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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Friday, January 1, 2010

The D-Team: Episode 5


In 1972, a crack Dell Rat unit was sent to prison by the Unific Court of Love for a crime they didn't commit..... (Death by Disco).

These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the York, PA underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of soul and revivers of rock ‘n roll.

If you have a problem (with hip hop divas and gangsta rap)...

if no one else can help...

and if you can find them...

maybe you can hire...

The D-Team!

I pity the fool who don't like these songs!

"I Stole Some Love" - Don Covay & the Goodtimers (1968)

In 1968 the courtroom was a familiar setting for soul songs. Judge Shorty Long presided over "Here Comes the Judge." The Unifics held "Court of Love." R&B great Don Covay confessed: "I Stole Some Love" and was brought before Judge Cupid for stealin' the love of another man.

Don - say it ain't so, buddy!

I remember buying this 45 at Woolworth when I was 18. It was wedged inside one of those shrink wrapped bundles of 10 records for 99 cents. Those budget packs were like a box of never knew what you were gonna get. In the case of this Don Covay 45, I got a double dose of dynamite!

On the flip side of "I Stole Some Love" was a killer bee called "Snake in the Grass," another sizzling slice of deep fried Southern R&B from Don Covay.

"Beautiful People" - Bobby Vee/Kenny O'Dell (December 1967)

You would be hard pressed to find two more evenly matched records. Both Bobby Vee and Kenny O'Dell placed versions of the sunshine pop song "Beautiful People" on the Billboard chart the same week in mid November 1967. Both songs spent 7 weeks on the chart.

Pop star Bobby Vee's copycat version made it to #37 on Billboard, while country singer Kenny O'Dell's original stopped at #38. Bringing back memories of my freshman year of college, here's Bobby's rendition of "Beautiful People."

"Take Me For a Little While" - Evie Sands (August 1965)

Although regarded today as an outstanding girl group classic, “Take Me For A Little While” did not bring Evie Sands commercial success. The song lingered on Billboard’s Bubbling Under chart for five weeks, cresting at #114. Three years later, “Take Me For A Little While” became a top 40 hit for the psychedelic white soul band Vanilla Fudge.

You’ve heard of one hit wonders. Evie Sands, unfortunately, was a no hit wonder. Evie’s string of powerful blue-eyed soul recordings should have made her a star but it wasn't in the cards. Mismanagement, bad timing, and plain old bad luck conspired to prevent her career from getting off the ground. Decades later, historians and fans of northern soul around the globe acknowledged Evie Sands as one of the biggest talents to come out of the 60s.

"Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" - Reunion (September 1974)

Memories of Myrtle Beach, SC abound whenever I hear this top 10 novelty song. "Life Is a Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)" was credited to a group called Reunion, but it was actually performed by Joey Levine, the undisputed king of bubblegum pop, along with a chorus of backup singers.

Levine, a prolific songwriter, producer and performer had been lead singer for the Ohio Express, the Third Rail, the Banana Splits, Kasenetz-Katz Orchestral Circus and other late 60s kiddie pop fabrications. Most of those nursery rhyme recordings annoyed me, but when Levine formed Reunion and recorded “Life is a Rock,” he managed to create one of the most unique pop hits ever. Using a monotone voice shifted into auctioneer speed, Levine rattles off a seemingly endless list of the who’s who and what’s what of rock ‘n roll and pop culture. Heeeeeeeeeeer's Joey!

Don't miss the next thrill-packed episode of The D-Team, coming soon!

I love it
when a plan comes together!

Have a Shady day!

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