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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, December 23, 2010

With a Lot of Help From My Friends


The time has come 
for closing books 
and long last looks must end.

And as I leave 
I know that I am leaving 
my best friend.

It's time for me to introduce and thank the people who helped breathe life into Shady Dell Music & Memories.
They include my wonderful friends, blog contributors and commenters, singers, musicians and producers who friended me via the Shady Dell YouTube channel and Facebook group, and my devoted followers on the Blogger network. Some blogs have a thousand or more followers. At last count
I have 38 and I am very grateful for each and every one!

I would first like to thank Emily, my loyal blog follower in London, England. Please visit and support Emily's blog Without Obsession Life is Nothing.

I would like to thank
Kelly-Marie, another
loyal blog follower in London, England.
Please visit and support Kelly-Marie's blog
A Harem of Peacocks.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Nicole Eymard

aka Lecon de Vetement in San Francisco, California.

Please visit and
support Nicole's blog
Fashion Forrestry.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Lubie who lives right here in the Susquehanna Valley of South Central PA.

Please visit and support Lubie's blog Karma Payment Plan.

I would like to thank
Tanya Munoz, my loyal blog follower in Austin, Texas. Please visit and support Tanya's blog A Taste of T.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Amber Godin in Connecticut. Please visit and support Amber's blog Amber Blue Bird.
I would like to thank
my loyal blog follower Israel Carrasco in Anaheim, California. Please visit and support Israel's blog Israel Carrasco Monologue Jokes.

I would like to thank Ashton King, my loyal blog follower in Alabama. Please visit and support Ashton's blog Journalistic Musings.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Matt. Please visit and support Matt's blog strangertimes.

I would like to thank my loyal blog followers Edie 2k2,
Leah Adams, Reed Quickel, Rosie-Alia, and Don Tone
in the Bronx.

I would like to thank Odie Langley, my loyal blog follower in North Carolina. Please visit and support Odie's blog The Simple Life.
I would like to thank Belle Unruh my loyal blog follower in British Columbia, Canada. Please visit and support Belle's
blog Tales From a Loser.

I would like to thank Tom, my loyal blog follower in Chicago. Please visit and support Tom's blog Motion Picture Gems.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Brian Leverton in Queensland, Australia. Please visit and support Brian's blog Brian L Art.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Nikk J. Please visit and support Nikk's blog Skeptical Eye.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Katia in Rome, Italy. Please visit and support Katia's blog Velvet & Old Laces.

I would like to thank Thisisme, my loyal blog follower in the United Kingdom. Please visit and support Thisisme's blog Southhamsdarling.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Brooksie in Portland, Oregon. Please visit and support Brooksie's blog The World According to Art Deco Girl.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Dr. Heckle...
(city, state, country and planet unknown).

Please visit and support Dr. Heckle no one is safe...

I would like to thank Lisa, my loyal blog follower in Riverside, California. Please visit and support Lisa's blog Rock_o_Bilia's Rock_o_Blog.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower mind. Please visit and support mind's blog the cellar of
the informant.

I would like to thank GingerSnaps, my loyal
blog follower in Germany. Please visit and support GingerSnaps blog Pretty Little Thing.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower alabee in Santa Cruz, California. Please visit
and support alabee's blog Carpenter St.

I would like to thank Gingeyginge, another of my loyal blog followers in the UK. Please visit and support Gingeyginge's blog The Adventures of Gingeyginge.

I would also like to thank
Valerie Wangnet, my loyal blog follower in Sydney, Australia. Please visit and support Valerie's blog Culture Served Raw.

I would like to thank my
loyal blog follower Joan who recently moved from York, PA to Nashville, Tennessee. Please visit and support
Joan's blog Anything Fits a Naked Man.

I would like to thank Leanne Elizabeth Manning, my loyal blog follower in Liverpool, England. Please visit and support Leanne's blog Ramble On.

I would like to thank Joanna, my
loyal blog follower in England/Poland. Please visit and support Joanna's blog Retro-Story.

I would also like to thank my loyal blog follower Copyboy. Please visit and support Copyboy's blog Not Worth Mentioning.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Gina Alfani in Florida.
Please visit and support Gina's
blog Babyboomer Flashback.

I would also like to thank my
loyal blog follower Wanilianna in Poland. Please visit and support Wanilianna's blog Wanilianna Old Fashion Girl.

I would like to thank my loyal blog follower Rosa Maria in Brazil. Please visit and support Rosa Maria's blog Illustratus.

I would also like to thank Stacia, my loyal blog
follower in Kansas. Please
visit and support Stacia's
blog She Blogged By Night.

I would like to thank my friend Rick Dillman, an original
member of York's fine integrated band The Soul Clinic.

Rick played trumpet for the group, best known for their hit cover version of "So Sharp," originally by Dyke & the Blazers. Many will also remember The Soul Clinic from their concert appearances at The Oaks in York, Club Hullabaloo in Lancaster, and other regional venues.

I would like to thank Eddie "Concrete and Clay" Rambeau for sharing his memories of touring with Marcy Jo. By the way, Eddie co-wrote Diane Renay's two big hits "Navy Blue" and my fave, "Kiss Me Sailor."

I would like to thank Jimy Sohns, original lead vocalist of the Chicago garage rock band The Shadows of Knight. "Gloria '69" is still my Pick to Click, Jimbo!

I would like to
thank Sam Lit,
of Hy Lit Radio
Technologies, Inc.

Sam is preserving his legendary father's legacy through and related broadcast media enterprises.

I would like to thank the multi-talented Ty Moss of Harrisburg. Ty, a veteran drummer, played with the wildly popular capital city soul/funk group The Emperors.

Ty, along with Milton Brown, wrote "Karate" and most of the Emperors' other songs. Ty, thank you for helping to create TSOH - The Sound of Harrisburg!

I would like to thank the fantastic Daddy C, one of the architects of Central Pennsylvania doo-wop and soul.

Daddy C is an accomplished singer, songwriter, producer, organist and bass player.
He was a member of Custer's Last Band and was
part of the
backing band that performed with the Magnificent Men
at their reunion concerts.

Daddy also worked alongside Dave Bupp and other all stars

to produce the nostalgic Class of 60 Somethin' CD series.
Go, Daddy, go!

I would like to thank Mr. Dave Bupp, lead vocalist of two legendary Central PA doo-wop/soul groups, the Del-Chords and Magnificent Men.

Dave, you truly are a legend in your own time. Thank you for counting me among your friends! How 'bout a nice round of applause for Dave?

I would like to thank Mr. Adrian "Buddy" King, lead vocalist wth the Del-Chords and the Mag Men for giving the Shady Dell a plug during the White Oaks Reunion in the fall of 2008. To the casual observer it might seem like a moment of little significance. To those who loved the Dell and John and Helen Ettline, the gesture was huge.

Although the
Shady Dellegation
could not be seated
at the convention,
Buddy gave us a voice.
A Dell rat never forgets
and every rank and file
member of the rat pack
living or dead
appreciates Buddy's

How 'bout a nice round of applause for Buddy?

I would like to thank John Ettline's niece Shirley Dreyer who provided an abundance of biographical material about John and Helen and little known historical facts about the Dell.

I would like to thank Shirley's cousin Nancy Rae Sieling, another of John's nieces, who also contributed valuable background information about her uncle and the Dell and
who donated a very special gift - an original vintage 1950's Shady Dell menu!

I would like to thank Phil Spangler, the man whose rare photographs opened up a whole new chapter in the history of the Dell, the pre-Ettline era of the late 1920's through early 30's, the period of time during which Phil's father spent part of his boyhood living at the Dell!

I would like to thank my old friend and former classmate
Greg Everhart for offering an earnest testimonial in memory

of Denny Neiman, a mutual friend and fellow Dell rat who passed away in October.

I would like to thank Dell Rat Ron, another old high school buddy for his astute comments and observations as well as his rock solid behind the scenes support.

Ron Shearer, a walking-talking encyclopedia of soul, has forgotten more about boomer era music than I'll ever know.

I would like to thank Lynn B. for sharing memories of popular York teen destinations of the late 50's and early 60's and for donating those ultra-rare Holy Grail photographs of her and her friends hanging out at the Dell in 1961.

I would like to thank Greg "A DELL RAT ALL WAYS" Gulden
for his anecdotes and comments.

Greg Gulden is the quintessential Dell rat...infused with a fierce loyalty to the Dell, to John Ettline, to the Dell group on Facebook and to Shady Dell Music & Memories. Greg, thank you ever so much for sharing your Dell pride and helping us keep the memories alive!

I would like to thank my good friend Jerre Slaybaugh.

Dell Rat Jerre, as I like
to call him, has been a devoted reader and supporter of Shady Dell Music & Memories from
day one.

Jerre, a fellow Penn Stater, provided valuable insights about the music, styles and prevailing attitudes at the Dell during the late 1950's and early 60's, a period of Dell history about which I knew very little.

Thank you, Jerre, for helping us to understand what
Shady Dell nights
were like during
the hangout's
golden era.

I would like to thank Jim McClure, Editor of the York Daily Record and author of the York Town Square blog for publicizing and promoting Shady Dell Music & Memories in his newspaper and in his blog.

I would also like to thank Mike Argento, the York Daily Record columnist who shared my Dell recollections with his readers in a published article about the Deroche family's decision to put the Dell up for sale.

Finally, I would like to give a very special thanks to
Toni Deroche and her family.

The Deroches are not just the owners of the Dell - they have proven themselves to be true blue friends of the Dell and faithful supporters of this blog.

From the summer of 2008 to the present, Toni and her family have been providing vital information and anecdotes, Dell news updates, publicity and promotion.

Those contributions alone are enough to elicit my eternal gratitude; but it doesn't end there.

Toni Deroche was solely responsible for capturing the rare, exclusive photographs of the Dell that have been on display on this blog for the past two-and-a-half years.

Toni spent untold hours snapping interior...

and exterior pictures of the Dell house...

the barn annex that was once the Dell's dance hall...

the amazing cherub art theme on the walls...

the graffiti left behind by generations of Dell rats...

plus many other photos taken at locations throughout the Dell complex.

These wonderful photographs provided a record of how the Dell looked during the first decade of the new millennium.

More recent shots
taken by Toni showed
the changing face
of the Dell as its
extreme makeover
got underway last spring.

Massive improvements to the Dell house inside and out

and to the entire property including the parking lot

were chronicled
in Toni's
Pimp My Dell

Dell rats everywhere owe Toni
a tremendous debt of gratitude

for working so tirelessly to bring us these magnificent
one-of-a-kind images!

Our Shady Dell might have been torn down a long time ago. She got lucky when the Deroche family became the owners.

The wisdom, foresight and dedication exhibited by the Deroches have ensured that the Dell's future's so bright...
she gotta wear shades, pull the drapes and close the blinds. Thank you once again Toni Deroche and family for your hard work and steadfast support!

The title of this post says it all. I didn't get a little help from my friends, I got a lot of help and I deeply appreciate it! Each and every one of you is an honorary Dell Rat!

Have yourself a Shady little Christmas!


  1. WOW!! Shady, this was sooooo awesome. Had so much fun checking out all your friends. Thanks

  2. Odie - I am very glad to count you among my friends! Thanks!

  3. My youngest son and I are driving over to York next week so he can see the Shady Dell. He has never been there. Matthew has a radio program (disk jockey) at IUP where he is a graduate student and is into music from the 5o's to today. He was thrilled to find out about our families connection to the famous Shady Dell.

    I really think it is wonderful how you have kept the history of the place alive.

  4. Phil, it's great to hear from you. As I said in today's piece, you and your family opened a new chapter in the history of the Dell by donating those marvelous photos of the Dell's earliest years. I can never thank you enough for your contributions! Have a merry Christmas!

  5. Thanks my good friend.
    Great job! My heart is warmed by your words throughout. Much love sent back to you.

    Rick Dillman
    The Soul Clinic

  6. Rick - Thank you very much for writing! It is I who should be thanking you and other members of The Soul Clinic for the great music you gave us. You guys were the real deal. You produced the authentic soul sound of the 60s! Merry Christmas, Rick!

  7. Awesomeness :) Thanks Shady. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy 2011!

  8. Same to you, Lubie! Thank you for your ongoing friendship and support and happy holidays to you!

  9. I'm touched and happy to read your words about me. In 2011 I'll still be your faithful follower (and my labrador will be as well). Merry Xmas!

  10. Your lab is a beautiful animal, Wanilianna, and you are a beautiful friend! Thank you very much for your support and have a joyful holiday!

  11. I enjoyed my tour as a Del Rat in the early 60's. Met my future wife there and we've been married for almost 50 years. We had kinda an extra first date because I didn't recognize her the next time I saw her when I picked her up at her house :) (Late night in the Barn after an extended cocktail hour in the parking lot).. Keep up the good work.

  12. ridehog - It's great to hear from another Dell rat! I know what you're saying about those late nights in the barn. I can remember many a night when I had one too many of Helen's cherry cokes! (LOL) I actually met my first wife on the Dell dance floor in June of '68. Congratulations on almost 50 years of marriage to your favorite Dellette! Thank you very much for reading my blog, good friend, and I hope you'll be here next Tuesday. I'm coming out!

  13. Thank you kind sir for listing my name I am truly honoured for you to refer to myself as your friend.Wishing you the merriest of Christmas's...

  14. Tanya - You are very welcome my new friend! Please stay close and happy holidays to you!

    Gingey - You are a delight and I am proud to be your friend! Merry Christmas to you!

  15. this was very sweet. I loved exploring your friends blogs. Have a very merry Christmas!

  16. Amber - Thank you! It is a pleasure to add you as a new friend and honorary Dell rat. Happy birthday once again and may you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas!

  17. Hey #1 Dell Rat,
    Thank you for keeping my dreams of singing R & B alive for all these years. It means a great deal to me, that with your help on youtube a whole new audience has discovered the Mag Men and the Del-Chords. Your enthusiasm for R & B comes through on every song you post on Youtube. Thank You for being a fan, you're why I did it in the first place. I wish for you and your family, the greatest of holidays!!!

    Thanks Again, Dave

  18. Dave, as a lifelong fan of your music it is a huge honor for me to connect with you here and on YouTube. Thank you, sir, for the kind words. I deeply appreciate them and you! I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year!

  19. Thank you so much Shady for mentioning my blog in your post! Have a wonderful holiday.

  20. You too, Brooksie! Thank you for becoming a new follower, a new friend, and a new Dell rat! I hope you find a lot to like here!

  21. Del Rat Ron ShearerDecember 23, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    Hey, Shady! That was an EXCELLENT introduction of us followers of your blog to each other. It was especially thoughtful that you included links to all the blogs so that we can check them out and see what we have in common or can learn from each other.

    I'm honored by your comments, and have to give a lot of credit to Dave Bupp, as well as Buddy King, Ike Bowers, and other Yorkers who turned me on to new stuff on the Dell jukebox and also their requests on the Rock 180 Club. I still consider Dave Bupp my #1 musical mentor, always telling me to check this song or that song out at the "Disc".

    Thanks also for your tribute to Denny Neiman, who along with you and Greg Everhart were good friends through high school. Denny had a lot of heart, and was a good friend, even when times were rough for him.

  22. Hi, Ron! Thanks so much for writing! As I said in the piece, I am very thankful for each and every one of these new friends. Think about it. The nucleus of original Dell regulars from York, PA is now being joined by an extended family of honorary Dell rats across the country and around the world. Young and old from the four corners of the globe are meeting here and finding common ground. They are discovering that great music is timeless and real friendship is priceless. You were absolutely right about our recently departed buddy Denny Neiman. He had heart and that's what being a Dell rat is all about. Thank you very much for your comment, Ron and have a wonderful Christmas!

  23. Thank you Shady for all your kind words to me the last few months. It has meant a lot to me.

    Your blog is wonderful and has brought to my mind all the old songs I loved so much. I have enjoyed learning about the Shady Dell and listening to songs I have never heard before. You are a special person. May God bless you this holiday season.

  24. have a wonderful Xmas my dear friend,sandin' love your way from Italy xxxx

  25. Belle - Your sweet words are a gift that I will always treasure. As I told our mutual friend Thisisme, we tend to get back that which we give. You are a prime example of the type of person that people are drawn to and genuinely care about. As I told my high school friend Ron the breakthrough that I dreamed of achieving through this blog is actually happening. Young and old from far and near are meeting at this blogspot and strangers are becoming friends. Like the original Shady Dell, this is a place where people can forget their troubles for a while, listen to good music and share genuine friendship. I am thrilled that you have become an important part of our Dell family, Belle. May you and yours enjoy the happiest of holidays!

    Katia - Where do I begin to convey to you how special you are as well? You are the perfect example of someone who, on the surface, would have little or no reason to be here. You never heard of the Shady Dell, you live on another continent, and you are far too young to know about most of the songs presented here. In spite of it all you have become one of this blog's most ardent supporters, an important part of our Dell community, and a cherished friend! Thank you very much for demonstrating the healing power of love and goodwill. This is what works in this troubled world. This is the way to defeat hate and war. Thank you, dear Katia, and may you have a Christmas filled with joy and happiness!

  26. Shady, thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I want to let you know that I will all ways be here to help tell the Dell's story. Merry Christmas my friend.

    A Dell Rat All Ways Greg

  27. Greg - Thank you, my friend. I couldn't have done it without you! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  28. Read your blog this morning before going to work...and loved it! It's very cool and I certainly was flattered by your kind remarks. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas, my friend and all the best in the New Year.


  29. Daddy, thank you very much! You are an extraordinary talent and it's been wonderful getting to know you over the past year-and-a-half. Thank you for your contributions to music and for your friendship and support. Merry Christmas, Daddy!

  30. And thank you for many hours of great music and good reading available since you began the blog. I have enjoyed every post as I enjoyed my time spent at the Dell. Merry Christmas to all the old York Dell Rats and also the new honorary Dell Rats. Once a Rat, Always a Rat.


  31. Jerre - I will treasure those words always. Thank you very much! I am elated to have friends like you who can best relate to what I am offering here on Shady Dell Music & Memories. Happy holidays to you and your entire family!

  32. Dell Rat Jerre SlaybaughDecember 24, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    The comment from Dave Bupp is well deserved. I did not know Dave well, only thru mutual friends and hang outs. Cheeks Schlosser an original Del Chord was a mutual friend and class mate. Of course I knew Dave from York Hi before he became famous. I always thought he was a good guy and did not get a big head from fame. You can tell Dave his music lives on and the next generation of Dell Rat in my family still listens to Del Chords and Mag Men along with her own generation music.

    Thanks again for everything.


  33. Jerre, you said it all. Dave Bupp is as nice, as humble and as generous as he is talented. That's rare. Thanks for the testimonial. I know that the magnificent man will really appreciate your comments. Merry Christmas!

  34. And I'm sure we would all like to also thank you too for your generous and kind nature, it's not hard to see why you have so many loyal followers. May you have an extremely wonderful Christmas filled with peace and tranquility :)


  35. p.s. Thank you also for using some of Elvgren's work to represent a picture of myself :)

  36. Leanne, your words warm my heart. "It takes one to know one," the old saying goes, and it certainly applies to you because you are a deeply caring individual. It was the anniversary of John Lennon's death that led us to discover each other's blogs. Both of us posted tributes to the man we loved and lost. In the midst of our sadness a friendship was born and I am very thankful for it. I am a big fan of Gil Elvgren art and your blog is a wonderful showcase for it. Merry Christmas to you, Leanne, and may you enjoy a safe and prosperous year ahead!

  37. I just want to sincerely thank you for all of the lovely, heartfelt comments you leave! You are incredibly kind and I am beyond appreciative. Your comments often brighten my day and I just wanted to say thank you!

    Oh, and do you remember how you said I looked like Marlo Thomas with my new hair cut? It was quite funny because a few days ago my mom said the exact same thing!

    Merry Christmas!

  38. Lauren, you are very special, truly a gift to the blogging world. To begin with you are an expert vintager. You really know your stuff. Moreover you are sweet, sincere, humble and unpretentious. That's why people like you. That's why you deserve the success and recognition that you're getting. Bless you and have a wonderful Christmas, my friend!

  39. Wow, amazing post! You have a fine lookin' set of friends, Shady, and this is a terrific shout-out to them, and thanks for including me as well!

  40. Stacia - any time! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and your amazing collection of rare movie stills and vintage celebrity studio shots and candids. I am very pleased to have you as a follower and I hope you will visit often in the coming year. Have a very merry Christmas, Stacia!

  41. Interesting friends you have!
    I know a few of them~ i agree lovely people they are! well, just discovered your blog recently & my 1st time leaving you a note;
    Happy Holidays Shady!

  42. Lenore - Same to you! It was so nice of you to leave a note just in time for Christmas. I extend to you the warmest welcome and I hope that you will enjoy yourself here. Like your own blog, mine is unconventional. The owls are not always what they seem. This isn't a boys' club. This isn't a girls' club. It's not a baby boomers' club. Everybody is welcome. Everybody is important here. Everybody is a star. Please stay close and let me hear from you again soon, okay? Have a very merry Christmas, Lenore!

  43. Shady Dell Thank YOU! You are so very kind and your comments are always so thoughtful and make me smile. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you, and i am very happy to have your friendship to take with me into 2011. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. x

  44. Kelly-marie, you rock! Your blog is an art lover's paradise and I'm still reeling from your Twin Peaks costume party. There is always something interesting going on at A Harem of Peacocks. I am very fortunate to have added you as a new friend during the past year and I hope we will have lots to share in the coming year. Have a splendid holiday in London town, Kelly-marie!

  45. Hi Shady. I hope you'll forgive me for being a little late responding to this post. Firstly, it has been a real pleasure getting to know you and to count you as one of my friends, which I do. I hope you have had a lovely day. That was so sweet of you to take the trouble to mention everyone like that in your post, and I thank you for that. I look forward to our continued friendship and to hearing more of your memories in 2011. Sending you warmest wishes at this special time of the year.

  46. Oh Thisisme, it's wonderful to hear from you! I completely understand that you are busy visiting family and have precious little time to devote to blogging. I am honored that you stopped by with holiday greetings. You are one of the warmest, friendliest people I have ever met and I was elated when you chose to subscribe to SDM&M. Yours is a blog filled with love and positive energy. I look forward to growing our friendship in the years ahead. Merry Christmas, Thisisme!

  47. I just have to come back to you again Shady after your comment. Just to say that you really do make every one of us feel that we are special, and that is a lovely gift to have dear man!

  48. Thisisme - This is what it's all about for me, for you, and for every one of us. We don't have to wait until Christmas time to become filled with love and generosity. We can choose to accept, embrace and validate one another every day and make this divine feeling last all year 'round. Thank you, dear Thisisme!

  49. Thank you very much Shady, you've had a wonderful idea with this post, and you sure have a lot of really cool friends :)

    Thanks for the kind words on my last photo shoot too - it's all Adrian's doing!
    Happy holidays!

    xx Joanna

  50. Joanna - Hello and happy holidays! It's great to hear from you. You and Adrian are a talented team and together you are producing some of the finest vintage photography to be found anywhere. I am delighted to have you as a new friend and follower. I hope you will find lots to like as I conduct my own celebration of all things vintage. Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind comments, Joanna. Please come back often!

  51. Oh merry christmas to you too Shady Del Knight! I hope you have a lovely holiday. And p.s. I loved the post, it was great like always.

  52. alabee - Thank you! You are a wonderful new friend and you always seem to get what I'm doing here. You of all people should know how much that means to me because your blog is enigmatic. I hope you had a terrific Christmas and that you will enjoy health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead!


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