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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shady Dell The Metal Years: Part 2 - Sinful Songs and Evil Emanations that the Church Lady Doesn't Want You to Hear!

Well I'll just bet these naughty records made
by these naughty boys will make aaaaaaaaaall your naughty little
mouse parts
warm and tingly!

Isn't that speeeeeeeeeecial?

In March of 1984, nearly twenty years after I first set foot inside the Shady Dell, I returned to my alma mater. I wanted to say goodbye to John and Helen Ettline and tell them that
I was moving to another state. A friendly yet subdued John greeted me, remembered my name, and shook my hand. To my shock and dismay John then informed me that Helen had passed away three weeks earlier. I was living in Lancaster
at the time and somehow never got the news! After a few minutes of commiserating with John over the loss of our beloved Helen and reminiscing with him about the Dell's glory days, I excused myself and headed down the sidewalk to take one last look inside the barn.

When I crossed the threshold and entered the old dance hall that night in 1984 it was like stepping into an Orwellian novel, a bizarro world, or a post-apocalyptic dreamscape. The barn that was once a jumpin' juke joint was dark and almost empty. A small pack of long haired rats clad in army jackets, Levi's and combat boots stood next to a silent jukebox.

As I went back to the future and intruded on their private Dell domain the young rats looked deer caught in headlights.
In that moment it seemed as if I was gazing upon the sole survivors, the diehards, the revolutionary rat underground, the last bastion of nonconformity, the one remaining pocket of resistance to the established order, the Dell rats' last stand in the decades old fight to escape the watchful eye and authoritarian rule of Big Brother.

It wasn't the Dell that I remembered, but even though the place looked and sounded like a morgue (probably because grampa Del had unexpectedly burst in on the proceedings)
I knew that these brave hearts would heed the call, step up to the plate and assume the mantle of keeping rock 'n roll and the Dell itself alive.

I have noticed that quite
a few members of Denver Rinehart's Shady Dell Facebook group represent
a younger generation of Dell rats...those who made the Dell their home away from home during the 70's and 80's rather than the 50's and 60's. I suspect that there are also a good number of younger Dell rats who follow Shady Dell Music & Memories. Over the past 27 months I have blogged extensively about the doo-wop 50's, the soulful 60's, and the disco 70's. It's time for me to acknowledge the youngest members of our Dell rat family. That's why I am playing some of the music that formed the soundtrack of their youth...the songs of the hard rockin' heavy metal 80's!

Although I only set foot inside the Dell that one time during the entire 80's decade, it doesn't mean that I stopped rockin' and checked myself into an old folks home. Nobody had to twist my arm to get me to accept the music of the 80's.
I love New Wave and I love Metal - the rock category that
I chose for this salute to 80's Dell rats. In this post and the two previous I am sharing with you some of my favorite hard rock, heavy metal and glam rock anthems, and while I can't be sure how many of these songs were actually played at the Dell, I believe they capture the essence of Dell rats of
all ages. There's no way any of us are ready to roll over and play dead. We're gonna go down swingin'...we're gonna keep on rockin' coz you only rock once! These songs and videos speak to the indomitable Dell rat spirit in all of us!

"Balls to the Wall" - Accept (1984)

"Back for More" - Ratt (1984)

"Home Sweet Home" - Motley Crue (1985)

"Rock 'N' Roll Children" - Ronnie James Dio (1985)

"Tears Are Falling" - Kiss (late 1985/early 1986)

"(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)" - Beastie Boys (1986)

"Nobody's Fool" - Cinderella (1986)

"Uh! All Night" - Kiss (1986)

"You Give Love a Bad Name" - Bon Jovi (1986)

"Shot in the Dark" - Ozzy Osbourne (1986)

"Who Wants to be Lonely" - Kiss (1986)

"He's Back" (The Man Behind the Mask)" - Alice Cooper (1986)

"Don't Change That Song" - Faster Pussycat (1987)

"Girlschool" - Britny Fox (1988)

"(You Make Me) Rock Hard" - Kiss (1988)

"Wait for You" - Bonham (1989)

"Poison" - Alice Cooper (1989)

"Cradle of Love" - Billy Idol (1990)

Finally, here's an oldie but goodie for old timer Dell rats.....
one that the church lady should appreciate because it features one of her own.

"Wild Thing" (1988) - Sam Kinison with Slash (Guns N' Roses), Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Billy Idol, Steve Vai (Frank Zappa Band), Dweezil Zappa and Jessica Hahn (former PTL Club church secretary)


It's safe to say that many Dell rats of the doo-wop 50's and early 60's wondered WTF? when the music of the Five Satins and Little Anthony gave way to the Doors and Jefferson Airplane. The Dell rats of late 60's steeped in classic rock pulled their hair out when disco swept the nation in the 70's. The dance oriented Dell rats of the 70's must have shuddered when Ozzy, Vince Neil, Axl Rose, Bret Michaels, Gene Simmons and Bon Jovi brought their bands to the barn. The point is that the other guy's music might seem alien and off-putting at first; but if you close your eyes and open your heart like a good Dell rat should you might find a lot to like not only in the other guy's music but in other aspects of his life as well. Give people a chance and their stuff just might become your stuff, too!

The Shady Dellegation consists of:

Dell rats of the 1940's
Dell rats of the 1950's
Dell rats of the 1960's
Dell rats of the 1970's
Dell rats of the 1980's

The Dell Rat Party is a party of inclusion...of unity, not polarization. We welcome members of all ages. We respect them and their music.

We're all in this together!
We stand united!
We're a pack and we are back!

Oh my my! You listen to the Wolfman and rock and roll yourself to death, bay-bay!

Have a Shady day!


  1. Tonight I listend to the music up to Nobody's Fool. I loved it - beautiful. I also loved Home Sweet Home. My sister loved Kiss. She had their posters all over her wall. She finally got to see them live in Calgary, Alberta. She loves Alice Cooper too. Rock on Shady.

  2. Alice and Kiss were strong favorites of mine but I loved each and every one of the bands and clips featured in this 3-parter. Thanks for your comment and Rock on Belle!

  3. Well, I always knew Bon Jovi was gorgeous to look at, but I didn't know I would like one of his songs. "You Give Love A Bad Name," was great.

    The other songs just aren't the type of music I can get into, but I liked having the chance to try them out. Thanks

  4. You just aren't feeling Sam Kinison, Belle? Not to worry! You are my first round draft pick as the next honorary Dell rat! Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hello Shady, Where the hell is my award? I don't see it!

    Just joking (not about not seeing it).

  6. The traditional rat shaped block of cheese will be mailed to you, Belle. I don't have a ship date just yet. I'll have to get back to ya. But hey, welcome aboard!

  7. love bon jovi! thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks for your comment, Katia. You give blogging a good name!

  9. Thank you Shady. I was just teasing you. It really is an honor for me.

  10. You're very welcome, Belle! The cheese is in the mail. From what I've read on your fine blog about your escapades as a California girl, I have no doubt that you would have fit right in with the rat pack. Rocky, too! (Rocky II)

  11. Yes, us old rats can still rock and enjoy all the music. I even find most of the current stuff enjoyable. You can put Adam as one of my all time favorites along with Tiny Tim. And to quote another old timer (Sam the Sham)"I'm old, but I'm not cold!"

    Guess Who

  12. I got one for you: "My gal is red hot - your gal ain't doodley squat!" I often kid about Tiny Tim but I met him and worked with him once and I wanna testify that a kinder, gentler human being would be hard to find. I am thrilled and honored to have you post a comment on my blog, Burton Cummings!

  13. Well you got me again and continue to amaze me with your overall knowledge of rock music and musicians. You pulled that name right out.

    Not Burton but his buddy Bachman

  14. Randy, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'll be takin' care of business in my next post when I present my favorite 15th century Lithuanian folk tunes. Be there!

  15. I am an 80s rat and Denver is a good friend. We have talked about having a reunion party at my house at some point. Hope that can happen. The song that will always remind me of The Dell is Iron Man.

  16. I remember you mentioning "Iron Man" as one of your Dell songs, Lubie. If you click on "older posts" you'll see that I included it in my From Dell It Came post on October 16th. Thank you very much for your comment and welcome back to home sweet home!


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