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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

--- Now Playing at the Shady Dell --- Jukebox Giants of March 1966

It's time to kick off

March Madness at

the Shady Dell!

All Dell's breakin' loose

this month!

The jukebox is exploding with great new sounds in the soul and blue-eyed soul categories and some of the Dell's all time greatest hits are emerging. Watch...listen...and remember!

Experience the look and sound 
of young America!


New, Hot and Hitbound:

“No Man is an Island” – Van Dykes

“I Won’t Hold it Against You” – Van Dykes

“B Side Blues” – Righteous Brothers

“(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” – Righteous Brothers

“Fading Away” – Temptations

"Get Ready” – Temptations

“Daydream” – Lovin’ Spoonful

“The Boogaloo Party” – Flamingos

“Little Latin Lupe Lu” – Mitch Ryder &
The Detroit Wheels

“This Old Heart of Mine” – Isley Brothers

“Good Lovin’ – Young Rascals

“Mustang Sally” – Young Rascals

"Gloria” – Shadows Of Knight

“Dark Side” – Shadows Of Knight

“Kicks” – Paul Revere & The Raiders

“Shake it Up” – Paul Revere & The Raiders

“Nowhere Man” – Beatles

“Time Won’t Let Me” – Outsiders

“Helpless” – Kim Weston

“Philly Dog” – Mar-Keys


Old Dell Gold:
(Records from past weeks, months and
years that have maintained their popularity)

“Peace of Mind” – Magnificent Men (January ’66)
“All Your Lovin’s Gone to My Head” – Magnificent Men (January ’66)

“Shake Me, Wake Me (When It’s Over)” – Four Tops (February ’66)
“My Baby Loves Me” – Martha & The Vandellas (February ’66)

“Woman” - Peter & Gordon (February ’66)
“Homeward Bound” – Simon & Garfunkel (February ’66)

 “California Dreamin’" – Mamas & Papas (January ’66)
“It’s My Life” – Animals (November ’65)

“Big City Lights” – Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
(August ’65)

“Don’t Mess With Bill” – Marvelettes (January ’66)

“Agent Double-O Soul” – Edwin Starr (August ’65)
“Close Your Eyes” – Five Keys (March ’55)

“Everybody’s Gotta Lose Someday” – Del-Chords
aka Del-Cords) (December ’64)

“Human” – Tommy Hunt (September ’61)

“Don’t Look Back” – Temptations (November ’65)
“Night Time” – Strangeloves (January ’66)

“Lightnin’ Strikes” – Lou Christie (January ’66)
“Two People in the World” – Little Anthony & The Imperials (August ’58)

“Going to A Go-Go” – Miracles (January ‘66)
“I’m A Happy Man” – Jive Five (August ’65)

Big changes are coming to the jukebox in April.

Which of these records will still be hot in the Shady?
Which ones will be out in the cold?

You have
one month
to speculate
but remember,
ladies & gentlemen,
this is only
an exhibition,
this is not
a competition;
so please --
no wagering!

Have a Shady day!


  1. I had just got out of high school and entered business college and this sure brought back some sweet memories. I especially liked the Righteous Brothers at that time. Thanks for the memories and have a great tuesday.

  2. Odie - B Side Blues is very seldom heard but it was a big hit at the Dell, making that Righteous Bros. single one of the top two-fers of the mid 1960s. Thanks for your comment, Odie, and enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. I am just about 20 now, and I've spent all my life in India. So the kind of music I've grown up to is vastly different from the kind of music that played at the Dell. It took me a little time to really get those vibes, but I'm in love with it now... :D :D I usually play the songs you put up while I check out all the blogs.. :)
    So thanks, for introducing me to a genre of music that really rocks! :D

  4. PencilGirl - Congratulations, you have just become an honorary Dell rat! This is a huge compliment coming from you. I realize how foreign this music must be to your ears and yet you are giving it a try and liking it! That's terrific. Thank you very much for coming over and revealing this to me. Have a wonderful day, my new friend, and scribble back soon!

  5. I always enjoy your lovely lists accompanied by music! It gives me such a loveliness to my day courtesy of you! Thanks a ton! ;)

  6. Kristina - I'm happy to know that my tunes make your day a little better. Your posts do the same for me, dear friend. Take care and please come back soon!

  7. great mix of tunes but I expect nothing less from you. I loved the video for “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles...I had never seen it, its quite a trip

  8. Hi Shady. First of all, how awesome is that cream and green car under the Van Dyke's "No Man Is An Island". I could just see myself driving around in that one! I absolutely loved "You're My Soul & Inspiration" by The Righteous Brothers. I was 19 in March 1966. Personally, I think that 62, 63 were the very best years for music, but that's just me!! "Little Latin Lupe Lu" really took me back, as did so many of your other picks. Obviously, I loved Nowhere Man by the Beatles. Lou Christie I also loved. Great post as always dear friend.

  9. Amber Blue Bird - That's the thing about the Beatles. You can find multiple versions of many of their songs because of their use in animated cartoons, feature films and music videos that the Fab Four produced at the time. I'm so glad you dropped by, dear friend Amber, and I wish you a happy day up Connecticut way!

    Thisisme - I used to consider 1966 to be ground zero - the very best year for music. That opinion changed in recent years. I now feel more at home listening to music of the pre-Beatles era, particularly the music produced in1962 and 1963. I'm pretty sure that Dell rats Ron and Jerry would also agree. Thank you very much for visiting, dear friend Thisisme!

  10. Hi Shady, Yes, I still prefer early 60s doo wop music, but I also really like many of the groups of the late 60s and 70s. Believe it or not, I even enjoy listening to my daughters CDs of mostly late 90s till the present. I don't like rap, but there is some other good stuff out there.

  11. Jerre - That's the style! A good Dell rat closes his eyes, opens his heart (and his mind) and tries to find value everywhere. Thanks to bloggy friends like Amber Blue Bird I am discovering some of the greatest and most exciting music ever and it's being produced right now in the present! Thanks for your comment, Jerre, and have a terrific time watching PSU trounce OSU in round ball!

  12. So many great songs! I doubt The Temptations ever recorded a bad song. Kicks: I really listened to the words and it had a good message there. Loved it when I was a teen. When I listened to Nowhere Man it reminded me once again how good the Beatles sounded together. Their voices blended beautifully. Time Won't Let Me: I'd forgotten about this song, but I had loved it. Helpless: Just great.
    Thanks for a Shady Day!

  13. Belle - I agree that "Kicks" by The Raiders was a rockin' public service announcement encouraging teens not to do drugs. Meanwhile, James Brown was singing "Don't Be a Drop-Out." Those songs became hits because they had a great sound and a danceable beat, not because of the lessons they taught. When I think back to my teenage years I realize that I knew the lyrics to many of the songs but I never actually sat down and contemplated the meaning. All I wanted to do was have fun. Maybe that's how kids were meant to spend their youth because they are confronted with the complex issues of adulthood soon enough. Thank you very much for your visit, dear friend Belle, and have a fine day up Canada way!

  14. The Beatle animation is so adorable Shady! Happy March to you~ it's my birth month as well!!

  15. Lenore - Happy birthday, sweet sixteen! I certainly hope the weather soon improves in your part of the country so that you can do something special on your big day. Happy March to you as well, my dear friend, and thank you for visiting me and commenting!

  16. Oooh your best pulls yet. I'm liking the Van Dykes and the Temptations. I remember buying the Tops 'n Temptations CD from a TV ad. Yes, I'm that old.

  17. Amber Blue Bird - You are a person of substance and it is reflected in all of the choices you make. I'm glad to have you in my world!

    Copyboy - Greetings, oh ancient one! (LOL) I'm glad to know that you're familiar with the Temps and Tops because they were two of the principal contributors to the Dell soundtrack. The Van Dykes were pure gospel soul with no strings attached. Thanks for coming by and for your comment, my friend!

  18. I actually knew some of these! Yay me!

  19. Ashton - Yay you for coming over to see me! I greatly appreciate your friendship and support and I hope you have a super fine day up 'Bama way!

  20. "soul and inspiration" is just WOW!!! i didn't know this song,thanks for sharing it! it will be right away in my ipod :)

  21. Katia - Excellent choice! "Soul and Inspiration" grabbed Dell rats by the soul and became one of the top 10 Dell songs of the mid 60s! I'm so glad to know that the song resonates with you. Have a wonderful day in Italy, dear friend!

  22. It was fun to sit down a few minutes and listen to the latest selections chosen by Shady Del. As Shady mentioned in one of his comments, he knew the song lyrics but didn't sit down and contemplate the meanings. That sure rings true with me, I used to not pay much attention to the lyrics, that "danceable beat" was more important. The lyrics are important to me but my favorites ones from this post are still the danceable ones, "The Boogaloo Party", Time Won't Let Me", "Kicks" and "Philly Dog".

    A memorable line from, "Don't Mess With Bill", came to mind, I've never forgotten that pleading cry of ♪ ♫ Leave my Billy alone ♫ ♪ ...

  23. Cindy - Your awesome comments show me that you've got soul to spare! You're the first person other than the original Dell rats to mention "The Boogaloo Party." The high voltage single by the reinvented Flamingos was one of the biggest Dell dance hits of the mid 60s and one of my all time favorites. Quoting the lyrics to "Don't Mess With Bill" also scores major points with me. I have a salute to the Marvelettes coming soon. Thanks so much for your exceptional remarks, Cindy. With your soulful sensibilities you would have made a grade A Dellette!


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