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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Venue Change: Buddy "the Carom" King meets Ernie "Bank Shot" Banks at York Cue Lounge!

Our good buddy Jerre, a member in good standing of the Shady Dell Rat Pack during the early to mid 60s, checked in again with an interesting sidebar.

Jerre wrote:

“As for other places to hang out, if I wasn't at the Dell or the Oaks, it was the York Cue Lounge. It was about one block north of the Ramona." (Editor's note: aka "the Ram.")

"Buddy King was known to show up sometimes to shoot a little pool," Jerre continued. "Ernie Banks of the Del-Chords was a well above average pool shark. I'm sure other Dell Rats will remember Mr. Smith and the Cue Lounge. He ran the Cue Lounge like the Ettlines ran the Dell.”

Great stuff, brother rat! I'm gonna take my cue from Jerre and describe a couple of celeb sightings of my own.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I remember seeing Dave Bupp in the Dell snack bar talking with the Ettlines in 1965 a couple of months before “Peace of Mind” broke.

Their animated conversation was a triangulated affair. John was standing at the end of the counter next to the jukebox. Helen was behind the counter, and Dave was seated on a stool near John. Helen and John were both beaming and their eyes were twinkling. I could tell that this gentleman enjoyed the status of a visiting dignitary - a genuine Dell V.I.P. Walking in on a scene like that made me feel like I was interrupting but, ya gotta understand, I needed to buy me a cherry coke and some Larks and hustle on down to the prayer meetin' in the barn, yo?

I had another “brush with greatness” in 1983 when I drove up to "the Burg" to catch the Magnificent Men reunion concert.

On my way to the venue, I was sitting at a red light at a Harrisburg intersection and happened to glance in my rear view mirror. In the front seat of the car directly behind me sat two guys who looked mighty familiar. I noticed that the men were dressed in tuxedos, engaged in conversation, and both sucking on what appeared to be bottles of Michelob. Initially, I jumped to the conclusion that these two were either on their way to a wedding or on their way home from one. Suddenly, it hit me. I realized that, nay, these were not ordinary men that I was beholding…these were Magnificent Men! Imagine...Buddy and Buppy were following me to their own concert! How cool is that? It wasn’t so cool, however, when I kept sitting there all starstruck and glassy-eyed, gawking at them in the mirror long after the light had turned green. Mr. Bupp had to lay on his horn to get me to move it. Smooth, Shady Del…very smooth!

On the breaking news front, Dell rat Jerre has reported in with the latest on the Mag Men. Jerre reports that he was part of the packed house at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg this past Saturday as Bupp, King and company staged their most recent concert.

“The Mag Men show was great," said Jerre, "with five of the originals being there. Angeluci on drums, Seville on bass, Pane on Sax, and Bupp and King. The show ran late with an extremely long encore of, believe it or not, Sly and the Family Stone medley. They did songs from all the albums except 10 Cent Movie. They managed to do most of my favorites and a few that were not on their albums. In all a good show.”

Thanks for the review of the revue, Jerre!

Dell rats, listen up! If you’re like Jerre and have interesting stories to share about the Dell or any related topic, I invite you to do what Jerre did.

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Thank you, and have a Shady day!

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