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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, September 7, 2008

200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell Part 5 (#160 to #151)

Before I reveal this week's set of countdown songs, let's have a look at a few more terrific Dell tunes that I placed just outside of the top 200.

Bubbling Under
The 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell

245. "To Love Somebody" - Bee Gees (July '67)
240. "Reflections" - Diana Ross & The Supremes (August '67)
224. "The Letter" - Box Tops (August '67)
211. "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby,
Standing In The Shadow" - Rolling Stones (October '66)
207. "Rain" - Beatles (June '66)

Ready for this week's brain buster? You'll find some powerful and complex lyrics in this batch. Look at these clues and name those tunes!

she knocks me off my feet,
she makes my life complete

Maybe if she
Would come back to me
Then it can't go wrong

I`m gonna tell the F.B.I.
I might even get myself a secret spy

The kids would all sing, he would take the wrong key

All alone I'm destined to be with misery my only company.

No more black or white. No more left or right.

And will they struggle much when told that such a tender touch as hers
Will make them not the same

I can make like a turtle and dive for your pearls in the sea

Your eyes no longer have that glow.
Your smile no longer shows that warm hello

I gotta have ya, honey
Please say that you’ll be mine
‘cause I’ll love you forever, girl
Till the end of time.

(end of clues)

Remember the grading scale:

All 10 right – Congratulations! You’ve been appointed dean of the College of Musical Knowledge

7-9 right – Licensed lyric lover

4-6 right - Lyrically challenged

1-3 right – Sign up for remedial classes at the School of Rock

0 right – You just dance and hum along!

Now, here are this week's 10 Shady Dell countdown songs:

160. "My Baby" - Temptations (November '65)

159. "Black Is Black" - Los Bravos (August '66)

158. "Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)" - Edwin Starr (February '66)

157. "Happy Jack" - The Who (April '67)

156. "Standing In The Shadows Of Love" - Four Tops (December '66)

155. "I’m Going to Change The World" – Animals (December ’65)

154. "Along Comes Mary" - Association (June '66)

153. "Sunshine Superman" - Donovan (August '66)

152. "If You Don't Want My Love" - Four Tops (September '67)

151. "Dark Side" - Shadows Of Knight (March '66)

Do you have a Shady Dell Top Tunes list of your own that you would like to share? I'd love to see it, especially if it covers a different period of Dell history. It doesn't have to contain 200 songs; even a Top 10 would be interesting and instructive. Submit your Dell's Greatest Hits list in the form of a comment and I'll get it posted.

Have a Shady day!


  1. Howdy - I'm writing this comment from the Shady Dell - 1501 Starcross Rd.

    I enjoy your blog.

    Do you know the names of any local bands that played the Shady Dell back in the day?

  2. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. As I mentioned, I attended the Dell during a six year span, from 1965 through 1971. During that time, I never saw a live band playing there. White Oaks and other venues featured live performances by local bands while the Shady Dell often played records released by local and regional artists.
    If you are talking about WAY back in the day, however, there actually were live bands playing at the Dell! I'm gathering more details right now and will publish a post on that topic soon. If you can provide some photos of the Dell as it looks today please submit another comment with your email address included. I will not publish your email address. I will merely use it to contact you and discuss this further. Photos of the Dell then and now are desperately needed. Again, thanks for your interest and your comment! Have a Shady day!


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