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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dell Rat Jerre Presents: The 15 Biggest Doo-Wop Whoppers!

Mercy mercy me!
This here's the
and I'm your
doctor of love!
Now you listen to
the Wolfman.
As long as you
got the curves,
baybay, I got the

Just remember
what the Wolfman says. It's all according to how
your boogaloo
situation stands,
ya understand.

My good

friend Dell Rat
Jerre asked
me to spin
some of his
It's Jerre's

list of the 15
Greatest Doo-
Wop Classics!

The Shady
Dell was a doo-wop mecca, ya see, and
Jerre is dedicating these snuggle songs
to all you Dell vikings and Dellettes
around the world!

So cuddle up with that special someone
and start squeezin' while Jerre's doo-
wop whoppers do the pleasin'.

Without further ado, from Dell Rat Jerre
and me to you, here are the dreamiest
slow jams of all time, and that's a
natural fact from Wolfman Jack!

You pay close
attention to 
these songs or 
the Wolfman's 
gonna GETCHA!

1. "To The Aisle" – Five Satins
(September 1957)

2. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" – Platters (February 1959)

3. "Those Three Little Words" – Delcos (October 1962/April 1963)

"Those Three Little Words" was released on 45rpm in October of 1962 as the B side of "Arabia" but failed to chart. In April of 1963 "Arabia" appeared on the Billboard Bubbling Under chart for two weeks before disappearing.

4. "No Not Again" – Jive Five (April 1962)

This is the killer bee side of "Hully Gully Callin' Time," a Shady's Law special that spent 5 weeks trapped in the Bubbling Under basement and then vanished.

5. "Coney Island Baby" - Excellents (December 1962)

6. "Close Your Eyes" – Five Keys (April 1955)

The mother of all Dell songs!

7. "Tear Drops" – Lee Andrews and the
Hearts (January 1958)

8. "Gloria" - Cadillacs (August 1954)

9. "The Closer You Are" – Channels (1956)

"The Closer You Are" was a smash hit in New York, Jersey and Connecticut and was heavily promoted by legendary deejay Alan Freed; yet it never registered on any Billboard chart, not even Bubbling Under! Although it was unjustly snubbed by the trade mags, this fine Channels ballad went on to become one of the best loved and most requested
doo-wop classics!

10. "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons"
- Devotions (March 1964)

This was the ballad B side of the Devotions' up tempo top 40 hit "Rip Van Winkle."

11. "The Actor" – Dovells (June 1962)

This is the killer bee on the back of "Bristol Twistin' Annie," a Dovells' stomper that cracked the top 30.

12. "Last Night I Dreamed" - Fiestas
(May 1959)

This is the fab flip of "So Fine" which just missed the top 10.

13. Twilight - Paragons (1958)

This one is regarded as a New York mini-classic.

14. Hey You - Imaginations (1961)

15. "Goodbye To Love" - Chantels (1959)

The killer bee "Goodbye to Love" and "I'm Confessin'," the
A side of this Chantels single, both remained uncharted.

Oh my my! Dell Rat Jerre took us on
a slow ride to Shangri-la, baybay!

Everybody's talkin' 'bout the Wolfman's pompatus of love, and you take it from
me, my friend Jerre's the guy with the
goods, a solid sender he's no pretender.
Thank you, brother rat, for a doo-wop
list that rules the whole wide world! 


Who's next?

If you have a Top Tunes list I'd love to see it.  It would be fascinating to discover which songs meant the most to you in your youth or which ones resonate now in the present. Why not do what Jerre and others have done? Make a list, submit it in the form of a comment and I'll get it posted.
It can be a list of your favorite songs, the most exciting songs, best songs from a particular time period similar to
my mid 60's Dell survey...anything you like!




Have a Shady day!


  1. Excellent choice of songs there from Jerre! Well done, and congratulations, Shady, on putting it together so well, as always. I consider myself to be an honorary Dellette!! My very favourite out of this list would have to be Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, by The Platters. Another lovely trip down memory lane!

  2. Thisisme - I'm glad you enjoyed Jerre's selections. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend in Southhams, dear friend!

  3. Jerre this was a real treat and some I had never heard. I love dropping by Shady's place hearing wonderful tunes that otherwise I would never have the pleasure of enjoying. Thanks for your selections and I am sure Shady has a lot more up his sleve. Have a great weekend Jerre & Shady.

  4. Odie - Thanks for coming around and playing Jerre's jukebox. I hope you found a couple of new favorites. Have a super Carolina weekend, my friend!

  5. I have to admit these are a little before my time but I do enjoy good music. And I love the way you delivered it!

  6. Ashton - Well hello! (LOL) It's great to see you over here in my neighborhood. I realize these tunes are light years before your time but I do appreciate you giving them a try. When I was your age I started delving into music that was produced the decade before I was born and I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your comment, Ashton!

  7. Yes, Jerre made some great choices, artistically arranged by Shady. I really liked Tear Drops, I could almost feel the pain sung about in the song. The other three favorites were The Actor, Last Night I Dreamed and Twilight. "They" just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Really enjoyed this post, anxious to see what you're up to next!

  8. Thanks Jerre for introducing me to these groups and songs. My favorites are, Coney Island Baby and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. I love hearing groups sing in harmony. For me, the Backstreet Boys are the best.

  9. Cindy - I love these sounds, too. They really take you back to that age of innocence, don't they? I met the Five Satins during a break in one of their concerts some 30 years ago and I never tire of listening to the Dovells and Len Barry's solo material. Thanks so much for coming by on a Saturday evening and enjoy the rest of your weekend, my new friend!

    Belle - "Coney Island Baby" is one of my faves in this batch. Funny you should mention the BSB because I was mobbed at the mall today when a group of women mistook me for Nick Carter! Thank you so much for your comment, dear Belle, and have a terrific weekend!

  10. Thank you so much for such a lovely playlist! I have to say that I am a shameless, typical teenager and listen to top forty music, however, I do enjoy the classics just as much as the latest and greatest in music. Thank you for helping to continue to brighten my horizon!

    Hope all is well with you Mr. Anderson!

  11. Hi, Lauren! All is indeed well with me, especially since someone like you has come calling. I am always delighted when you stop by. Frankly, most of these songs of Jerre's are completely new to me as well because they were a little before my time. In that sense you and I are both expanding our horizons together. I hope your weekend's going well and I hope you'll come back soon, dear friend!

  12. All these comments are making me feel ancient!!! To tell the truth Shady, I did not realize how many of these songs were killer Bs. I guess I listened to B sides more than most people. You did a great job finding all the songs and info. I hope everyone enjoys the list. I enjoy all music, but Doo Wop is tops on my list.

  13. Jerre - You're tops on my list, good buddy. It's interesting how often the B side actually stood for "ballad" side and how often that ballad was the better of the two songs on the disc. Dell rats never let a good B side go to waste. If it was in the groove it got played hard. Thanks again for putting together a sensational doo-wop list, Jerre, and have a fabulous week ahead!

  14. Regarding Jerre's Top 15 doo-wops records: First of all, where are the other 85? I was just getting warmed up. He listed two out of the three all-time Dell ballads, Close Your Eyes and For Sentimental Reasons. I believe I heard those two and Island of Love throughout the years I spent there. I forgot about Twilight, only having heard it a few times on the Rock 180 Club. Always liked it, though. He did listen to more B-sides than me. I had the record Arabia, and listened to Those Three Little Words, but not as much. I forgot about Hey You, even though I had it in my collection. I believe I remember seeing B on the No Not Again label, but I think maybe Dick Clark played Hully Gully Callin' Time and then flipped it over. Everyone else played No Not Again, too. By far, my favorite of the old Jive Five songs, and they're all favorites. Great job, Jerre! Waiting for the next round. And I'll try to send some back to you also. So glad people born years after us are able to discover and enjoy these songs too. I wish our parents and grandparents could have opened up and let us into their lives, but in those days it was uncommon.

  15. Ron - Not to worry, my friend. More of Jerre's jukebox gems are on the way in the coming weeks and months. Thank you very much for your comment, Ron!

  16. Hi Ron, Thanks for your comments. Glad some of the songs brought back good memories. I'm sure I would enjoy your list of top Doo Wop songs. Have a great day.



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