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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do Your Ears Have a Sweet Tooth?

 Pour a little sugar on it, honey  

 Pour a little sugar on it, baby  

 Gonna make your day so sweet  

 (Yeah, yeah, yeah) 


The Cryan' Shames performed a smooth,
ear pleasing blend of Pop/Garage Rock
and racked up a string of hits in
their home market of Chicago.

On a national scale the group didn't fare as well.
Only one of their singles reached the top 50,
a cover of the Searchers' hit "Sugar and Spice."

 "Sugar and Spice" - The Cryan' Shames 
 (August 1966, highest chart position #49) 


The Cake was an exciting mid 60s girl group that
consisted of Jeanette Jacobs, Eleanor Barooshian
and Barbara Morillo. The New York trio was
managed and produced by Greene/Stone,
the team that handled Sonny and Cher,
Buffalo Springfield and Iron Butterfly.
In 1967 the Cake appeared on the
television special Popendipity
performing a brilliant cover
of the Charlie & Inez Foxx
hit "Mocking Bird."

 "Mockingbird" - The Cake 
 (August 1967, B side of "Baby, That's Me" 
 live TV appearance on Popendipity

Unlike many girl groups, The Cake wrote their own  
material and performed in a range of styles that
included Spectorian pop, baroque psychedelia
and covers of R&B classics. "Fire Fly," one of
The Cake's own compositions, is also one of
their most interesting recordings.

 "Fire Fly" - The Cake 
 (December 1967, B side of "Rainbow Wood" 
 from the 1967 debut album The Cake


In 1958, two of the founding members of the R&B
girl group the Cookies left to form the Raelettes,
the famous backing singers for Ray Charles.
A new lineup of Cookies emerged and at
the beginning of 1963 earned a top 20 hit
with "Chains," later covered by the Beatles.
The Cookies scored their biggest hit a few
months later, breaking into the top 10
with "Don't Say Nothin' Bad."

 "Don't Say Nothin' Bad" - The Cookies 
 (June 1963, highest chart position #7) 


In the summer of 1964 Cookies member Earl-Jean
McCrea left the group and released a solo single.
The record barely dented the top 40 and didn't
get Earl-Jean noticed, but a few months later it
became an international hit for (you guessed it)
a white English act, in this case Peter Noone
and Herman's Hermits, who gained a #1 UK
hit with their version. Written by famed Brill
Building husband and wife team Gerry Goffin
and Carole King, "I'm Into Something Good"
includes Carole herself singing background.
The blend of voices is other worldly!

 "I'm into Something Good" - Earl-Jean 
 (August 1964, highest chart position #38) 

 That's the way 

  the cookies crumble. 

  Now let's have a taste of 

 strawberries, cherries and 

 an angel's kiss in spring

 all from a sweet and sassy 

 vanilla vixen in Sugar Town! 



"Summer Wine," a duet by Nancy Sinatra and
Lee Hazlewod, was originally released in
November 1966 as the B side of Nancy's
"Sugar Town" which became a top 5 hit.

  "Sugar Town" - Nancy Sinatra 
 (January 1967, highest chart position #5) 

"Summer Wine" is a terrible thing to waste.
As the killer bee of "Sugar Town," the
Hazlewood-Sinatra side only made it
halfway up the chart. Knowing it wasn't
a case of sour grapes, Reprise Records
let "Summer Wine" breathe again in 1968
on the collaborative album Nancy & Lee.

 "Summer Wine" - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood 
 (Released January 1967 as B side of "Sugar Town" 
 highest pos. #49/Rel. 1968 on album Nancy & Lee) 

 Sugar and spice and all things nice 

 Kisses sweeter than wine 

 Sugar and spice and all things nice 

 That concludes this little post of mine 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Ha ha! Sugar town!!
    I love that song!
    Lots of other great music here, too. I'm lovin' those Cryan' Shames. Such a 'shame' they didn't do better LOL.

    ~Abigail and Daisy

    1. Hi, Abigail and Daisy! "Sugar Town" was indeed a catchy song and Nancy's video really sold it. I hope you also enjoyed her Lee Hazlewood duet.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the Cryan' Shames. As I recall, they were disproportionately popular in Central Pennsylvania. Two of their singles, the one featured here and "I Wanna Meet You" (#85 on the Hot 100), were both ranked high and played often on our local top 40 station, WSBA, The Mighty 910.

      Thank you very much for coming to see me, Abigail and Daisy. You are two of my favorite people!

  2. I'm rather peckish after reading this post Tom! Haha! What a coincidence I've been singing Sugartown all week, I know it because Zooey Deschanel did a cover of it so it was nice to hear this version. Hope you're having a nice weekend Tom and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Although I won't be celebrating it tomorrow myself because Dublin goes a bit crazy! I think I'll be safer at home! :)

    Emma x

    1. Hi, dear Emma, and thank you for coming across the pond to sample some "scrummy" sweet sounds.

      It is quite a coincidence that you've been singing "Sugar Town" all weekend. Our minds are surely in sync.

      I can image the magnitude of the St. Patty's Day celebration there in Dublin town and I don't blame you one bit for choosing to lay low. From years of experience I can testify that it's no fun waking up the next day green around the gills. Regardless, I do wish you a very happy holiday, my dear friend, and I thank you once again for coming by. Have a great week, Emma!

  3. Good thing I'm not diabetic...this was super sweet! The Cryan' Shames were a blast from the past, you made this Chicago gal smile. I think the Cake group would fit today's look and sound. My heart belongs to Herman' s Hermits but I enjoyed the Cookies version too. Sugar Town was always a favorite and I enjoyed seeing Nancy singing with her boots made for walking! Well enough sweets for tonight, have a good week!

    1. Hello, YaYa, my sweet friend! I hope you aren't bouncing off the walls and unable to sleep now that you've overdosed on my sugary selections.

      It's exciting to me that you remember the Chicago band the Cryan' Shames. I'll tell you, my friend, they were popular in my neck of the woods, too. I admire The Cake's versatility. They had the ability to perform in a variety of styles and do so convincingly. Their second number, the baroque/psychedelic "Fire Fly," reminds me a little of "Undecided Man" by Paul Revere and the Raiders and "Norwegian Wood" by the Beatles.

      Hey, thank you very much for staying up late to comment, dear friend YaYa. I wish you a safe and happy week ahead!

  4. This yummy confection of a post has my spirit singing this morning! ( Sorry I am late- I was out of town.) You are so creative in bundling these for us and your creativity adds to the enjoyment of all the great songs. Hearing Carole King singing backgrounds was something! Wow- I learned something new about her. Thank you, my friend, for another entertaining and very informative musical post!

    1. ...and thank you, dear Shelly, for your visit and your excellent comment! If you attended another conference in Orlando over the weekend you most likely experienced nice weather, but now the wind and storms have arrived just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

      I'm very pleased that you listened to and enjoyed that glorious blend of voices on the Earl-Jean recording. Singer-songwriters like Carole King who worked at the Brill Building in the 60s must have had the best jobs in the world. I can feel their creative juices flowing and the fun they had knocking out songs and records, sometimes lending their own voices to the recordings of other artists. They were heady times, indeed!

      Thank you again for your faithful friendship, dear Shelly, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. I love Mockingbird. Carly Simon and James Taylor sang it together during my salad days.


    1. Hi, Janie Junebug! I always say that it starts with a great song. "Mockingbird" is a great song and the girl group trio known as The Cake performed a worthy rendition. Two interesting pieces of trivia about The Cake. As you might have noticed in the video, Jeanette's shtick was to remain motionless and act aloof while the other girls sang and moved around on stage. The gimmick was a regular part of the act. The second piece of trivia was the fact that Jeanette died at the very young age of 32 on New Year's Day 1982.

      Thank you very much for your visit and comment, JJ, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    2. I'm so sorry that a great performer was lost at a young age.

    3. That's very nice of you, Janie. I'm not sure what happened to cause Jeanette's death, but one article stated that she had epilepsy.

      If you want to see a surreal video, proceed to YouTube and watch Eleanor Barooshian, the cute blonde member of The Cake, singing the famous Sonny & Cher duet "I Got You Babe" with none other than Tiny Tim!

      Thank you again for the follow-up, JJ. I appreciate your patronage.

  6. Yep, the Carly Simon/James Taylor version of Mockingbird is still my favorite, but I'd never heard the Cake version - I liked it! I could do without Nancy Sinatra, but you have some fun things I'd never heard before. Yay for the Cookies! Sorry I've been so absent recently - real life has been calling.

    1. Hi, karen! Thank you very much for attending my sugar fest, dear friend! "Mockingbird" was recorded by a variety of artists along the way including Dusty Springfield, Aretha, Australian Johnny O'Keefe, a British girl band called the Belle Stars, country singer Toby Keith and rocker Eddie Money, but we should never forget the brother and sister act that first recorded "Mockingbird" and had a top 10 hit with it in 1963, Inez & Charlie Foxx. I'm thrilled that you liked The Cake and The Cookies and knowing you, you didn't gain a single ounce. :)

      Thank you for the tag about real life calling. I thought of you the moment that terrible news broke in Austin and hoped your son was not affected in any way.

      Thank you again for coming, dear friend karen, and enjoy the rest of your week

  7. Hi Shady! Ok, I developed a sweet tooth after hearing some of these songs! My "flavorite" was Cake, "Fire fly" Loved the girls harmonies. Nancy S, summer wine coming in second place. She was so beautiful and an idol of mine. I was more familiar with some of these tunes especially, Cookies," I'm into something good". That was a fav or mine in the 70's covered by Donnie Osmond--Wow! was he SWEET!LOL!
    Toni Deroche

    1. Hi, Toni! Thank you very much, dear friend, for R.S.V.P-ing and coming to Shady's Saccharine Soiree! I am thrilled that you were the first to like The Cake's baroque - psychedelic recording "Fire Fly." Those who take time to listen to the song all the way through will surely agree that it's an interesting nugget and not the typical material recorded by 60s girl groups. Isn't it tragic that one of the Cake girls died at the tender age of 32?

      I am also delighted that you singled out the fine Nancy Sinatra - Lee Hazlewood recording "Summer Wine" which was a big hit locally on WSBA but only made it to #49 on the national chart.

      Donnie Osmond might be sweet but, IMHO, the cute and cuddly Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits recorded the best version of "Something Good." Nevertheless, I believe in giving credit where it's due and that's why I posted the original by The Cookies.

      What a great comment! Thank you very much for breaking away from your busy schedule and paying me a visit, dear friend Toni. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Oh I just love Summer Wine, I discovered Nancy and Lee's songs a few years ago and they are firm favourites of mine. Wishing you a great week Shady!

    1. Hi, Sarah! Thank you very much for popping in. I'm happy to see "Summer Wine" getting another vote because the classic country pop duet is a favorite of mine, too. I'm sure by now you have also seen their cool video for "Jackson." If not you can find it on YouTube.

      I am very pleased to have you back for a visit, dear friend Sarah. What a loyal friend you are! I bid you good night, wish you a happy Thursday and hope to see you again soon!

  9. I was very impressed with The Cake. They are fun to watch and listen to.
    I remember the Cookies song, "Don't Say Nothin... very well. I always liked it. I had no idea they sang, "I'm into Something Good!" I think the lead singer's voice was a little too soft for that song.

    You reminded me today why Nancy Sinatra was successful. I liked her songs very much. It is usually enjoyable when artists sing together and I like Summer Wine in the past as well as today. One of my favorite songs from that era was, "Somethin' Stupid" which she sang with her father. Great memories today, Shady!

    1. Hi, dear Belle! Welcome welcome welcome! I am thrilled that you enjoyed The Cake. Seems quite a few other readers like them, too. They were essentially three teenage girls from New York who formed a unique girl group trio, handling a variety of material and writing many of their own songs. They were ahead of their time. If you didn't notice me mentioning it my other replies, Jeanette, the girl in the middle in the "Mockingbird" video, had a tragically short life, dead at age of 32 at the very start of 1982. Such a shame!

      I agree with you 100% about Nancy and Lee and also about Nancy and father Frank. Is it any wonder we consider ourselves blessed to have been teenagers during the 60s when all this great music was produced?

      Thank you very much for your kind visit and comments, dear friend Belle. Please continue to take good care of yourself and I'll talk to you again soon. God bless!

  10. Ok, Ok, I dropped my ticket in a mud puddle, and, had to let it dry off, then scrape the mud off,lol! Then, ticket in hand, running down the street to your blog, the high, March winds blew it out of my hand, and down the street I went...finally retrieved it before it slid down a sewer grate! So here I am, and what a treat...made the ticket escapade worth it!

    I remember the Cookies...loved the 'Don't Say Nothin' Bad' song. It was very popular, and, well deserved, And, I'm with Belle...very impressed with The Cake. The 'Mockingbird' video is very cool, but, why did the girl in the middle not move much? And, what a sound on 'Firefly'. I really have to say, they were very unique, a sound that is not typical, nor, can it be copied easily! Loved their hairstyles and outfits too!

    I had not heard 'I'm into Something Good' before Herman's Hermits-wouldn't have even thought it existed before them. Just goes to show you, doesn't it? Well I did like Earl Jean's version, but Herman really did the song justice!

    I always liked Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, well, of course, 'These Boots are Made for Walkin'. But never was real fond of 'Sugar Town'-not enough BITE to it. She had a great talent for incorporating BITE into a song, that made it great!

    Thanks for this cool post Shady, and for allowing 'Wednesday Wilma' back into the Dell, lol! Hope you have a great evening...see you! ♫

    1. Hello, sugar sweet Suzanne! You take the Cake, my friend! That's a whopper of a story you told to explain your tardiness. I suppose I have no choice but to believe it. At least you didn't blame little Scootie for flushing your ticket down the potty! (LOL)

      Another thumbs up for The Cake! I am absolutely delighted that you, Belle and others see and hear what I do. As I explained in other replies, The Cake was a trio of New York City area girls aged 16 and 17. As girl groups go they were years ahead of their time. They wrote their own songs and performed authentic covers of other artists's hits across several musical genres. The Cake was good enough to land a record deal on a major label, Decca. The act had a gimmick that was apparently used in all of their live performances. Jeanette, the girl you mentioned, always remained expressionless and aloof and stood there like a statue while the other two girls danced and sang in an animated fashion. It was that same girl, Jeanette, who reportedly suffered from epilepsy, and died on New Year's Day 1982 at the age of 32! Can you believe it? The Cake was managed and produced by the same team that handled Sonny and Cher. I invite you to go to YouTube and watch Eleanor, the cute blonde member of The Cake, performing Sonny and Cher's smash hit "I Got You Babe" in a duet with Tiny Tim. It's must see!

      Thank you very much for stopping by, dear friend Suzanne. I deeply appreciate your visits and your superb comments! Good night and have a happy Thursday!

  11. Kathleen Mae SchneiderMarch 19, 2014 at 6:37 PM

    Yum-m-m!! What musical ambrosia you've concocted for us, Shady. I tasted all the confections and was transported back to a much more innocent time of my life with these delectable offerings. The infectious melodies and upbeat rhythms in all these songs will be going around in my mind for awhile.

    The Cake's version of "Mockingbird" was quite creative musically but totally different than the one I'm most familiar with - the lullaby Mother sang to me as a child. Memories of that one originated in many nights with my frightened and feverish brow soothed by her loving hand as I drifted off to sleep. It's amazing to me what musicians can do with such an uncomplicated melody and lyrics.

    The Cookies' "I'm into Something Good" is so delicate-sounding. I think I like it better than the one usually heard because it seems fresher, simpler and more genuine somehow. It would have been interesting to hear what else the group could have offered if they had the chance they deserved.

    Nancy Sinatra's songs and the video with the mini skirt and high boots were the icing on the cake - bringing memories of high school and college years when my troubles were few.

    I might be wrong, but many of the harmonies and rhythms in these selections reminded me of much later songs like the Seekers' "Georgie Girl", Chicago's "Saturday in the Park", and the Bangles' "Manic Monday". I wonder if the
    influence was there.

    Thanks for this musical dessert that sweetened up my evening!

    1. Hi, Kathleen! I'm very happy to see you here again, dear friend, and excited to know you got so much out of this post. How can any of us remain sad and depressed for long if we have infectious melodies and upbeat rhythms like these running through our minds? We can all be happier if we remember to add some music to our day.

      You made a good point about "Mockingbird." Those of us who know and love the R&B recording of the song made famous by Charlie and Inez Foxx tend to forget that it started out as a gentle lullaby sung by mothers to help their babies fall asleep.

      I'm glad you appreciated the original version of "Something Good" recorded by the Cookies along with Carole King. I would characterize it as subdued, natural and soulful while the hit version by English pop group Hermans Hermits is the more energetic and commercial of the two.

      Are you saying that you were a high booted, mini skirted, Nancy Sinatra look-alike during your high school and college years? Do go on!

      To address your last paragraph, the Chicago pop/garage rock group the Cryan' Shames were known for their sparkling harmonies. I would also point to The Cake in this regard. The Cake consisted of three beautiful NYC teenagers with attitude who were discovered singing along to records in a club. They had big league talent and management to match. They were signed to a major label, Decca, wrote much of their own material, sang blue-eyed soul and baroque pop with intricate madrigal-style harmonies. The Cake released two albums and four singles and yet somehow managed to avoid the charts and never gained the fame they deserved. The Cake was a missing link, bridging the gap between traditional 60s girl groups and self contained girl bands of the 70s.

      Thank you very much for coming to my lollipop sock hop, dear friend Kathleen. Please take good care of yourself and Mother and I'll talk to you again soon. God bless!

    2. Kathleen Mae SchneiderMarch 19, 2014 at 7:44 PM

      I had a pair or two of high leather boots and several mini-skirts, but I was most definitely NOT a Nancy Sinatra look-alike! I guess, to paraphrase someone more famous than I, two out of three ain't bad....

    3. Modesty becomes you, dear friend. I'm sure you were even more attractive than Nancy and turned many heads. Meanwhile, I turned many stomachs! :)

  12. Hi dear friend. So sorry that I'm late. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of most of the artists today, but that didn't lessen my enjoyment of all the songs. As Kathleen said, the music really takes you back to a much more (and dare I say,enjoyable) time. I have heard, of course, of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, and I simply love their rendition of Summer Wine, and it was great to hear it again today, after all these years. I have been known to wear a mini skirt in my time. (AHem!!.) Smooches to you my dear friend.

    1. Hallo, dear Thisisme, and thank you very much for taking a ride on the Sugarland Express!

      I'm am always happy when I can offer something new for you to learn about and appreciate and I'm glad you enjoyed listening to the Cryan' Shames, The Cake, The Cookies and Earl-Jean along with the better known Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood.

      With your award wining legs (rumored to be insured for a million British pounds sterling by Lloyd's of London) I have no doubt that you looked smashing in a mini skirt back in the day and probably still do. There's an idea for an upcoming Wordless Wednesday or Speechless Saturday! (LOL)

      Before I forget it I want to mention that the fine NYC girl trio The Cake will be back on the blog in my 17-part Echoes series performing in the style I have dubbed Spectorian Splendor.

      Thank you again for your support, dear friend Thisisme. Please take care of yourself and I hope to chat with you again very soon!

  13. the cake? cookies? sugar and spice? is it just me or is your sweet tooth showing in this post? Thank you as always for introducing meto some really great songs! ive had this page open on my computer for ages, but ive been so busy ive not been able to comment! I hope you dont mine that im late =)

    1. Hello, dear Catherine, and welcome back! I don't mind at all that you arrived late. Your friendship, support and comments are important to me and I thank you very much for coming to my latest platter party. I have decided to space my posts slightly farther apart, an average of 7 or 8 days between, to give busy friends like you a couple extra days to visit.

      Yessum, I combed my memory files for names of recording acts and song titles relating to sugar and came up with this batch. There are, of course, countless others like the British rock band The Sweet, Candy and the Kisses, the song "Sugar on Sunday" and tons more.

      Thank you very much for remembering me, dear friend Cat. I wish you a happy week ahead!


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