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"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

"More than a place, the Shady Dell was and will forever remain a state of mind." - Shady Del Knight

Monday, July 25, 2016

Urban Decay: Hot Fun in the Summer... in the City... with Pop Rapper Becky G!

Welcome to part 5 of my

my 12-part series on the

up-and-coming young artists

of pop, pop rock and pop rap!

becky g

At the age of nine Rebecca Gomez went through a
mid-life crisis. She sought a direction for her life
and found it in music. Influenced by hip hop, pop,
country and Spanish recordings, Rebecca chose
to pursue a career as a singer, songwriter and
rapper. She took the stage name Becky G
and in 2011 started to grow a following
on YouTube with videos of herself
performing popular songs. An EP
album release and a string of
singles followed, including
four Billboard chart hits.

In 2014 Becky G won the Radio Disney
Music Award for Best New Artist and in
2015 was nominated for Artist of the Year
in the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Becky is also an actress with TV credits
that include the Fox musical drama Empire
and the role of Trini/Yellow Ranger in
next year's reboot film of the series
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

As a rap artist, Becky G is the real deal - 
a force to be reckoned with. Still in her
teens, Becky G brings it with confidence,
essential for anyone who wants to be a
convincing rapper. Becky G doesn't beat
around the bush. She gets to the point,
dishing a slick, sophisticated, street-
wise blend of pop-rap and Latin pop.
Watch and listen as Becky takes it
to the hoop with a reverse slam dunk
on her top 40 single "Break a Sweat."

"Break a Sweat"
(August 2015, highest chart pos.
#36 Mainstream Top 40)

In the summer of 2013, Becky G released the
EP album Play It Again. In the video for the
title track, Becky G shows off her vocal and
dance talents along with an abundance
of inner city rap street cred.

"Play It Again" - Becky G
(single from July 2013 EP
album Play It Again)

I introduced "Mr Worldwide," Miami rapper
Pitbull, in my post on the 4th of JulyIn 2013,
Pitbull hooked up with rap prodigy Becky G
on the single "Can't Get Enough."

"Can't Get Enough" - Becky G ft. Pitbull
(from July 2013 EP Play It Again)

In the summer of 2014, Becky G scored
her first U.S. hit single with the top 20
charting "Shower." Time Magazine
called this sizzler a "sugar rush."

"Shower" - Becky G
(June 2014, highest chart pos.
#16 Hot 100/#1 US Heatseekers)

We be havin' hot fun in the summertime with
Becky G.  Here's another charted single
and vid by Becky that's muy caliente.
Girls just wanna have fuh-un and
Becky G "Can't Stop Dancin'."

"Can't Stop Dancin'" - Becky G
(January 2015, highest chart position
#88 Hot 100/#20 US Hot Rap Songs
#10 US Monitor Latino)

In the fall of 2013, Becky G released the following
mind blowing, psychedelicized video in which she
asks the musical question, "R U built for this?"
I want my MTV...with lots and lotsa Becky G!

"Built For This" - Becky G
(Nov. 2013 video release)

I hope you enjoyed the music and dancing
of Becky G. Stick around for more exciting
Generation Y and Z poppers, rappers
and rockers coming soon in part 6!

Have a Shady day!