the Unit 4 Plus 2 version. If you're a Jan and Dean lover you'll be glad to know that those Legendary Masked Surfers will be back time and time again throughout this summer series. Stay tuned! Thank you for your visit and your comments, dear Thisisme!

  12. There's not a single song listed that I don't like ... LOVE! How great to hear "Concrete and Clay", so upbeat and I love this song! So wonderful to hear Robert Goulet and another old favorite, "Rhapsody in the Rain". I never knew about the song being banned. Love the lyric, "while your heart's still taking pictures that we share as years go by", in "Happy Summer Day".

    What memories from the song and video of Jan and Dean, I was one who wanted to adopt the California lifestyle. :-) Jerry Keller's song, "Here Comes Summer" was such a feel-good song and especially LOVED the "My Kentucky Home" melody in the lyric, "Let the sun shine bright on my happy summer home".

    Thank you, Shady, hope you're keepin' cool in the shade!

  13. Cindy - I'm glad this batch of songs gave you a lift, dear friend, because they always make me feel good, too! I love how you usually know most of the songs that I present. It's a connection we have that is very important to me. I hope that you are in good spirits these days, dear Cindy, and I thank you very much for listening to Shady's jukebox. Have a wonderful Tennessee evening!

  14. I love Concrete and Clay, what a great song!


  15. Emma - I'm happy to see "Concrete and Clay" garnering so many votes from those commenting, although I suspect that you, like Thisisme, might prefer the original version of the song by Unit 4 Plus 2. You'll have to let me know about that because I'm curious. Your smiling face is always a welcome sight here on SDM&M, my dear friend. Thank you for your comment and good night to you in Dublin!

  16. Shady- you are right about teens liking much more than just the Beatles. My oldest granddaughter is into all kinds of music from the 60s to the 90s. She wears AC/DC pajama bottoms!

  17. What a great playlist. I'll have to set aside some time to check out your previous Summer Means Fun parts (we've got a high-profile trial going on right now that's monopolizing most of my time) to get some more fun summer tunes!

    Hope you're staying nice and cool down there in the sunshine state, friend :)

  18. I adore mindless retro pop! Can't wait to see what you'll share with us next.

    I'm a huge fan of fun and summer but I also love the thinking stuff. The Beatles make my soul sing and cry out for more. Be still my heart!

    I love your posts, Shady. They truly are a refuge from the dreary world. I can't help but sing along. And when I'm singing, all is well.

  19. Belle - That would be Cherish, correct? In the months that I have been following your blog I have learned a lot about your family. I am especially encouraged by the things you reveal about your three lovely granddaughters. Each one is unique. Each one is gifted. Each one has the potential to bring about positive change in our world. Thank you for following up, dear friend Belle!

    Ashton - Nice and cool? Not hardly! (LOL) 97 for the daytime high and record setting high-low temperatures overnight with an overnight "feels like" temp of 95! I realize how a high profile trial can monopolize your time. Knowing how busy you are makes your visit all the more special to me. I hope you do get a chance to experience SMF from the beginning. Thanks, dear friend Ashton!

    Crystal Pistol - That's what I'm here for, dear friend. I would like nothing better than to be your oasis, a safe place to come and clear your head and play. That's what the original Shady Dell was and I am honored to be carrying on the tradition. I am delighted by your visit and I wish you a wonderful day and weekend, Crystal!

  20. You're right I only knew the original, my mam used to play it when I was growing up! Like Amber, I only know Robert Goulet from the Saturday Night Live sketch too!

    Emma x

  21. Emma - Herman's Hermits once sang "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter." Your mam's got one too!

    I haven't been a regular SNL viewer since the 90s and therefore I was not aware that Will Ferrell was currently doing an imitation of Robert Goulet. You and Amber aroused my curiosity and I just watched Ferrell's Rap songs CD sketch. I nearly fell out of my chair! (LOL) Trust me, for those of us old enough to remember Goulet, Ferrell's bit is even funnier than it is for the younger viewers.

    Thanks, Emma, and have a super weekend, dear friend!

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