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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rodentia Intelligentsia: Tunes Tell the Rats' Tale - Part 2

Now that we sent that Numb3rs cruncher
packing let's finish our two part series
which lists the most popular Dell songs
of the mid 60's, identifies the biggest hits
by category, and lets you draw your own
conclusions as to why these specific songs
resonated significantly with Dell goers.

Let's check the stats and find out which 45rpm records
 went into the Shady Dell record book!

Double Dynamite

First, let's have a look at the 45's that carried killer bees on their backs. Here are the greatest Dell twofers - the highest ranking double-sided hit records on the Shady Dell jukebox during the mid 60's!

1. "Cool Jerk”/”Hello Stranger” - Capitols (Ranked #7 & #9)

2. “Peace of Mind”/All Your Lovin's Gone to My Head”
 - Magnificent Men (#3 & #18)

3. “Ain't Too Proud to Beg”/”You'll Lose a Precious Love”
 - Temptations (#8 & #23)

4. "Hold On, I'm a Comin'”/”I Got Everything I Need”
 - Sam & Dave (#15 & #16)

5. "No Man is an Island”/I Won’t Hold it Against You"
 – Van Dykes (#5 & #36)

6. “It's a Man's, Man's Man's World”/”Is it Yes, or is it No?”
 – James Brown (#4 & #40)

7. “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”/”Baby, I’ve Got it” – Jimmy Ruffin (#14 & #30)

8. “Karate”/”I’ve Got to Have Her” – Emperors (#25 & #34)

9. “I Could Be So Happy”/”You Changed My Life”
 – Magnificent Men (#21 & #47)

10. “Mustang Sally”/”Good Lovin’” – Young Rascals
 (#22 & # 51)

Songs Of Longevity

The following is a list of records that maintained their popularity with Dell rats and remained on the jukebox for the longest period of time.

“Close Your Eyes” – Five Keys (1955 thru mid 60's)

“Jingle Bell Rock”/”Captain Santa Claus” –
Bobby Helms (1957 thru mid 60's)

“Two People in the World” aka “Helen’s Song” -
Little Anthony & the Imperials - (played on the jukebox
 in the Dell restaurant 1958 thru mid 60's)

“Human” – Tommy Hunt (1961 thru mid 60's)

“Everybody’s Gotta Lose Someday” – Del-Cords
 aka Del-Chords (1964 thru mid 60's)

The Great Shady Dell Instrumentals

Finally, here are the most popular dance instrumentals
at the Dell in the mid 60's.

“Philly Dog” – Mar-Keys (March 1966)

“Agent Double-O-Soul" B side instrumental – Edwin Starr
(August 1965)

“Soul Finger” – Bar-Kays (June 1967)

“Knucklehead” – Bar-Kays (June 1967)

“Hip-Hug-Her” – Booker T & the MG’s (April 1967)

“You’ve Got to Pay the Price” - Al Kent (August 1967)

"20-75" - Willie Mitchell (September 1964)

“Hungry for Love” - San Remo Golden Strings 
(September 1965)

Dell Rat

Without context, statistics are cold and lifeless. This two part series is more than lists of songs. These are Dell songs. They are my anchor songs. They are the tools that I use every day. I play these songs during exercise sessions because they energize me. Dell songs take me right back to my teenage years.
I feel younger and stronger and I experience better workouts. I stay active.
I don't have time for snacking.  I lost fifteen pounds after
I started this blog and began my Dell Rat diet. Try it!

One Dell song is the equivalent of a jumbo Caf-Pow, Gibbs!

Stage your very own authentic
Shady Dell party!
Collect your favorite Dell songs on compact disc and load them into a large capacity CD megachanger. (They are surprisingly affordable.) Set the changer to random (shuffle) playback mode which allows you to replicate the experience of listening to the Dell jukebox. For added authenticity you can stack the deck by loading multiple copies of the most popular Dell songs. Those songs will play more frequently than less popular songs just the way they did on a typical
Shady Dell knight night.

Using my 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell as a guide,
I made multiple copies using the following formula:

Songs #1 thru #40: 3 copies
Songs #41 thru #100: 2 copies
Songs #101 thru #200: 1 copy

When I dim the lights, play my Dell jukebox lineup, close my eyes, take a deep breath and open my heart, I'm right back there. I feel it in every cell of my body.

It's so real that I can smell the smoke from the fireplace in that old barn. It's a powerful experience. I urge you to try it!

Now's the time to get reanchored to your 
Dell songs. Now's the time to lose weight, 
get back into shape and reclaim your youth.

Soon...very soon...every able bodied rat
will be called upon and pressed into service!


The psychodramas and the traumas gone,
 but mark my words...




  1. Hi, Katia! Unless I'm mistaken song number 6 is James Brown's scorching ballad "Man's World." It was certainly one of his most awesome performances and one of the highest ranked Dell songs of the mid 60's! Thank you very much for your comment, my dear friend, and have a great day in Rome!

  2. Unfortunately, there are a lot of songs on the list that I haven't heard of, but you know that I totally agree with you about the memories from the music of that period. I still play it such a lot and, as you say, feel energised. You put a lot of work into your posts, Shady, and I, for one, do appreciate that. Be good!

  3. Hi Shady,
    I love the rat photos. You had some really good ones. There were some really strange music titles like Knucklehead. Makes me wonder what it sounds like.

  4. Thisisme - Thank you very much for the compliment and for taking the time to read my lengthy posts. Have a wonderful day in Devon!

    Odie - I will be presenting the Bar-Kays' funky Stax instrumental "Knucklehead" on SDM&M in the months to come but you can also find it on YouTube from time to time. Thanks for reporting in, Odie, and have a great day in Carolina!

  5. I love the tunes listed here. I am so glad that a blog like yours exists. I am a lover of all things vintage be it pretty dresses or music. I wish more people could appreciate these things especially the music. I turn the radio on nowadays and cant stand 90% of it. I think I was born in the wrong decade :)

  6. Amber - Your mind and heart are in the right place and I know that you would have made a terrific 60's girl and Dellette. Thank you very much for your kind words and enjoy your day in Connecticut!

  7. I got a big kick out of your blog answer to the "critic". You know you have made the big time when you start getting hate mail. In any case, it might not be rocket science, but your lists are very close to the way a rat that has been there and kicked the juke box remembers. You can tell your statistics spouting buddy that he has made one of my lists and he might be smart enough to know which one.

    Also wanted to say that I enjoyed your NCIS Abby picture in todays's blog. My daughter and I watch NCIS and CSIs when she is home. She has one more semester at PSU to obtain a masters in Forensic Chemistry and Abby's job is her dream type job.

  8. Jerre - I'm glad you enjoyed my lists and my humor. I didn't realize it until now but I made reference to three hit CBS TV series in the last two posts: Bleep My Dad Says, Numb3rs, and NCIS. Now if I can just think of a way to tie in Mister Ed and December Bride I'll have a grand slam! (LOL) As always thanks for your comment Jerre and have a great day in the Burg!

  9. I'm with Katia, James Brown is unmatched, as far as I'm concerned! I can't imagine what it was like to listen to his records at this magical place you've so throughly described! Sounds just HEAVENLY!

    And, for the record, this rat WILL be ready, my friend!

  10. Joan - You've got all the right stuff to be a Dell rat and I wish you could have been there. I feel very lucky to have spent all of my teen years in the 1960's. So much great music coming out week by week it was unbdelievable. James Brown was always in the thick of it. While most 45rpm singles being released at the time paired a ballad with an up tempo number, Brown's King release "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" had another wailing ballad on the flip side, "Is it Yes, or Is it No." Both sides got extensive jukebox play making it one of the Dell's greatest doublesiders. Thank you very much for commenting, Joanie, and have a great night in Nashville!

  11. "You say you want a revolution? know...we all want to change the world."

    I've been dancing around the kitchen to Neil Sedaka for exercise, Shady. Maybe I'll be in shape for the revolution.

  12. Hi, Belle! I don't know about the revolution but you'll be ready to partner up with David Hasselhoff next season on Dancing With the Stars! (LOL) Just so I can make sure you've got all the right moves, would you mind uploading a clip of your kitchen dance to YouTube? Thanks so much for your comment, calendar girl!

  13. Shady thanx so much for this. I'm learning so much about great soul music. I especially like the brass in those older songs.

  14. Hi, Israel! I'm glad you're feeling better and back in action. Yes, that Stax horn section was hard to beat. You should buy the Complete Stax/Volt Singles Collection. One killer after another! Have a great day out on the left coast, Israel!


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