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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Saturday, May 5, 2012

--- Now Playing at the Shady Dell --- Jukebox Giants of May 1967

 It's the merry month of May. 

 Flower power's in bloom across the USA. 

 Summer of Love will soon be underway! 

Our monthly peek inside the Shady Dell jukebox reveals two great new sides from Harrisburg's favorite funkmeisters along with a mixed bag of Motown soul, rock, pop, Brit beat and psychedelia.

 Experience the look and sound of  

 young America! 


 New, Hot and Hitbound: 

 “Searchin’” – Emperors 

 “Lookin’ for My Baby” – Emperors 

 “Groovin’” – Young Rascals 

 “Let’s Live for Today” – Grass Roots 

 “I’ll Turn to Stone” – Four Tops 

 “7 Rooms of Gloom” – Four Tops 

 “Respect” – Aretha Franklin 

 “When You’re Young and In Love” 
 – Marvelettes 

 "Can’t Take My Eyes Off You" – Frankie Valli 


 Old Dell Gold: 
 (Records from past weeks, months and years 
 that have maintained their popularity) 

“I’m a Man” – Spencer Davis Group (April ’67)

“I Can’t Get Enough of It” – Spencer Davis Group (April ’67)

“When I Was Young” – Animals (April ’67)

“A Girl Named Sandoz" – Animals (April ’67)

“Jimmy Mack” – Martha & the Vandellas (March ’67)

“Third Finger, Left Hand” – Martha & The Vandellas 
(March ’67)

“I Got a Feeling” – Four Tops (March ’67)

“My Baby Likes to Boogaloo” - Emperors (March ’67)

“Somebody to Love” – Jefferson Airplane (April ’67)

“Hip Hug-Her” – Booker T. & the MG’s (April ’67)

“Stormy Weather” – Magnificent Men (February ’67)

“Funky Broadway” – Dyke & the Blazers (March ’67)

“With This Ring” – Platters (March ’67)

Big changes are coming to the jukebox in the month of June.

Which of these songs will survive the Summer of Love and which ones will take the fall?

 You have 
 one month 
 to speculate 
 but remember, 
 ladies & 
 this is only 
 an exhibition, 
 this is not 
 a competition; 
 so please -- 
 no wagering! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. Hi dear friend Tom. There I was, gaily strolling through my blog roll, when up came your name. Well, that was a lovely surprise for a Saturday! Yay! I knew several of the tunes on your 1967 jukebox, and I recognized the lady from Bewitched on the magazine cover at the beginning of the post. I used to love that programme, although I suspect it would seem very tame now. It's all coming back to me - Samantha, and her husband was called Darren. Gosh, the old brain is still working - even though I can't remember what I did yesterday. LOL!!! I used to love The Four Tops and have their Reach Out and I'll Be There on my very own Jukebox here at chez moi! I'm always a sucker for photos of 1960's scooters, and still have a dream of riding a Vespa one day. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You is another real favourite with me. Great choices for us today Shady dude, and I really enjoyed listening to them all. (I'm in a bit of a mischievous mood today - can you tell?!). Have a super doodle spiffing weekend over there in downtown Florida! Ciao!

  2. Fantastic list of songs here Shady! I am especially fond of my fellow Jerseyite Frankie Valli. Such great memories. Thank you for keeping these oldies but goodies alive and well!

  3. Thisisme - My goodness, you are in a whimsical and mischievous mood today, aren't you? I'm so glad! I'm sure you'll agree it's more fun to laugh than cry. Yessum, I decided to use a May 1967 magazine cover in this post and it's a picture of Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched. Most everyone agrees that Dick York (Darren #1) was the definitive Darren. Vespa scooters must be making a comeback. Seems nearly every day they offer pink Vespas as prizes on The Price is Right. Thank you very much for playing the Dell jukebox today, dear Thisisme, and have a wonderful weekend!

    BB - Hello, dear friend! I'm so happy to see you again. Jersey boy Frankie certainly had the young ladies riveted when he serenaded them during live performances. I looked up the word "charisma" in my Funk & Wagnalls and there he was! Thank you very much for thinking of me, Barb (neighbor) and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I love Motown. I was super excited when Smoky Robinson, the Temptations and Martha Reeves performed on Dancing With The Stars. If you haven't, you should check out the group 'Human Nature'. It's 4 young guys who are trying to bring Motown back. They're actually pretty good!

  5. Ashton - Hello, dear friend! Actually, my cousin was just telling me about Human Nature a few days ago. He said the group is so good at performing Smokey Robinson songs that they made Smokey himself cry. Thanks for remining me of them. I'll check them out! I'm glad you enjoyed this month's Jukebox Jiants. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear Ashton!

  6. Of course like Barb my favorite was also Frankie Valli. I learned some new stuff today as lots I had not heard of. Another fun selection my friend.

    1. Hey, Odie! My favorite Four Seasons clip is the one in which Frankie sings "Rag Doll" to Jeri Lyn, my favorite "Action Kids" dancer, in an episode of Where The Action Is. I'm glad you enjoyed the Jersey boy(s) there in Carolina. Thanks for stopping in, Odie, and have a swell Sunday!

  7. Hi Shady,
    That's a great collection that puts me in the mood for summer. I especially love Jefferson Airplane, the way Grace Slick's voice soars. Although I was born after the acid dropping phase in American History, the music was in my life.
    Have a great weekend my friend!

    1. Hi, Jenny! Florida summer starts January 1st so we're already well into the season. I'm happy for you guys living north of the Arctic Circle. :) I know you're eager to get outdoors and run. At the Shady Dell, Jefferson Airplane scored with two of their singles, "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit." The B sides, "She Has Funny Cars" and "Plastic Fantastic Lover," were also popular with the rat pack. I'm glad you enjoyed today's selection of sounds and I thank you very much for your comment, dear friend!

  8. Well, Mr.'ve done it again. Martha and the Vandellas were the best! Third Finger, Lefthand was a sassy song for sure! I liked all of their work. And, I remember Searchin & Lookin For My Baby-oh yes, My Baby Likes to Boogaloo. All of the Boogaloo songs of the day were good to dance to. And, that Diva, Aretha! She's fabulous! She got engaged to be married, then, recently broke it off..kind of funny! Funky Broadway was one that the guys liked to dance to-don't know why, unless it made them feel extra cool, lol!
    And, yesterday we heard some tunes from the Spencer Davis Group on Sirius radio...they play some pretty good stuff from the 60's on Sirius. A lady called in and professed her love for Eric Burdon and she sang the first two lines of House of the Risin Sun. Not that great, but, kudos to her for having the nerve- a true fan. Then the DJ 'Cousin Brucie' played the song for her. I'm with her...just love Eric Burdon! Well, we didn't get to see the Super Moon last nite, too much haze in the sky, so we'll have to wait until another time, and, another moon. Hope you've had a pleasant weekend...I'm boogalooin' off to 'funky Broadway'.♫

    1. Hi, Susan! I think it's great that you know and love so many of the hardcore Dell songs that I've been posting, even "guy" songs by artists like Eric Burdon. You've got the right stuff, for sure, and would have made a great Dellette back in the 60s! Sorry you didn't get a good view of the Super Moon. We had very clear skies over here and it looked fantastic! You go ahead and boogaloo down Broadway. I'm goin' to Kansas City. They got some crazy little women there and I'm gonna get me one. Thanks so much for reporting in, dear friend Susan, and have a terrific week ahead!

  9. I would have been proud and delighted to be a Dellette...thanks Shady!

  10. These are great songs, Shady! It is hard to pick favorites but I would say I like 'I'll Turn to Stone', 'Respect' and 'Let's Live for Today'. The year 1967 was a good one for music. I know you have featured that year before and I always love it. Aretha looked so cute when she was very young and I have to say I loved the hat she wore to the inauguration. It was fantastic. The Marvelettes were great as usual. A fun lineup to listen to as I finally sit down after a busy day.

    1. Hi, Belle! It's so funny, on the full length clip of "Let's Live For Today" the Grass Roots are introduced by old school comedian Jimmy Durante who makes fun of their name as if it's totally outrageous. The audience also laughs at their "odd" name. My how times have changed! I'm glad you enjoyed listening to these May 1967 Dell songs, dear Belle and I hope the coming week is a great one for you!

  11. I just got back into town and am late catching up on my favorite blogs, but I love how Grace Slick's voice seems invincible. I haven't heard her in eons, but boy, does she have talent.

    Another terrific, talent packed post. Thank you, my friend, for sharing it with us!

    1. Hi, Shelly! You're really a class act, do you realize that? It means a great deal to me that you would swing over here after your conference when you probably have unpacking and many other things to do. Such a friend. I really appreciate your visit, dear Shelly, and I'll be looking forward to your next post telling about your weekend.

  12. First off, I will now only be answering to the name funkmeister :)
    This was a grade A mix of tunes, my musical friend! Of course I love Aretha (who doesnt) and the Four Tops are the bees knees, but its I Can’t Get Enough of It from the Spencer Davis Group that really got my hips shaking. This is just what I needed to get my week started off right. Hope you have an equally great start to your week!

    1. funkmeister - Hello, dear friend! That Steve Winwood/SDG killer bee that you like is an excellent choice. By picking that particular song you have very much impressed me and reinforced the notion that you are "one of the guys." Thank you very much for your visit and comments, dear Amber, and have a splendid week ahead!

  13. Oh swoon, the young rascals...I now have Groovin stuck in my head, thank you it will be a sweet one as today may have some challenges. xo

    1. Hi, Katie! The B side of the "Groovin'" 45 was "Sueno," another great recording, although I don't remember the kids playing it at the Dell. However I played it a million times on my turntable at home. I hope you meet the challenges of the day in fine shape, dear Katie, and I thank you very much for your visit!

  14. Replies
    1. Hi Sharren/Gingey! You are very welcome. It's always nice to see a new post from you and to have you here for a visit. Enjoy your week, dear friend!

  15. Hi Tom,
    It's finally settled down enough here that I could turn on the sound button and listen to your lovely selections. Most all of them were favorites of mine. The new ones were some I'm sure I'll listen to again. Mr doesn't like the sound on in the middle of the night while he sleeps...go figure. That leaves me trying to work my listening time into the day and when it's on the weekend...well the days are otherwise occupied sans computer. I'm glad I made it back to the Shady Dell...your tunes were just what I needed today.
    Thanks for your kind words about Laura...she was a huge Elvis fan, related to him actually some where along the way of her family tree. Everyone has some claim to fame somewhere along the line I guess.
    Have a lovely week...

    1. Sush - You are very sweet for coming by, dear friend. Your visit means a lot to me. Night owl that you are I fully understand your steady date's need to get some uninterrupted sleep in the wee hours while you're still going strong. I've been thinking about Laura ever since your post. I think we all wish that at least one person will fondly remember us after we're gone and perhaps be moved to tell others like you did. I know that she appreciates your kind words about her. Thank you very much for making time to drop the coin right into the slot and hear somethin' that's really hot. Have a great week, dear friend Sush!


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