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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, June 5, 2011

--- Now Playing at the Shady Dell --- Jukebox Giants of June 1966

The month of June is underway 

and that means it's time to take 

another peek inside the old 

Shady Dell jukebox! 

The box is on fire this month! Led by heavy hitters from Motown, this batch of songs represents the starting lineup... the heart of the batting order. This is hands down the greatest collection of 45s that the Dell will have to offer during the mid 60s!

Experience the look and sound of 
young America! 


New, Hot and Hitbound: 

“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” – Temptations 
(cool Y/T remix) 

“You’ll Lose a Precious Love” – Temptations 

“Take Some Time Out for Love” 
– Isley Brothers (cool Y/T remix) 

"Just a Little Misunderstanding" – Contours 
(cool Y/T remix) 

"Don’t Bring Me Down" – Animals 

"Cheating" – Animals 

"Hanky Panky" – Tommy James 
& The Shondells 

"Hungry" – Paul Revere & the Raiders 

“Truly Yours” – Spinners 

“Loving You is Sweeter than Ever” 
 – Four Tops 

“Paperback Writer” – Beatles 

“Along Comes Mary” - Association 

“He” – Righteous Brothers 

“Little Girl” – Syndicate Of Sound 

“Sweet Pea” – Tommy Roe 


Old Dell Gold:
(Records from past weeks, months and years
that have maintained their popularity)

“It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” – James Brown
(May ’66)

“Is it Yes, Or is it No?” – James Brown (May ’66)

“Cool Jerk” – Capitols (April ’66)

“Hello Stranger” – Capitols (April ’66)

“Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)” – Swingin’
Medallions (May ’66)

“(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” – Righteous Bros.
(March ’66)

“I Got Everything I Need” – Sam & Dave (April ’66)

“Hold On, I’m a Comin’” – Sam & Dave (April ’66) 

“When a Man Loves a Woman” – Percy Sledge
(April ’66)

“A Groovy Kind of Love” – Mindbenders (April ’66)

“Barefootin’” – Robert Parker (May ’66)

“I’ll Take Good Care of You” – Garnet Mimms (April ’66)

“No Man is an Island” – Van Dykes (March ’66)

“I Won’t Hold it Against You” – Van Dykes (March ’66)

“I Am a Rock” – Simon & Garfunkel (May ’66)

“This Old Heart of Mine” – Isley Brothers (March ’66)

“(I’m a) Road Runner” – Jr. Walker & the All Stars
(April ’66)

“The Boogaloo Party” – Flamingos (March ’66)

“Mustang Sally” – Young Rascals (March ’66)

“Good Lovin’” – Young Rascals (March ’66)

“Paint it Black” – Rolling Stones (May ’66)

“Shoot Your Shot” – Jr. Walker & the All Stars (April ’66)

“Come On Let’s Go” – McCoys (May ’66)

“Peace of Mind” – Magnificent Men (January ’66)

“All Your Lovin’s Gone to My Head” – Magnificent Men
(January ’66)

“Get Ready” – Temptations (March ’66)

“Fading Away” – Temptations (March ’66)

“Gloria” – Shadows of Knight (March ’66)

“Everybody’s Gotta Lose Someday” – Del-Chords
aka Del-Cords) (December ’64)

“Close Your Eyes” – Five Keys (March ’55)

“Human” – Tommy Hunt (September ’61)

Big changes are coming to the jukebox in the month of July.

Which songs will still be hotter than a firecracker on the 4th, and which ones will be cold as ice?

You have
one month
to speculate
but remember,
ladies & gentlemen,
this is only
an exhibition,
this is not
a competition;
so please --
no wagering!

Have a Shady day!


  1. That was an awesome selection and you truly have something for everyone. Of course my favorites were the Temptations at the beginning and then I have to jump forward to the Association, Righteous Brothers & Tommy Roe. A great jump start to my morning. Thanks my friend.

  2. Odie - Thanks, buddy! Tommy Roe's "Sweet Pea" video is the one getting so much buzz on YouTube. It's the classic clip in which Tommy lip syncs a duet with an incredibly poised and charming little girl. That girl is now a grandmother and she and Tommy Roe were recently reunited to share memories of their priceless mid 60s performance. Have a good one way up there in the frozen north, Odie!

  3. oh yea this playlist had me shaking my hips. I love Ain’t Too Proud to Beg. Its just a catchy tune and makes me wanna snap my fingers and sing along which is exactly what I did when I hit play on that video :)

  4. Amber Blue Bird - I can just imagine you flapping your wings to some of these tunes! "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and a couple of other videos posted here are examples of the excellent remixing work being done by YouTubers. They are creating exciting extended versions of the old hits with bright, HQ sound which I really dig! Thanks so much for coming by, Amber, and have a wonderful evening and week, kiddo!

  5. Paul Revere & the Raiders' costumes were so rad, Shady! Have a wonderful week!

  6. Lenore Nevermore - The Raiders wore gimmicky costumes but when it came to making music they were the real deal. Those guys could rock with the best of them! Thank you very much for visiting, dear friend Lenore, and stay dry wherever you are!

  7. My legs were jumping and my head was swinging with these songs, Shady. The only one I had never heard, Just A Little Misunderstanding, is now a favorite. I remember watching the Righteous Brothers on TV so many times. I loved them.

  8. Belle - I'm glad you like the one by the Contours because it's a favorite of mine, too. The Motown group is best known for its top 5 hit "Do You Love Me" but I like "Misunderstanding" a lot more. It was a very popular dance number at the Dell 45 years ago this month. The video clip of the song is another of those YouTube HQ remixes that just sound great. Thanks for coming over, dear Belle, and have a good evening in B.C.

  9. "Ain't too proud to beg" is one of my all time faves! I can't listen to that song without beltin' it out and wigglin' in my seat.

    I think all men should adopt this philosophy as their own. :)

    Thanks for sharing!! It's FUN over here!

  10. Crystal Pistol - I'm so glad you're having fun over here because you are more than welcome. The original Shady Dell was a place where you could go to listen to music, dance, forget your troubles, blow off steam and have fun with friends. I'm trying to provide that same kind of setting here at SDM&M. I am delighted to have you join Belle and our other friends around the world at this oasis. Thank you very much for your comment and have a wonderful day, dear friend Crystal!

  11. Hey Shady, you finally found a longer version of your favorite Contours' song and one of my favorites. I also like their Motown recordings of "Whole Lotta Woman", "Funny", and their two-sided follow-up to "Do You Love Me", "Shake Sherrie"/"You Better Get In Line". They were all on the ORIGINAL "Do You Love Me" album, which was never reissued intact on CD. "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever" is still one of the best Four Tops songs. Sadly, only Abdul Fakir is left of the group now. That re-mix of "Take Some Time Out For Love" was better than the original. "You'll Lose A Precious Love" always a favorite Temps' B-side. Thanks for introducing me to "Cheating" as well as a favorite Animals' song. Association and Righteous Brothers and of course, Paul Revere & the Raiders always good. Keep rockin'.

  12. Hi, Ron! "Cheating" is a bluesy gem alright. As you recall the reinvented Eric Burdon and the Animals had another killer B at the Dell with "A Girl Named Sandoz" which you have told me is one of your favorites. You're in the on deck circle, good buddy. Another one of your patented playlists is coming soon! Have a great day in Tulsa Town!

  13. Wow! What a selection! But, as always, you had me at "Anything James Brown!!" And don't EVEN get me started with "Ain't Too Proud to Beg!" AWESOME!! What a great, fun post, Shady! Can't tell you how much I needed that!! Thanks!

  14. Joan - "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" seems to be everybody's Pick to Click and it's in the top 10 on my list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell. You might also remember the song being featured on the soundtrack of the 1983 movie The Big Chill. Thank you very much for coming over for a visit, dear Joan, and have a super day in Nashville!

  15. What a great post, I was familiar with almost all of the songs! Enjoyed the the Temptations' first video and love the song, too. Thought the image on the "Just a Little Misunderstanding" video was quite effective with the revolving earth and the praying figures below. The angst of love came to mind with the three titles in a row: Don't Bring Me Down, Cheating and Hanky Panky. Good gracious! ;~) I can honestly say I loved all the rest of the songs. BTW, I had a little record (smaller than a 45) that I used to love of "Hanky Panky". Does anyone know what those are called?

    Thank you, Shady, to one of the most dedicated bloggers!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Oops! I am "stuttering" in the second line of my post. (Sorry 'bout that!)


  18. Wow, Cindy, you brought up something that I haven't thought about in years. I never saw "Hanky Panky" on a small diameter record but some quick Googling revealed that kiddie records often came in 5 inch rather than the standard 7 inch and that other novelty records and some 78s were even smaller, as tiny as 3 inches wide! I'm so glad you enjoyed some of these songs. Your stuttering is welcome here anytime! (LOL) Thank you for calling me a dedicated blogger. One thing I know for sure is that I am dedicated to our friendship!


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