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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sincerest Form of Flattery, Part 2: Dean For a Day!

In Part 1 we heard from the Stars on 45 who could easily be mistaken for Abba. We listened to songs by Conway Twitty, Terry Stafford and Ronnie McDowell who reminded us very much of Elvis Presley and the Bobby Fuller Four who masterfully recreated the sound of Buddy Holly. Now I would like to introduce my favorite sound-alike artist, pop vocalist and one-hit-wonder Barry Young.

In the fall of 1965 Young burst onto the music charts with “One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart),” a song that had the whole nation swearing that they were listening to Dean Martin recording under a bogus name, like the Four Seasons did when they became the Wonder Who?

"Don't Think Twice" - Wonder Who? - December 1965

Coincidentally, "Don't Think Twice" and “One Has My Name” charted during the same time span. They shared similar trajectories and roughly the same amount of success.
Both records began their Billboard ascent at Halloween '65 and reached their zenith together in early January of 1966. Frankie Valli's novelty number managed to hit the top 10 while Barry Young's sound-alike song stalled at #13.

As a newbie on the Dell scene my musical tastes were heavily skewed toward rock and soul. Dean Martinesque
pop songs weren't exactly my thang.

Yet somehow, "One Has My Name" got under my skin.
Every time the Mighty 9-10 played the song I liked it more, so much so that I ran over to Mailman’s and bought the 45. Okay, I cannot tell a lie - I bought the whole album!

That Barry Young LP became a guilty pleasure of mine.
Late at night...home alone...behind closed the privacy of my room...I played the record and.....(can you
tell that I’m blushing right now?).....I sang along! Lawdy Miss Clawdy, if the guys at the Dell would have found out about my secret shame they'd have tarred and feathered me in the parking lot! Dang me, they oughta take a rope and hang me!

The perennially popular Dean Martin, a charter member of that other infamous Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra’s), typically performed with the aid of three key props: a stool, a drink and a cigarette. Barry Young's image was considerably more wholesome but his vocal styling was remarkably similar to Dean's. Please watch this rare Barry Young clip and see if you don’t agree that he sounds an awful lot like vintage Dino!

If you thought that was surreal just wait till you flip that
Barry Young 45 over!

“Show Me the Way,” the killer bee, is my Pick to Click because Young nails Dean Martin even more effectively.
To help facilitate the illusion, I have provided you with another image of Dean Martin. As you listen to “Show Me
the Way,” gaze at the photo below and imagine that you're listening to the iconic, boozy-voiced crooner! Maybe you'll agree with me that Barry Young did Dean Martin better than Dean Martin did Dean Martin!

Everybody loves somebody sometime and little old wine drinker me loves Barry Young for doing the best imitation
of Dino this side of Houston, Houston, Houston!

Oh Dean.....Dean?

you’re not

Hey lady! Oh lady! Nice lady! Good lady!.....

Have a Shady day!


  1. Thank you for introducing Barry Young to me! I am now in love!

  2. You are right, Barry Young sounds just like Dean Martin. I have one Dino CD and listen to it often. I could never tell them apart.

    As for the song, "One Has My Name," I'm surprised the housewives of America didn't boycott it! Oh my, how I would love to paste that grinning two-timer! There the wife is ironing and cooking his dinner. I'm afraid I would have to add something nasty to the mashed potatoes.

    Well, those are just some quiet, gentle thoughts of mine.

    I still loved the post and finding someone who sang like Dino. Cool.

  3. If you hadn't told me before hand that the last song was Barry Young I would've thought it was Dean. Remarkable.

  4. When I started reading I knew I did not really know the artist but after listening and watching I am so glad I stopped by. The song and video of "One has my name" was awesome. It made my day.

  5. I couldn t agree more! good job!

  6. Lyrical Designer - Shady Del the matchmaker? Now that's progressive! Welcome to SDM&M, my new advertising friend, and thank you very much for your comment! I promise that I'll soon be scribbling on your fine blog as well! By the way...can you return the favor by introducing me to Flo?

    Belle - You'd lace Barry's taters just because he leaves you at home ironing while he paints the town with Betty Draper? Hint: I don't think our poster boy for political incorrectness needs any more of those little blue pills!

    Ashton - It's so sweet of you to take time from your busy producing schedule to read, listen and comment. Thank you! Glad you agree that Barry really becomes Dean for a day in "Show Me." The phat part is when he sings "I know you are shy well darlin' so am I but if we really try we'll discover...each other!" Your comment means a lot to me, Ashton. Please come back often!

    Odie - My Carolina friend, you are far too young to remember Barry Young or Dean Martin for that matter, but I am glad you took a look and a listen nevertheless. Remind me to tell you about a group called the Beatles sometime. They did good! (LOL) I'm glad you enjoyed the "One Has My Name" video, Odie. Just don't mention that fact if you ever have dinner over at Belle's place!

    Anonymous - Thanks so much for your comment. Come out and play!

  7. I must say I never heard of Barry Young and I am old enough. His songs were OK, but I really don't like the way Bob Dylan's good song was done, and I like the 4 Seasons. Of course many people did Dylan songs and some of them did not ruin them. Even Mag Men and Olivia N John did Dylan songs that did not sound like Dylan but did OK versions. Did Barry Young ever play the 615? Jerre

  8. Hi, Jerre! Barry Young at the 615 Lounge? My instincts tell me no but I can't be sure since I didn't hang out there. Wanna bet that the countrified crooner never showed up on stage at The Oaks, either? (LOL)

    As for The Wonder Who?...I can't help wondering WHY? Why did Frankie Valli decide to go all Tiny Tim on us? Maybe the Seasons were on such a winning streak that it gave them the confidence to dabble and experiment. I must admit that I like the Wonder Who's recording of "Lonesome Road" and have it in my collection. Thanks so much for checking in, brother Jerre. Don't be a stranger!

  9. happy bday to you!!BUON COMPLEANNO!
    XX *K*

  10. Thank you very much, dear friend Katia! I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend in Italy!


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