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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friendships Enriched by New Awards Given and Received

Alabee, the artistic, poetic, enigmatic California girl who authors the Carpenter St. blog, has graciously given me the I Heart (Love) Your Blog award.  Thank you very much for this vote of confidence, Alabee.  It means a great deal to me that someone of your caliber recognizes what I'm trying to do.  I am delighted to have you as a new friend and I am proud to display this award on my front page.

I would like to pass the
I Love Your Blog award along to Thisisme, host of the Southhamsdarling blog.  Thisisme is goodness and decency personified and her blog is inspiring and uplifting. Please visit!

Thisisme was kind enough to share with me the Honest Scrap blog award. The "rules" of this award state that I must reveal five random facts about myself and
then give the award to five other worthy recipients.

Here are five things about me
that I would like to share with you:

1. At age five I got
stung by a dozen bees
while exploring the
wreckage of an old
boat. I didn't cry. 
As a child I never cried

when in physical pain...
only when in emotional

2. I am left handed, left brain dominant 
and didactic. My first grade teacher tried 

unsuccessfully to make me right handed. 
In the 5th grade, as a  dyed-in-the-wool

lefty, I won a penmanship contest for
having the best handwriting in my class.

3. I produced and directed a television
commercial in which a monster truck
converged on a large group of people having
a picnic. The crowd of picnickers parted like
the Red Sea and scattered in all directions 
as Big Foot crushed tables filled with food

and beverages.

4. On five separate occasions in five different
cities I walked barefoot through a bed of fire.

5. I had lunch with Jay Black of Jay and the
Americans, dinner with Freddy Cannon, and
rode in a limousine with Senor Wences, the
Spanish ventriloquist who made numerous
appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.
"S'awright?" "S'awriiight!"

In a previous post I gave blog awards to Katia, Belle and Odie. Now I would like to give the Honest Scrap award to five other deserving bloggers with whom I have not shared any awards in the past.  These outstanding individuals are:

Alabee at Carpenter St.
Joan at Anything Fits a Naked Man
Lauren at Someone Like You
Amber at Amber Blue Bird
Lenore at Lenorenevermore

Thank you again, dear Alabee and dear Thisisme, for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Have a Shady day!


  1. Nice blog award, Shady! That is a very interesting list of facts about your life. Sorry about the bees though.

  2. Belle - Good thing they weren't those "killer bees" that I'm always talking about! (LOL) Thank you very much for your comment, dear Belle!

  3. Aw Shady you're the best! I'm honored to receive this award from you.

  4. You're so sweet!
    Thank you Shady!!

    I'm impressed by the fire walk~wow!!
    Have a great evening~

  5. Alabee - You are very deserving of recognition and I can't wait to learn five new things about you.

    Lenore - You are prolific and terrific. I am eager for you to reveal more about yourself!

    Thank you both for your comments!

  6. you really deserve the awards,and i'm impressed about what you wrote,in particular the bees..brrrr.....

  7. Congratulations my friend, always happy to see an award come your way. I too am intriged at the "fire walking". Would love to know how that is accomplished without permanent damage. Have a great weekend.

  8. I need some technical help so could you please email me at I sure would appreciate it.

  9. Dear Shady - I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my Blog name on today's post. Well, I can tell you that this has really made my day. It is such a beautiful and cute Award too. I am absolutely delighted to receive it from you, who I consider to be the wisest of men. I loved reading those facts about you, and loved the photo of the man with the bees all over his head! Poor you at the time! That's quite a feat to walk through those beds of fire. Ouch!! That was so cruel when teachers used to try to make children use their right hands. I'm pleased to say that they don't do that any more. Thank you again dear friend.

  10. Katia - We were far from medical assistance when I got stung and it's a good thing I didn't have an allergic reaction. My dad scooped up mud from the river bank and rubbed it on my wounds and I was good to go. Thank you very much for your comment and compliment, dear Katia!

    Odie - The firewalk, the main event at motivational seminars, is a metaphor for turning fear into power. When completed, participants ask themselves, "If I can walk on fire, what else can I do in this life that I thought I couldn't do?" Firewalking is controversial and no one can fully explain why those who remain "in state" can perform the feat without getting burned while those who lose concentration and break the spell sustain burns to the bottoms of their feet. I will email you shortly as requested. Thank you very much for your comment, Odie!

    Thisisme - No one is more deserving of an award than you! Your blog is a beacon of light in the darkness and I'm very glad that I found it and you! Thank you very much for your comment, dear friend, and enjoy your day and your award!

  11. Welll, you are officially the most interesting person with the most coloured life experiences I have ever read....walked through a bed of fire....five times? In different cities? What, like they just happen to have beds of fire on the main street? Ok, I'm teasing of course, because I'm a leftie too, and that's what we do. Must be the didactic part of my personality (must remember to google didactic....)

  12. Well hello, Sandra, and welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories! It's a delightful surprise to have you join the club as my 44th follower! I see you brought along your sense of humor and that's a very good sign. Winnipeg's only a hop, skip and a jump down the road and I have a feeling you'll have no difficulty whatsoever relating and making new friends here. Thank you so much for signing on with me and for your kind comment, Sandra!

  13. Yeah, the bees can be naughty. Remember the movie with Michael Caine?

  14. Wanilianna - Seems like all the blog buzz is about those bees! (LOL) Am I correct in assuming that you would not allow thousands of them to crawl around on your face like the man in the picture? I remember seeing The Swarm (1978) many years ago. It was one of many star studded epics released during the 70's than fanned our fear of natural and man made disasters including earthquakes, skyscraper fires and crippled jumbo jets. Let's not forget about Jaws either! Thank you for your comment, Wanilianna!

  15. well arent you kind, thanks so much. And what do you mean you arent entering my just isnt your color :)

  16. Amber Blue Bird - Actually, pink is my SIGNATURE color but please don't tell the guys at the Dell! (LOL) Enjoy your award, dear Amber. You are doing a superb job with your blog and you deserve to be noticed!

  17. Oh, thank you, Shady! I can't tell you how honored I feel to receive this from you! You just made may day! :)

  18. Joan - It is my pleasure to give you this award! You have an intelligently written blog that reveals you to be a kind and compassionate person. You are part of the solution and I'm proud to know you, Joanie!

  19. Why hello there Mr. "Shady Dell Knight!" It has been quite awhile since I've talked to you and I'm terribly sorry... I've been so busy with school work lately that it's been so very difficult to catch up to all of your lovely comments. Let me first start out by saying that they are incredible... Truly so kind and I couldn't ask for anything more. You are always there to support me and give put a smile on my face! You are a true gentleman. Secondly, I want to congratulate you on your blog award! How exciting and you do seriously deserve it... You should be so proud of yourself! I'm honored that such a brilliant blogger as yourself would pass the award on to me. I'm flattered. Thank you so much, and I hope all is well with you!

    P.S. I have no clue why it took me so long, but I am now a new follower of your blog! It's about time!

  20. Lauren - Welcome aboard as my 45th follower! Don't look now but you're ready to hit 100 on your own tote board at any time! Congratulations on your expanding blog membership and on this special award! Someone like you deserves recognition, support and encouragement because you exemplify the values and ideals of a bygone era. In a world filled with shallow flash, sleaze and trash you are one very notable exception - a sweet, sincere, modest, old fashioned girl - an outstanding role model for your generation. Once again three cheers to you for your award, Lauren, thank you for your friendship, and a warm welcome to SDM&M!

  21. Congratulations on the award...Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.I typed in the www left for me but nothing appeared.Have a lovely weekend.

  22. Thank you, Gingey! Sorry about the link. I'll be right over to try again. Have a splendid weekend in England!

  23. What an interesting blog you have here!

    As a teenager I played weekends at quite a few of the ballrooms still plentiful at that time in Minnesota. $40 a night. :-) Reading your sidebar about the Shady Dell really brought some wonderful memories back. I hadn't thought of the song "Harbor Lights" for decades. That "fake book" had HUNDREDS of songs in it...


  24. Well hello, Pearl! Gee it's nice of you to drop by and thank you very much for your comments. I see that you're sharing Pearl's wisdom with 700+ followers up there in the Twin Cities. Good for you! You have a great sense of humor and that's the ticket to ride here on SDM&M so please don't be a stranger. Come around again soon!


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