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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Original Dell Rat Recalls The Race for Space (Parking Space at the Dell!)

In response to a
post last December
in which I fondly
recalled how the
Shady Dell's parking
lot was overflowing
every Friday and
Saturday night,
veteran Dell rat
Greg Gulden

Mr. Knight, I wanted to show you how I
took care of the weekend parking problem.

This is a picture of a Sears All State.
I had one just like this around 1964 and '65.

I would park it up front by the steps.
Parking problem solved!

A Dell Rat All Ways, Greg Gulden

Thanks for the memory, Greg! Now that you mention it I remember stumbling over your bike one night as I made a mad dash down the steps to my car trying to beat the township curfew.

Ain't it the truth! On weekends the Shady Dell parking lot was more crowded than a shopping mall on Black Friday. There's proof in a rare Dell photo circa 1965 that I found
in a cigar box in my attic. (See figure BS)

Figure BS: A typical Friday evening at the Shady Dell.
Rats had one Dell of a time finding a parking space!

After getting my dad's car involved in a fender bender at the Dell while attempting to squeeze a 5 foot wide vehicle into a 2 foot wide space I finally had a belly full of parking hassles and came up with a solution of my own. (See Figure BS-2)

Figure BS-2: Parking problem solved, Shady Del style!

Greg, your All State's not a big motorcycle, just a groovy little motorbike, and your letter has inspired me to play some of my favorite songs about getting from point A to point B. Keep in mind that point A is wherever you are now and point B is the Shady Dell!

Let's start with the song about taking a ride on a scooter and getting to first, second and third gear with your girl!

"Little Honda" - Hondells
(October 1964, highest chart position #9)

If you have a greater need for speed, you could follow the lead of Eric Burdon, declare War, and get where you're going on a chopped off Harley...power to the max!

"Outlaw" - War
(1982, highest chart position #13 R&B)

In 1969 a man went looking for America. And couldn't find it anywhere... "You know, Billy...we blew it."

"If 6 Was 9" - Jimi Hendrix Experience
(October 1969, uncharted B side of
"Stone Free" which Bubbled Under at #130. Scene from the motion picture Easy Rider.)

If you can't afford those wheels take heart. Jan and Dean show us that low tech trans and bun bustin' are just as cool.

"Sidewalk Surfin'" - Jan and Dean
(November 1964, highest chart position #25)

And if all else fails, you can get to the Dell the old fashioned way, according to soul man Marvin Gaye.

"Hitch Hike" - Marvin Gaye
(February 1963, highest chart position #30)

Thanks again to

Greg (a Dell rat all ways) Gulden

for sharing another great

Dell memory with us!

Have a Shady day!


  1. sure sounds like parking was quite a challenge! I just love how you are able to come up with songs for just about anything to integrate into your posts!! Hope you had a great weekend and have a fabulous week!

  2. Thank you, Kristina! There's a wealth of great music to choose from and I rather enjoy using songs with a common theme to complement anecdotes that readers send in. Hugs to your menagerie and have a wonderful week ahead, dear friend!

  3. Never heard that song from WAR it does sound a lil like Cisco Kid.

  4. Greg had a great idea there! Cool little bike.
    Love Little Honda. I thought the Beach Boys sang it, and I guess they did later.
    Sidewalk Surfin is cute, but I never did see guys run into the ocean with sweaters on in California!
    This was lots of fun, Shady.

  5. Israel - "Outlaw" and "Me and Baby Brother" are my two favorites by War. I remember them as club hits. I'm sure you recall the band's "Low Rider" and know that it became the theme song for the George Lopez Show, one of my favorite sitcoms. Thanks for your comment, my good friend, and have a fab week!

    Belle - "Little Honda" was written by Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Mike Love and included on their album All Summer Long. They gave the song to the Hondells who, at the time, were nothing more than a lead vocalist and a group of studio musicians including Glen Campbell. It was only after the Hondells' single became a hit that an actual four man lineup was put together for touring purposes. I hope my Beach Boys and Jan and Dean songs didn't make you too homesick for SoCal! (LOL) Have a wonderful week, dear friend Belle!

  6. Hi Shady. I love Greg's 'scooter'! It looks so retro now. But I love your great big tractor (well, I don't think it is an actual tractor, but you'll know the pic I mean!). That really made me smile this morning. That Shady Dell sure was a very popular place on a Friday & Saturday night! Isn't it wonderful how we have so many fantastic memories from those times?!Along with The Beach Boys, I used to love Jan and Dean - such a great summer sound. Always brings back memories of hot summer days when I listen to those surfing tunes. Have a great week dear friend.

  7. Thisisme - Songs by the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean and other artists who celebrated the Southern California lifestyle of sunning, surfing and cruising in cars made kids all across the country feel like they were a part of that scene, even those enduring cold, snowy winters in the land locked midwest. Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end. Here's wishing you a safe, healthy and happy week in England, dear Thisisme!

  8. Greg this one was unique and special. Must have been a real challenge finding a good place to park without causing or ending up with damage. And to make this monday even more special we get to hear the unique and awesome sounds that go right along with the theme. Shady, you put together another super blog. Have an awesome week my friend.

  9. Odie - Oddly enough I don't really remember any motorcycles or bikes being parked at the Dell. No monster trucks either! (LOL) I'm glad you enjoyed these theme songs, my friend, and have a terrific day up in Carolina!

  10. I seem to remember a lot of weekends I had to drive across from the parking lot and use space along that dirt road that ran to I-forget-where. As I recall, there was enough room to pull in at right angles to the dirt road and still leave enough room for cars to use it without scraping my car.

  11. Ron - That parking annex was along Shady Dell Road, which in those days was a bumpy dirt and cinder lane that connected Starcross to Grantley. S.D.R. provided Dell rats with a much needed yet suspension punishing escape route when township police blocked off Starcross above and below the Dell to check for curfew violations and underage drinking. Thanks for reporting in, Ron, and have a wonderful week, my friend!

  12. well your idea certainly solved the parking problem, just squashing cars to pieces would clear up the parking situation for sure :) I really enjoyed the vid for sidewalk surfing, I've always wanted to learn to skateboard and actually tried it out a few years ago but its a lot harder than it looks...I think I would have to go the Marvin route and hitch hike it up

  13. Amber Blue Bird - Somehow I can picture you perched on a black Harley chopper! (LOL) If you're interested in skateboarding I invite you to watch this scene from a bitchin' movie I just saw entitled Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

    Thank you for swinging by, Amber, and have a warm and wonderful New England evening, my dear friend!

  14. Hondells trumps Jerry and the pacemakers!

  15. Copyboy - Really? Well, neither of those groups can hold a candle to my main man Disco Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes! (LOL) Thanks for coming by, C-Boy, and have a nice evening and a great week!

  16. I agree completely with mskanorado!
    Continue to entertain us with your wonderful creativity! Cheers, Shady!!

  17. Cheers right back at you, Lenore Nevermore! You are sweet for echoing what Kristina expressed. I have always enjoyed hosting parties and SDM&M gives me the chance to have friends like you over, entertain them, and give them some sugar. Life is short and often hard and I think you'll agree that music and good humor help. Have a wonderful night and please come back to see me soon, dear friend Lenore!

  18. Thanks to you all for the comments about my little scooter. I never had a problem with any one wanting to damage my ride but some times I would have to look for it, It had a way of not being were I left it. A chain and lock took care of that. You all take care and come back to the Dell real soon. A DELL RAT ALL WAYS Greg

  19. Hi Greg - I trust that you won't mind me sharing a few more of your interesting comments with the gang.

    Greg Gulden wrote: "The Honda invasion was going full force when I got my All State. The little 50 cc Hondas were everywhere. I was always one to march to a different drummer, no cookie cutter Honda for me. Hell they were made of plastic . My All State was made of steel and it had been around for years. It makes me feel good to tell others about the golden days of the Dell and would also like to tell our friends what a great city York was in the days of the Dell. Your friend and A DELL RAT ALL WAYS Greg"

    Thanks for these additional remarks, Greg. As Dell Rat Jerre observed a while back, the White Rose City of the 1950s and 60s would have made an ideal setting for a movie like American Graffiti. Thank you very much for your input, Greg. I said it before and I'll say it again. You are the quintessential Dell rat!

  20. Never owned a motorbike, but my MG would fit into some mighty small spaces. My MG never got moved, but I remember my friends Bugeye Sprite being found on a sidewalk in front of his house once.


  21. Jerre - Those Bugeye Sprites were so compact you could almost carry them around in your pocket! (LOL) Thanks for the memory, good buddy, and have a great Tuesday!

  22. Another creative post! Of course I loved Little Honda. Question: Hondells/Shondells, any relation? I remember the Hendrix song, I remember my Hendrix album, played it often. Those were some good memories watching the Sidewalk Surfin', I got pretty good at that, it was fun. :-D Some of your pictures cracked me up, the crowded lot and that tractor-truck.

    BTW, my dad lived about 60 miles from York for 20 years. Thanks for the memories!

  23. Cindy - As you recall there were many pop music acts of the 50s and 60s that had "del" or "dell" in their name, including Del-Vikings, Del-Satins, Del-Lords, Del-Chords, Bill Deal and the Rhondels, Dells, Hondells and Shondells. There's no direct relation between the Hondells and Shondells but there is a similarity. Both had hit records before they were actually groups. The Hondells were Chuck Girard, former lead vocalist of the Castells who had hits in 1961 with "Sacred" (#20) and in 1962 with "So This is Love' (#21) backed by various session musicians including Glen Campbell on guitar. When "Little Honda" became a hit they scrambled to put together a 4-man group to make personal appearances. The Shondells were based in Michigan and recorded "Hanky Panky" on the small local Snap label. There was no distribution deal so the song never broke nationally. Nearly two years later a Pittsburgh DJ resurrected the single and it caught fire. Lead singer Tommy Jackson (aka Tommy James) was the only original Shondell still available so he too had to scramble to put together a band. Cindy, I wish I could have seen you sidewalk surfin' back in the day. I hope you didn't bust your buns! (LOL) Thank you very much for reading and commenting, dear friend!

  24. I adore the songs integrated in this post and the pictures, too especially Greg's scooter;-)

  25. Fashion, Art and other fancies - Your kind compliments are flattering and I thank you very much! I suspect that Greg's scooter would be of use to you there in Paris now that your weather has turned warmer and the sun is shining. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, my new friend, and please visit us again!


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