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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, January 17, 2011

Belle's Best: Ex California Girl/Trophy Taking Tale Teller Treats Tom's Tribe to Top Ten Tunes From Her Terrible Teens (Say THAT five times fast!)

"When I was
a teenager and
felt sad I listened
to the Beatles
for hours in
my bedroom.
They always
made me feel
happy." - Belle

My good friend and loyal blog follower Belle Unruh has followed the example of Wanilianna and Jerre and come up with a song list of her own. Belle listed her favorite songs from the years 1966 and 1967, the very same time period during which I was hitting the Shady Dell on a nightly basis.

Nowadays, Belle publishes her delightful, highly entertaining and multiple award winning blog Tales From a Loser from her home in picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, but back in the mid 60's Belle was living in Southern California.

It was here in Redlands, a town in San Bernardino County east of Los Angeles and northwest of Palm Springs, that
our dear Belle spent her middle teenage years. Belle's favorites list, a combination of pop songs, west coast rock, folk rock, psychedelic and British invasion sounds, represents some of the decade's greatest and most memorable music.

Let's take a look at Belle's Best!

1. "We Can Work it Out" - The Beatles
(January 1966)

2. "Light My Fire" - The Doors
(July 1967)

3. "Groovy Kind of Love" - Mindbenders
(June 1966)

4. "Paperback Writer" - The Beatles
(July 1966)

5. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"
- Dusty Springfield (July 1966)

6. "I am a Rock" - Simon & Garfunkel
(June 1966)

7. "Kind of a Drag" - Buckinghams
(February 1967)

8. "California Dreamin'" -
Mamas & Papas (February 1966)

9. "Strangers in the Night"
- Frank Sinatra (July 1966)

10. "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane
(August 1967)

"I used to sneak out of my

bedroom window to meet up

with guys and girls whom I

wasn't supposed to be with."

- Belle Unruh

Say no more, Belle!

That's the very definition of a Dell Rat!

Your Shady Dell membership is hereby




Thank you for sending me your list, Belle!  I wish they all could be California girls like you! I couldn't help noticing that 8 of the 10 songs you selected were big hits at the Dell. If you had spent your teen years in my neck of the woods I know
that you would have enjoyed hanging out at the Shady and
I have no doubt that the gang would have voted you:
Miss Congeniality,
Miss Photogenic
 and Queen of the Dellettes!

Who's next?

If you have a Top Tunes list I'd love to see it.  It would be fascinating to discover which songs meant the most to you in your youth or which ones resonate now in the present. Why not do what Wanilianna, Jerre and Belle did? Make a
list, submit it in the form of a comment and I'll get it posted.
It can be a list of your favorite songs, the most exciting songs, best songs from a particular time period similar to
my mid 60's Dell survey...anything you like!




Have a Shady day!


  1. I know picking favorites but I must make mention that this list - I am taking a large liking to. :). I had heard of most all of these songs, and the ones I hadn't, I still enjoyed listening to! Who doesn't love these people - especially good ol' Frank (he has always been one of my favorites) and the beatles! Thanks for another great list! I'll work on getting you mine one of these days!

  2. Oh I really like this one! Great picks Belle! The Beatles always cheer me up when I'm feeling sad too. And good job Shady as always, I love the sense of community you create in your blog.

  3. mskanorado - WOW! I'd love to see your list. Bring it on, and thanks so much for coming by and commenting!

    Alabee - It takes a community and I'm very thankful that you are a big part of it! I'm glad you like Belle's Best! Thanks for your comment, kiddo!

  4. That was a very unique posting. I truly enjoyed it.

  5. How can I ever thank you enough for your kindness to me, Shady. Sometimes it overwhelms me.
    Thank you for the wondeful videos. It was good to see Dick Clark again. I'm glad people are enjoying my favorite songs.

  6. Israel - I'm glad you checked out the tunes on Belle's survey and liked what you heard. Thanks for stopping by, good buddy!

    Belle - A wonderful lady like you inspires kindness in people. I'm glad you like what I put together for you. Young readers who watched New Year's Rockin' Eve in recent years can get an idea of Dick Clark's handsome features and poised, relaxed manner back in the day. Thank you, Belle, for sending in a song list that's a hit with everyone!

  7. What could be better, one of my favorite bloggers and tunes that make my heart happy from a special time in my life. Her total list is from what I would choose as great hits. I am so glad Belle joined in to help you Shady.

  8. I absolutely love her list. This is the first time I have known each song and she picked some gems. I mean does it get better than Frank and it just doesnt

  9. Odie - Belle is a blogger's dream. She welcomes you with open arms over on her site and she goes out of her way to support what you are doing on yours. That's why Belle's the best in my book! Thank you for your comment, Odie!

    Amber Blue Bird - I'm glad you gave the songs a whirl and found lots to like. Nothing pleases me more than to see generations come together and groove on the same things. When that happens it's no longer us and them. It's just us. Thank you, dear friend Amber, for your comment!

  10. All such wonderful songs again! What Belle said was so true about The Beatles, they brighten up my life everyday =)

    Hope your well.


  11. Leanne - Yessum! The Beatles have always been there to soothe the soul. They were the tonic that America needed to recover from the JFK assassination and their work continued to lift spirits as it evolved from pop love songs to serious message music. Thank you very much for your visit and your comment, Leanne!

  12. Shady - those are my kind of songs! Every single one is a winner with me. Have you noticed how that Dustry Springfield one keeps popping up again and again?!

  13. Thisisme - I have noticed that all of the women love Dusty and Sinatra and the Beatles. For some reason none of them ever mention my all time favorite singing act: Disco Tex & the Sex-o-lettes! (LOL) Have a wonderful day in Devon, dear friend Thisisme!

  14. Great selections!
    Frank Sinatra is a classic!
    What's not to like about those old blue eyes, yes?!

  15. Lenore Nevermore - Your ballot has been received and counted. That's 50 votes so far for The Chairman of the votes for Disco Tex! There's an upset in the making! Thanks for your comment, dear friend Lenore!

  16. I know each of Belle`s list except for "Kind of a Drag" - Buckinghams.

  17. Wanilianna - You are an exceptional student of American pop and rock! Thank you for checking out the latest songs and sleep tight in Poland, dear friend!

  18. it seems that i have to pick up my favourite songs :)
    love Frank too,great choiches Belle!

  19. I enjoyed the list even if I was not a real big Beatles fan, but oh that Gracie Slick was sure a favorite. Jerre

  20. Katia - I'm beginning to think my blog should be all Sinatra - all the time so that I can keep all of you women happy! (LOL) Have a wonderful evening in Italy, dear Katia!

    Jerre - "White Rabbit" was a Dell biggie as was "Somebody to Love." The gang also played the killer bees of those two hits, "She Has Funny Cars" and "Plastic Fantastic Lover." Thanks for your comment, Jerre!

  21. ahahahaha yes we will be very happy and grateful!!!!

  22. Πολύ όμορφο blog!!!
    και τα τραγούδια ΜΟΝΑΔΙΚΑ!!!!!!!!

  23. Greek/English translation of Ria's comment:

    Very beautiful blog!!! and the songs UNIQUE!!!!!!!!

    Ria, thank you very much for the compliment and thank you for becoming my newest follower! I hope you will visit often and get to know your new friends from around the world! Have a splendid evening in Greece, my new friend!


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