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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

--- Now Playing at the Shady Dell --- Jukebox Giants of January 1967

 Time marches on! 

 It's January 1967 at the Shady Dell

 Wind's howling...snow's flying... 

 but the folkloric Summer of Love 

 will be here before you know it! 

Let's sample the Dell's January jukebox giants. They include powerful, evocative ballads that trigger a deluge of memories pertaining to the Dell in winter. First and foremost is the one by Tommy Roe.

 Experience the look and sound of 
 young America! 


 New, Hot and Hitbound: 

“Gimme Some Lovin’” – Spencer Davis Group 

“It’s Now Winter’s Day” – Tommy Roe 

“Pretty Ballerina” – Left Banke 

“Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” – Casinos 

“Kind of a Drag” – Buckinghams 


 Old Dell Gold: 
 (Records from past weeks, months and years 
 that have maintained their popularity) 

"Karate” – Emperors (December '66) 

“I’ve Got to Have Her” – Emperors (December '66) 

“I’m a Believer” – Monkees (December '66) 

“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” – Monkees (December '66) 

“(We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet” – Blues Magoos (December '66) 

“I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)” – Electric Prunes 
(December '66) 

“I’ve Passed This Way Before” – Jimmy Ruffin (December '66) 

“Mustang Sally” – Wilson Pickett (December '66) 

“Standing in the Shadows of Love” – Four Tops 
(December '66) 

“Tell it Like it Is “– Aaron Neville (December '66) 

“Good Thing” – Paul Revere & the Raiders (December '66) 

“98.6” – Keith (December '66) 

“Let’s Get Lost on a Country Road” – Kit Kats 
(November ’66) 

“Find Someone (Who’ll Make You Happy)” – Kit Kats 
(November ’66) 

“I (Who Have Nothing)” – Terry Knight & the Pack 
(November ’66) 

“Words of Love” – Mamas & Papas (December '66) 

“I’m Ready for Love” – Martha & the Vandellas 
(December '66) 

“Don’t Be a Drop-out” – James Brown (October ’66) 

“Peace of Mind” – Magnificent Men (January ’66) 

Big changes are coming to the jukebox in February.

Which of these songs will still be burning up the barn and which ones will get kicked to the curb?

 You have 
 one month 
 to speculate 
 but remember, 
 ladies & 
 this is only 
 an exhibition, 
 this is not 
 a competition; 
 so please -- 
 no wagering! 

Have a Shady day!


  1. What a way to start the day. The beat of Gimme Some Lovin had me revved up and happy. Some of the artists I didn't remember as usual but I really loved the Casinos, Buckinghams, Aaron Neville and Martha and the Vandellas. Brought back some great memories and started my day on a good note. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Odie - I'm glad to know that the beat of the SDG got your blood circulating this morning. It always works for me, too. As for those winter time ballads, they were particularly memorable because slow dancing was a great way to keep warm when outside the mercury was dropping down "to minus ten below." Thank you very much for coming by, good buddy, and please give Rocky and Soffie a biscuit for me (one each)!

  3. Wow- I really love the early Aaron Neville. He certainly has the staying power- I think this was the first time I heard him sing something during the 60's era.

    Also, I enjoyed hearing Martha and the Vandellas and Kit Kats. Well, as always, friend Shady, all of your selections for us today are terrific!

    I have a question for you. As I already mentioned, I was a big fan of punk music in the late 70's and early 80's. It was considered the really subvervise music of my time. What was considered the really "out there" subversive type of music during the Shady Dell era?

    You are always such a font of wonderful, entertaining info, my friend. Thank you for enlightening us!

  4. Shelly - You're asking me to THINK even before the sun comes up? (LOL) Well, you need to remember that the Dell opened in 1945. I'm told that rascal Benny Goodman caused quite a stir. (LOL) If you're asking which bands were considered radical or subversive during the mid and late 60s AND were popular on the Dell jukebox then I would have to say bands like the Electric Prunes, Blue Cheer, the Doors and Jefferson Airplane. This would be a good time to remember the late Sean Bonniwell who founded The Music Machine. His "Talk Talk" was rather "out there" in its time. Sean died of lung cancer just before Christmas. James Brown's black power anthems such as "Say it Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud" were considered subversive by those who wanted to thwart the Civil Rights Movement. Of course, Led Zeppelin's steamroller "Whole Lotta Love" landed in the Dell jukebox at the tail end of the decade, December 1969. None of these could really be called "subversive" but they did represent a departure from the traditional sweet love songs that Dell rats had embraced in the past. Thank you for your visit and your very challenging question, dear Shelly, and have a great day!

  5. I love Shelly's question, which you've given a very thoughtful answer to so early this morning. What time is it in Texas anyway? I guess a teacher has to get up several hours before the sun.
    I love Mustang Sally. That is great stuff! I don't know how it happened but in the last ten years my musical appetite has come to include High Lonesome Bluegrass and very early blues. I remember as a teen that my friends did not understand my musical tastes. They loved Duran Duran while I was enjoying the Doors and Led Zeppelin. The funny thing is that while time goes forward, I keep going backwards. There's a radio station here that plays old, low down and dirty blues on Thursday nights. One day soon I'm going to find a club and listen to it live.

  6. Hi, Jenny! My musical tastes have always been eclectic. I started going retro while still in my early 20s, exploring country blues and urban R&B from the mid 40s through the mid 50s including the Ravens, Four Tunes, Orioles, Robins, Clovers and Dominoes, plus early Ray Charles and other solo artists of the day. That phase eventually passed and I got into pre-Beatles pop oldies, psychedelic, West Coast hard rock, arena rock, New Wave, heavy metal and even harder and heavier forms of music. Through blogging I have been introduced to exciting new artists and music categories such as art rock, dream pop and modern bluegrass. It's gratifying that many of today's young artists are borrowing the sounds of yesteryear and incorporating them into their recordings. Thank you very much for stopping by, dear friend Jenny. I wish you a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!

  7. Dear Shady,
    My Wednesdays are rarely wordless, even though silence is golden. It's interesting to me that you have such an extensive knowledge of music and a deep appreciation for it. I think it would enrich my life to keep seeking a variety of music. Sometimes I forget that I am holding an entire sea of possible choices under my fingertips. Discovering things I really love always surprises and delights me. So with your example, I'm going to experiment more.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. A great line up this rainy and thunderous Wednesday morning! Thank you, Tom! My favorites in order: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, Tell It Like It Is, Gimme Some Lovin', Kind of a Drag, I've Passed This Way Before.

    Ones that were not familiar:
    It's Now Winter's Day ~ really liked this one.

    Pretty Ballerina ~ Another unknown but very special after I listened to it.

    Ones I have not heard in a long time:
    I Who Have Nothing ~ Thanks for me being able to listen to this again this morning, a great song.

    I'm Ready For Love ~ Another great forgotten one, always love that Motown Sound!

    Two of the best slow dance songs:
    Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, Tell It Like It Is (Ah, the memories ...) ☺

    Shelly brought up a good and thoughtful question. I can't imagine in the mid to late 60s hearing Purple Haze, Sunshine of Your Love or Lola on the Dell Jukebox. (3 old favs of mine) I liked your responses, excellent as always! Thank you again, Tom! Keep the music coming!

  10. Jenny - I'm very happy to know that I inspire you to explore, dabble and experiment. At the end of each day I think back on all I've learned and all I've shared and it's a great feeling. Thanks so much for the follow-up, dear Jenny!

    Cindy - Nobody deletes more of their comments than you, dear friend, and I know you do it just to intrigue me! (LOL) Those three records you mentioned by Hendrix, Cream and the Kinks are great examples of the changing times. I don't remember them playing at the Dell but if they did you can imagine the dilemma faced by old school rats who were used to dancing to love ballads. It was a whole new ball game and things were never the same thereafter. That Tommy Roe song was the biggie of the bunch as far as I'm concerned. No other record recalls the magic of the Dell in winter like "It's Now Winter's Day." I'm glad you liked it along with the Left Banke's great follow-up to "Walk Away Renee." Thank you very much for your cheery visit, dear Cindy, and have a terrific day (and stay dry).

  11. Pretty Ballerina by Left Banke sounds familiar. I think my parents used to play the song around the house when I was younger. Great song. I like the Araon Neville song too but every time I hear him I think of the SNL skit:

    So funny.

  12. Amber Blue Bird - LOL - Thanks for sharing that clip, dearie! I've been away from SNL far too long. Looks like the current crop of crazies is coming up with some very funny stuff. (Are you sure that wasn't Kevin doing another one of his characters?) I figured you might like the Left Banke with their melancholy Bach-rock sound. Thanks for coming over and checking out the tunes, dear friend, and have a wonderful New England evening!

  13. Boy! Almost all of these songs were of the greatest. Spencer Davis Group was one of the best dance groups of the day. 'I, Who Have Nothing', even tho sad, was explosive in its own right. 'Then you can tell me Goodbye, 'I'm Ready For Love'. Well, I'll just say, The Left Banke, 'Pretty Ballerina' was my least favorite. But I did like 'Don't Walk Away Renee'. I really like this post...full of some of the best. How does anyone choose, if they must? And, 'Standing in the Shadows of Love'. You've got it all in January, Shady! No wonder you spent so much time at the Dell, well, I mean, other than the cute girls! And, what a kitchen they had there! See you soon, you checked 'em off on my list!

  14. Susan - January 1967 was the start of a transitional year at the Dell. Dreamy ballads like the one crooned by the Casinos (a throwback to the doo-wop 50s) would soon go the way of the passenger pigeon. They were being replaced by loud, angry, defiant songs sung by bands with attitude playing wailing guitars. The Shady Dell's golden era was coming to an end. At first I resisted the new edgier music but eventually I embraced it as did just about everybody else.

    You know me well, dear Susan. The music was great but cute Dellettes were also a major part of the Dell's appeal. A soul lover like you would have fit right in at the Dell, especially with your cover girl good looks. Thank you very much for playing the January jukebox with me, dear Susan, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. I just adore Gimme Some Lovin! If that song doesn't get ones toes tappin, something is very wrong. You have such a wealth of musical knowledge! This was not my generations music, unfortunately, but I have very fond memories of listening to a lot of the songs you post here. My father owned a little convenience store in northern MI and he always had the golden oldies station playing in there. I remember spending so many summer days behind the counter in his store with him, reading Archie comics and listening to songs like "Rag Doll," and "Sherry." I can't remember all the titles or names of the songs but when I hear them I get the most nostalgic feelings. I think I'm going to search for a good station that plays this music today and have a living room dance party here with my little guy today. Thank you, Shady, for bringing back those memories for me. Your blog is truly a gem! :)

  16. Jenn June - Hello and welcome to Shady Dell Music & Memories! I am delighted by your visit and comments. If you stick with me I'm sure that you'll hear many of the songs you remember your father playing in his store. You will also hear some that are new to you, records that "make old school cool." Week by week I will introduce to you the authentic music popularized by the kids at the Dell in the mid 60s. I will also post favorites from the 50s through 80s that were apart from my Dell experience. The most important thing that you will find here is friendship, Jenn. I guarantee that you will receive a warm welcome and personal attention each time you are nice enough to visit. My goal is to always leave you with something to think about and something to smile about. Thank you very much for dropping by this morning and sharing your interesting anecdote with us. I hope you and your little guy find an oldies station today and remember to keep it tuned right here to SDMM. Have a wonderful day, Jenn June!

  17. You can always capture my New Orleans heart Tom, but throw in a hometown hero like Aaron Neville well what else needs to be said? I'm sorry I'm late to listen to your new posting. Yesterday was spent in the Dr's office with my date for the last 40+years. We are back to resolving some of the health issues that came to light when he had the kidney stone. Things are looking good on that front...
    I guess I was very aware of music in 1967, because each of your tunes brings back a memory...nice ones!
    Again you've set my toes to tapping and my thoughts down memory lane.
    Thanks Tom for another lovely day spent at the Shady Dell!

  18. Woo Hoo! I've been checking your blog every day to see when you would hit the magic 100 Followers, and you've done it!! Well done my dear friend. You deserve every single one of your Followers. Welcome to Jessica!! 1967, and I was 20 and had been married for a year. Eeek!! Like Sush, I'm so sorry that I'm late in getting round here, but I've had a very busy couple of days. Gimme Some Lovin was great, and always guaranteed to get the old feet tapping. (although my feet were young in those days. Hee Hee!). I see that those Kit Kats have put in an appearance again. You will probably remember me saying previously, that I hadn't heard of them before, apart from Kit Kat being a very tasty chocolate bar over here! I'm A Believer by the Monkees was another one that always went down well. There are a few that I haven't heard of in today's post, but that's the beauty of Tom's Shady Dell, as it gives us a chance to listen to some great music that we are not familiar with. I do know Tommy Roe, my favourite hit of his being "Sheila". Warmest wishes from my little corner of the world to your little corner.

  19. Thank you for the warm welcome, Shady. I just read your comments on Sush's post. "I was carrying around a lot of anger and coming from scarcity until I found catharsis through blogging. Now I am coming from abundance." WOW! I couldn't have said it better myself. Blogging has opened a whole new world up for me and I'm so inspired by the friendships I've made here. Okay, I have to go for now but just wanted to say that. I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

  20. Sush - I knew I'd get you with one of the Neville brothers and I'm glad I have your toes tapping and your thoughts down memory lane. Songs like these can be just the tonic to help you forget, at least for a while, the hassles that seem to crop up in daily life. I'm sorry you're back to dealing with unresolved health issues. I hope your steady date's well on the way to full recovery. Thank you very much, Sush, for coming over for a look and a listen. Happy Thursday and enjoy your weekend, dear friend!

    Thisisme - Hallo, dear friend! You and Sush don't have to consider yourselves "late" getting here. I've slowed down the rate of publishing the blog to an average of once every four or five days. This week was an exception because of Helen's birthday. Since that was a short post with only one embedded video I let it run for two days and replaced it with this more substantial post containing ten or more embeds. This post runs through the weekend. I'm glad you mentioned the Kit Kats. I posted their songs again this month to remind you that their two-sided single remained popular at the Dell for several months. I have a separate post about the Kit Kats coming up later this year. Some critics and fans believe they would have been more successful if they had chosen a better name for the band because some people did confuse them with the famous candy bar. Thank you very much for your visit and kind comments, dear Thisisme, and have a wonderful evening in Devonshire!

    Jenn June - I am having a terrific day thanks to these lively exchanges with my existing blog friends and my newest friend... you! I enjoy it when friends circle back and leave follow-up comments. I'm tickled that you noticed my comment on Sush's blog and quoted me here. It's true, Jenn. Prior to starting this blog I was dealing with some issues. I saw the glass as half empty. Through blogging I was able to reframe it as half full. Today, my cup runneth over. I have found peace of mind and marvelous friendships that I cherish. I have a feeling you're going to be the next one. Thank you very much, Jenn June, for your interest and your sagacious comments!

  21. Hi again Tom ! I forgot to say that I want that scooter that you have featured in this current post! I also noticed on Sush's blog that you had mentioned that you had said that you used to be full of anger. I couldn't equate that to the dear man that we have all come to think so much of. I am so happy that you have found peace if mind through blogging and all the lovely friends you have made here. Until next time ....

  22. I had tears when I read about how happy you are now compared with last year. That has been my experience too and your friendship has meant more to me than I can say.

    I remember in California Bob Dylan was considered subversive. Some of his records were banned. Maybe some of the anti-war records were banned ins different areas, I don't know.

    You played some of my favorites today, Shady. I hadn't heard 'Pretty Ballerina' for many years. Such a lovely song. 'Kind of a Drag' brings a smile and memories of being a teenager. 'Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye' tugs at the heart. So many good ones. God bless and much love to you.

  23. Thisisme - I noticed that YouTubers in the UK who edit and upload videos of 60s beat music invariably include images of those scooters. Apparently they were a common sight in England back in the day but their use was not nearly as widespread here in the states as I recall. I didn't mean to convey the impression to Sush, to Jenn or to you that I was a mean spirited person who required anger management. The opposite has always been true. I have always been a gentle soul and never acted with aggression toward anyone. What I meant to say is that my anger was internalized. Something was lacking. I felt empty and deprived until I found new meaning and purpose through blogging. Thank you so much for your follow-ups. I also thank you for acknowledging that I have reached the 100 follower milestone. Your comments always warm my heart, dear Thisisme. Good night to you in South Hams!

    Belle - As I travel around to the blogs of our mutual friends I find that a good number of them are reflecting on the year gone by and how blogging and the resulting friendships have enriched their lives. We have all been touched in the same way and it's beautiful, isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed some of the records on this month's playlist.

    Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
    To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
    I've read, that things inanimate have mov'd,
    And, as with living Souls, have been inform'd,
    By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound.

    I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world, dear Belle. Thank you very much for coming by and expressing yourself in this elegant manner. Good afternoon and good evening to you in Western Canada!

  24. Hello dear Shady!
    I'm so glad to hear that the new year has brought you JOY! Nevile bros make me think of New Orleans which I haven't been for ages...& of course the great music & food!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear!!
    Hugs from me & the pugs~ woof!


    1. Lenore Nevermore - I love hugs from pugs! I'm assuming that you and your dogs have been reunited and you're done globetrotting for a few days. I've never been to New Orleans but I've heard many good things about it from blog friend Sush who lived there. Thank you very much for coming to see me, dear Lenore. Hug your pugs and have a wonderful weekend!


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