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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random Acts of Greatness! Dell Rat Jerre Presents the 15 Greatest on Record! (Part 1)


Our good friend 
Dell Rat Jerre 
is back with 
another survey! 
This time Jerre 
has compiled 
list of the top 
15 recording 
artists of the 
rock and roll 
era. Bands, groups and solo performers are all included, so without further
hesitation...LET'S PLOW! 

1. Meat Loaf 

2. Moody Blues 

3. Bob Dylan 

4. Jive Five 

5. Three Dog Night 

6. Buddy Holly 

7. Billy Joel 

8. James Brown 

9. Magnificent Men 

10. Cadillacs 

Time for a Shady Del Knight 

Can you name this vocal group? 

Everybody's eligible to make a guess except Dell Rat Jerre who already knows who they are.

While you're sitting there pulling you hair out trying to i.d. these guys I'll take a short break. Please be here next Monday when I return with the answer in Part 2 of Dell Rat Jerre's 15 Greatest Recording Artists...Ever!

Have a Shady day!


  1. A-ha! Even I know a lot of these artists :) No idea on the vocal group, but I have until Monday you say? Hmmm, watch this space! Have a wonderful weekend Shady :)

  2. You too, G-T! I'm pleased to know that you remember some of the artists on this list and that you wish to take part in my brain buster. If you are the first to correctly identify that group you win a lifetime subscription to my blog! (LOL) Have a splendid day in Paris, dear friend!

  3. Fun post, You know I know most of these groups. I still have Moody Blue Albums ( yes albums, giggle). Not sure who the group is though. Hugs!

  4. Hi, Katie! If your albums are still playable you should get a turntable and listen to them. There's currently a big swing back to vinyl because that medium reproduces sound that is rich and authentic, not thin and sterile as is often the case when playing compact discs. You also get the full size album artwork which is a plus. Thank you for stopping by, Katie, and have a great day in your corner of the blog world!

  5. I've had very few people in my life to love and support me. My family has always been here for me, but outside of them my friendships have been very few and far inbetween. I can count on one hand the number of close friends that I have, and it seems as though as the years go by the number dwindles. I've been backstabbed, betrayed, used, made fun of, and anthing else you can imagine from previous "friends." Just a few months ago, I lost the two most dear friends I had ever made and I had always thought would always be there for me. Jealousy unfortunately overcame them.

    Why am I telling you all of this Mr. Anderson? Because you have been here for me supporting, and cheering me on more than most of the people in my life ever have. Your comments... you don't know me in real life, but my goodness, they seem as though you have known me and been close to me for years. My gratitude it immeasurable towards you for your friendship, because it is something I greatly lack in my everyday life. Thank you for everything. Just thank you so very much for being here for me when so many people aren't.

  6. Lauren, these words of yours mean the world to me. I am humbled by them. You are a very special person, one to which I am proud to lend my friendship and support. You have exhibited wisdom beyond your years in being able to recognize someone who genuinely cares and has no agenda other than to spread love and laughter and give encouragement to young people who embrace the values of the past. Thank you for the gift of your beautiful comments, dear friend Lauren!

  7. That was a lot of fun with some I really had never heard of and some I have always loved. I really had a great time listening to all of them. Thanks a bunch and stay safe with all this crazy weather.

  8. Odie - Thanks for reporting in, my friend. I'm glad some of the selections on Jerre's list brightened your day. I've been thinking about you with severe storms sweeping thru the southeast and mid Atlantic. Stay safe, good buddy!

  9. well he put together an awesome list. On my drive out to RI my husband and I played Bob Dylan nearly non-stop. Oh and no Oliver did not join in on the anniversary fun. His grandmother puppysat for us :)

  10. Amber Blue Bird - I'm sure Ollie was happy when you returned home. Maybe you could treat him to a romp over at the duck pond. I'm glad Jerre's pix resonated with you. You have expanded my horizons tremendously in recent months with the artists that you have introduced on your fine site. It's great to hear from you, dear friend. Have a wonderful evening!

  11. YAY! I knew nearly all those Artists and have always enjoyed listening to them, so good picks from Jerre. What's that sneaky Gawgus things up to - she'll never guess the name of that group!! I'm afraid that I don't know them Shady, so I will have to check in again on Monday to get the answer! Enjoy your weekend and keep safe dear friend, with all the storms going on over there at the moment. Oh! Wasn't that a lovely comment from SomeoneLikeYou?!

  12. Thisisme - Hello, dear friend! Yes, I live for comments like the one from Lauren at Someone Like You. My calling in life is to mentor those who are receptive to the advice and guidance that I offer. The future of the planet is in the hands of our young and I proudly cast my vote for those like Lauren who are preserving what is left of a rapidly vanishing way of life. It's great to have both you and that Gawgus girl drop by to see me the same day. I know you'll be glued to the tube tomorrow. Have a marvelous time watching the wedding, Thisisme!

  13. I received the following email from Dell Rat Jerre:

    "Hi Shady. You blew me away with all the great clips today. I picked the groups and performers, but you found the clips and selected the songs. I would have never guessed you would pick that song by the Jive Five. Only a Jive Five fanatic or a lover of killer Bs would remember that song. It has all the Jive Five background trademarks. Another favorite of mine by Jive 5 that no one remembers and was a fun song was People From Another World. Good old Sputnik time. In any case, great job and I'm looking forward to The next Edition. Jerre"

    Jerre, you're the man of the hour! You're the one who is doing all the heavy lifting and I appreciate it. I hope that you will enjoy part 2 in which we finish your countdown. I'll be shocked if anybody can guess the name of that mystery vocal group! Thanks for your email, Jerre, and check back in on Monday.

  14. Great list! And I actually knew most of these :)

  15. Ashton - I remember you telling me recently about your interest in older music. I am very impressed with you for knowing most of these artists. Thanks for reporting in, dear friend, and I hope that you and yours will stay safe throughout this active spring tornado season!

  16. Jerre and Shady- After first hearing, "Bat Out of Hell" on this site and now this other Meatloaf song, I can say I am a fan. He is an amazing artist. I may not agree with his lyrics, but the music and the way he sings is wonderful and unusual.
    I loved Dylan when I was a teen, although some of his songs were banned in California. I first really listened to Billy Joel when he was in concert with Elton John, who was the one I had come to see. I ended up loving his sets as much as Elton's. He is exciting to watch as well as hear.
    Thanks for some great songs!

  17. Belle - Welcome back, dear friend! Meat Loaf infused his songs and videos with over-the-top gothic drama and I love that about him. I didn't know that Dylan was banned in California. Was his "Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues" one of the banned songs? Thank you, weary traveler, for taking the time to visit me. You were missed, Belle!

  18. If I remember right, one of his songs had the word "damn" in it. It was banned where I lived, but I think they played it only in Los Angeles.
    I think some anti-war songs were banned at times.

  19. Belle - As I always like to say, gangsta-rap was still light years away! Thanks, my dear friend!


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